Friday, July 30, 2004

Music selections for the weekend

Hi gang,

Since I'm gonna be in and out all weekend I thought I would make up a post of more music selections since it seemed you guys like them before. Make sure you check out all of these. I'm sure their might be a few in here where you might be like "OH!, that's nice!" ;) If you have similiar tastes that is.

Also make sure you check out my older posts (Music Selections & Music Selections 2) for other music selections like the ones below if you missed them before.

1) Jonathan Peters Presents - Luminaire - Flower Duet 99 Remix (Lakme)
2) Love Inc. - You're a Superstar
3) Michelle Branch - Breathe (Chris Cox Penetrating Club Mix)
4) Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now
5) ATB - Don't Stop (Trance Remix)
6) Gigi D'agostino - I'll Fly With You (Tanzen Vision RMX)
7) Mandalay - Beautiful
8) Nelly Furtado - I'm like a bird (Junior Vasquez Remix)
9) Martina McBride - Concrete Angel
10) Tori Amos - A Professional Widow (Arman Van Helden Remix)

Enjoy the songs and the weekend. Feel free to comment ;)

My computer setup

Here is a couple pics of my computer setup for you geeks out there ;) Sorry they are blurry, but the camera has a hard time focusing while the projector is on.

I have a Athlon 3200+ with 756 megs of 3200 DDR RAM, ATI Radeon 9800 PRO, DVD+RW 4x writer, KDS 19" LCD Flat Panel, Infocus X HDTV projector, Eluminx glow keyboard, Sony STR-DE995 Dolby DTS Receiver, Polk RT800i speakers, ATI TV Pro tuner card, 1 terabtye storage hard drive space.. you can tell I like my computer ;)


Show me!

You know relationships and music go hand in hand. You can learn a lot from a song. Have you ever been in a relationship where these words sorta fit the bill?

Show Me - My Fair Lady

Don't talk of stars
Burning above;
If you're in love,
Show me!

Tell me no dreams
Filled with desire.
If you're on fire,
Show me!

Never do I ever want
to hear another word.
There isn't one
I haven't heard.
Here we are together
in what ought to be a dream;
Say one more word and
I'll scream!

Sing me no song!
Read me no rhyme!
Don't waste my time,
Show me!

Don't talk of June,
Don't talk of fall!
Don't talk at all!
Show me!

Here we are together in the middle of the night!
Don't talk of spring! Just hold me tight!
Anyone who's ever been in love'll tell you that
This is no time for a chat!

Haven't your arms
Hungered for mine?
Please don't explain
Show me!
Show me!
Don't wait until wrinkles and lines
Pop out all over my brow,
Show me now!

Never do I ever want to hear another word.
There isn't one
I haven't heard.
Here we are together in what ought to be a dream;
Say one more word and
I'll scream!

Haven't your lips
Longed for my touch?
Don't say how much,
Show me! Show me!
Don't wait until wrinkles and lines
Pop out all over my brow,
Show me now!


I'm actually kinda busy today at work,  who would have thought?
I wanted to say congradulations to my best friend Maria for getting her new job.  It's a big step up from where she is now.  *MEOWS*
Also,  I'm gonna be hyper as hell later on,  so if you see me online and I become unbusy (which might happen), be sure to buckle up because for some reason everyone has brought random food in for the office.  And most consists of chocolate cake, donuts (my favorite!), cookies, chips, dip, soda...
As my friends know,  give me donuts and you have a new love.
Until I write again (hopefully soon), be good! ;)

Levitating Hover Scooter

SHOP.COM - Levitating Hover Scooter

Pretty interesting. Takes 20 feet to stop though. What happens if you need to stop before that point? It's a steal for $14,999.95 ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

On a different note

I got pulled over today by a cop.  And it was actually my best experience yet.  My second best involves me getting asked if everything is ok by a hot cop with some nice buns while I'm drunk as shit and puking out the window of a car in front of an exit ramp to the Pentagon.  And if any of you have been close to the Pentagon since 9/11 you'll understand why they want to know why you are there. They guard the area pretty tight.

All I remember from that situation was that he was really cute,  so drunk ass me reaches out my hands from the window of the car saying "I want some of that!".  BTW,  I don't get drunk very often,  and it's because I do stupid things like this.  I tend to get wild and extra happy... carefree so to speak.  While the feeling can be good,  it's not something that I need to feel to be happy.

Anyways,  back to this morning..  I was stuck in traffic and we were crawling down the highway.  I see this cop on the side of the road with about 6 cars or so pulled over with his vehicle.  I of course smile thinking "Chumps, they shouldn't have been speeding a few miles back". 

Ok,  back to  "Hold on tight! You know she's a little bit dangerous.." (pointing to myself)..

As I approach where the cop is standing (giving one of the many cars pulled over a ticket) he stands up straight and looks at me.  Taps my hood and points to the shoulder where the current car is. 

"WHAT!!!  NO!!!!" My singing Dangerous by Roxette couldn't have been that bad!  And I know I wasn't speeding.  I have my seat belt on.  What could it be?!  He wants me, he wants my naked body (wishful thinking). 

Well,  so I let the lady pull out that he had just got done with and pulled into where she was.  You know, this officer was nice but dumb (I'll get to that later).

I see him look as I pull in,  and he heads back to the next vehicle behind me.  I get out my license and registration while thinking "Shit, with all these cars, it looks like I'll be here for awhile".

"OHHHH just a little bit dangerous...."

Eventually he gets done with the vehicle behind me.  Oh wait,  he's coming to me! What luck! This is mind you 10 minutes later.  I roll down my window. "Hello Officer (Hottie)".  Ok,  I didn't say that,  but thought it.  "Ummm.  What did I do?". 

"I don't know,  you tell me." 

"huh?" - me

"I didn't tell you to pull over"

"Will you tapped my hood and pointed to the curb" - me

"Yes, to let the lady out"

"Oh, so sorry..  me love you long time" - me  Ok, maybe I didn't say that,  but I could have.

"Have a good day!"- me ..  and off I go.   But I think the officer wasn't really with it.  I mean he waited until I pulled in then went to the vehicle behind me.  He should have asked right away what was up.

Anyways, another brush with the law and I win!

My face in this world

Well I started writing a post a few minutes ago,  and it ended up going no where fast.  Here is how it started : 

Why were you put on this earth?

We all must have a meaning right?

Well,  I think about how people look at this and wonder where we are all going.  What well be his face in this world,  or even the
lady that has back  face.  She must have a purpose besides rubbing her wet buns up on Wayne.

 - We have the people that believe they might be on this planet for something big. Maybe they believe they are here because their soul purpose is to do something that'll make them famous.  Could be an invention, maybe an actor, or even the president of a company or nation.  Guiding others so to speak or making our lives easier.
And then I started to really think (rare I know).  Who cares why others are here on this world,  I should be thinking about myself for once!  Ok,  maybe that sounds bad,  but I think part of the answer in each of us pertains to all.

Why do I think I'm here? I can't give you a definite answer.  What I can tell you is that I believe I'm here to learn, to give, to enjoy life, and to make someone happy.  Maybe I'll stumble upon a cure for AIDS while I'm at it.  If so,  that's great!  But ultimately I think you gotta be happy.  That might be the most important thing in this life. Yeah yeah, maybe it isn't.  Maybe someone out there can give me a better answer.

But why live this life without happiness? And NO! I'm not telling people who are currently not happy to just end it.  What you should do is go out and find something that makes you happy, and enjoy it.  Maybe it's that waffle cone at Ben & Jerry's full of Chocolate Chip Cookie Doe that makes you smile,  if so then do it every so often!  Don't ignore what brings you happiness (unless of course it's illegal, then I'm not talking to you right now). 

I'm sure something like this has been said... "Happiness is the key to a great life".  If not,  I call dibs on it first!  ;)   But anyways, I do believe you have to be happy in order to really be a success.  And while you are happy,  why not make others happy - you know it doesn't take much to put a smile on someone's face.  Give someone a helping hand, maybe do a favor for them without them knowing about it, or give them something they want.  And most of the time to make another person happy you don't have to give them anything that costs a dime.  You just have to know the person enough to know that they smile when you say "they are hot!" ;) 

This post is getting long and probably boring to some,  but always remember that you can make a difference.
And boy do I sound like Misses Doubtfire right now! 

Snow White and the seven gays of DC

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I was reading this post and this one  and was reminded of my love for a nick name (a pet name for the one you love if you will),  BOO.   Why is it I like this name so much?  I wish I knew why myself.  I mean the honeys, sweetie pies, stud muffins, and such are all cute and I would be happy hearing any of those.  But there is something about BOO that just kinda tickles my heart a little more. 

Maybe it's just because of the movie Monsters Inc. .  Great movie like every Pixar movie thus far.  One of my favorite movies of all time is Toy Story 2 (and I do see a fair amount of movies,  I own close to 1,600 of them).  At the end of Monsters Inc. where BOO and James P. Sullivan see each other, after thinking they would never see the other again the words "BOO!"&"KITTY!" are said.  Sad to say a tear does come to my eye.

My recent ex came up with a nick name for me that I loved just as much as BOO,  but I'm not sure whether I should share that one or not.  Because then my future guy (if it's meant to happen)   might be like "Well I know why you like that pet name, because HE used it".  Which isn't true.  No one has called me BOO though so at least I wouldn't have those worries about that.  But that name he gave me (it can also be said it was Disney related) meant a lot to me.  Both because it came from him,  and also because I could relate to it.

It's kinda funny and weird how I could never come up with a good pet name for him in return.  Maybe a part of that is because I knew pretty early on that things could get rocky between us.  Without going into details, he told me he was still in love with his ex while he was dating me.  And I knew that meant that he wanted to give his ex another chance.  We tried to continue to date,  but it wasn't meant to be.  I could tell where his heart really was.

I have this bad thing for falling for someone pretty fast.  But that's another story for another day ;)

Oh,  and about the tear at the end of Monsters Inc. , it happens.  Even though I like sports, cars, electronics, and other manly things *GRUNTS* , there is a side of me that can show some emotion.

Jef,  BTW,  I love that you leave comments on all these different blogs I look at.  It's really nice that you do that and makes everyone, including myself feel better knowing someone out there is reading. You get big hugs from me on that BOO!  ;)


If you notice the comments having weird dates and times it's because I switched over to Haloscan and copied and pasted the old comments into the new system. 


Not from The Color Purple either.  Olivia Newton John looks about the right size to make some fake boobs turn purple.  Sucky Sucky!

From RuPaul's Blog

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Typical Porn

(premission received)

BingoAndHisToy: think someone has been watchin too much porn
CuteYoBoy: yeah,  I'll admit that
BingoAndHisToy: kinky bastard
CuteYoBoy: oh please,  I'm sure you have seen some gay porn before
BingoAndHisToy: yeah but not your Dungone Master IV stuff
CuteYoBoy: you know like half of them have that black room scene with the sling in them
BingoAndHisToy: only seen one
BingoAndHisToy: with that
BingoAndHisToy: at least I think

CuteYoBoy: AH HA!
BingoAndHisToy: I would have to check my porn journal to be sure
CuteYoBoy: And it wasn't no dungeon movie either I'm sure
CuteYoBoy: It probably started out with guys skipping along the streets of some city...
CuteYoBoy: and wait... Oh look.. there is a cute guy across the street looking at me
CuteYoBoy: next thing you know... BOOM chica BAM BAM
CuteYoBoy: they are in bed
BingoAndHisToy: thats the way things really happen
CuteYoBoy: Scene 2... some how 2 more people are talking in the kitchen....
CuteYoBoy: "The weather looks nice outside"
CuteYoBoy: then BOOM... they suddenly appear in a black room
BingoAndHisToy: talking about the weather is such a cummon
CuteYoBoy: and how handy is this?... the sling is up and prepped!
BingoAndHisToy: is yours not always up/
CuteYoBoy: BOOM chica BAM BAM again

Give a little bit of heart and soul

Hey!  Hope you all are doing well  (this sounds like I'm writing up an e-mail)...   I'm basically here to give you a small piece of my heart.  I have a few readers out there now and they don't really know anything about me really.  They can guess I try hard sometimes to give a laugh or two,  and that I'm a little on the perverted side.  I have a wide range of music tastes and I enjoy reading, writing, and chatting.  Now if only I paid more attention to spelling and grammar back in the day people might be able to understand me when I do this  ;) 

While I'm new to writing blogs,  I've been reading them for a while.  There has been some debate out there on how far you should take your writings. I'm really scared to cross this point myself.  How much of myself should I give?  Should I talk about others in them?  Should I only say good things if I do talk about others?  Should I give some of those deep thoughts that I have and actually make this blog have heart?  I think my goal in this is to just be a little entertaining, have fun, and make someone maybe laugh, cry, learn, think, or just have a good time.

So let me give you a little good and bad about me (especially on the relationship front).   One bad thing that has caused problems in relationships that I have been in - I'm a jealous person.  A little to jealous.  I'm really trying to work on that... and the next relationship I go into,  I'm going to try really hard to not be the way that I have been.

Another bad thing for some - I like staying home.  This puts a damper on guys that like to go out to clubs and shit.  I would much rather be a homeboy and cuddle up to some good movies then be out at a club.  Part of this is also another bad for some - I don't dance.  For some reason God gave me 2 left feet when it comes to dancing.

Another bad to some,  but great to me - I'm a big kid at heart.  In all aspects.  I love to mess around with people (sometimes just a soft kick in the ass with the guy I'm out with), playful things....  Even things like video games..  totally fun for me,  and a turn off to most gay guys it seems.  You don't know how much I want a guy that would just play a game or 2 with me every now and then. 

But in all of this there is some good on everyone's level I think.  I'm a caring person.  I really do care about the people I love.  I look out for those that are around me,  and try to help them whenever I can if they need it.

I also try to be romantic.  Just sending love notes all day to someone I love... making them know that they mean something to me.  I've sent flowers before (unheard of by some gay guys), chocolates... cards...  and most important.. affection.  I love it.  Giving it and getting it.  I have no problems giving a guy a long backrub, scratching their back, rubbing their feet, holding them, cuddling with them...  I just also need some of that in return.

Another good thing is I try to work things out if possible (don't let a relationship end if you have an argument).  I've had a relationship last for 7 years.  That should say something.  I don't like to sleep around either.  I don't understand guys that fuck around without having feelings for the person.  I know they are trying to get their rocks off,  but that's not for me. I really want to share myself with someone I care for.

Now where is the heart in this you might ask?  I don't know.  I really have a hard time pouring it all out to this white screen right now.  Part of me thinks it's because I feel a little jaded about relationships.  Another part of me thinks that I'm very happy being alone right now (which is weird, but great).  You know people say you gotta be happy being with yourself before being with someone else.. and I now feel like that is so true.  I have this new self confidence about me (not cocky) just sure that even if I don't end up with someone,  I'll be fine.  Before I would panic thinking that I could spend the rest of my life without someone in my arms,  I couldn't! But now I see that I'll survive and be happy.  Sure,  having someone to hold would make me happier at times,  but it isn't something I need to have in order to make it through this life.
So you know,  this blog just turned into a random set of thoughts.  But maybe some good will come out of it, who knows.

Songs of the moment

Just some songs I can't get out of my head at the moment:

(Click to hear)
Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon  (Small tidbit of info on this song - the part that samples "Smile for awhile and lets be jolly...  is actually from a country song by Lynn Anderson called "Rose Garden",  also done by Tammy Wynette)

Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares for Me (Small tidbit - 1987, "My Baby Just Cares for Me" was adopted as the theme for a British television advert for Chanel No 5 perfume, and reached the 5th place on the English pop charts - This song was written in 1928 and sung by Nina in 1959)

Now all I need is someone to call me there baby.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Music Selections Part 2

Well, the first post seemed to be extremely popular,  I've gotten more e-mails the past day then I have in a week!  And they are not all spam either!  ;)

So I decided to make another list.  Here are a few more songs that you may like or hate.  But I'd thought I'd share.  Sometimes hearing a little sample of a song could be just what you needed to go out and search and broaden your tastes.

CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO HEAR A SAMPLE OF EACH SONG (in WMA9 format to conserve my website space)

1) Annie Lennox - Why
2) DarioG - Sunchyme
3) Qkumba Zoo - The Child Inside (Berman Brothers Seaworld Remix)
4) Aqua - Doctor Jones (Adrenalin Club Mix)
5) Garbage - When I Grow Up (High Mix)
6) Denki Groove - Niji (Potted Gold Remix)
7) LeAnn Rimes - Life Goes On
8) Vertical Horizon - You're a God
9) Madonna - What it feels like for a Girl (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
10) Roxette - Dangerous


Verizon Ring Tones Trick

Just a short note that you can save yourself some money on ringtones on your phone.  You can download MIDI files (.mid) online from many different websites.  Then e-mail the midi file to your phone at your phone .

(instructions for LG picture phone below)
You should see it under "Pix Inbox". Open the message once in that folder.  Click the "Options" botton with that message open and press # 4 "Save Sound".  Then it saves it to your "MyMedia" area on the phone (main menu #7).  Then you can select it as your ring tone.

I found out this doesn't work on all of the phones Verizon sells.  But you can try ;)

Lastest Random chat

(nicks protected ofcourse)
yoboys: can guys get a yeast infection?
cuteyoboy: yeah,  I knew a guy who got it from his girl
cuteyoboy: it can happen
yoboys: lol let me guess
yoboys: they were baking bread
cuteyoboy: lots of it apparently
cuteyoboy: and not much cleaning the kitchen afterwards

Cm3000: mmm cookies
CuteYoBoy: what kind?
CuteYoBoy: SHARE bitch
Cm3000: orange
CuteYoBoy: ewe,  nevermind
Cm3000: that sounds like a sesame street episode
Cm3000: SHARE bitch
Cm3000: I like my orange cookies
Cm3000: I can see the cookie monster saying that
Cm3000: no more of that gimmie cookie crap
Cm3000: SHARE bitch

Is your pet gay or straight?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Music selections - Get some culture

I have an odd taste in music some might say. I pretty much like anything and everything. I think there really isn't a type of music I couldn't find something I couldn't like. In country for instance there are those songs about killing yourself because the neighbors daughter spilled coffee on herself, so you feel bad for her and want to end your own life.... but then, there are really are quality songs out there. I've been very fortunate in my life to experience a very wide music array. The majority of it came from school and learning. Some just stumbling onto a song somewhere like Borders that sounded cool. And the rest through life experiences with friends and family.

Music means the world to me. This may sound strange but I can do a complete 180 with the right song (maybe that's the Gemini in me). I can get from sad to happy... angry to happy... happy to upset.. sad to mad... etc. just by what song I'm listening to. In literally a few moments I can change my attitude on life, with just the right song playing. I really feel almost psycho from this. I mean, if the right person around me wants to change how I feel, all they really have to know is to start playing a song that would help me feel different.

Anyways, before I sound like I need to be locked up I most also say that maybe music is a more powerful thing for me then for some people. Maybe I'm very passionate about it, while others probably wouldn't give a f*uck.

So in any event I bring to you tonight some music selections that sound good to me.. would probably change how I feel at the moment. Maybe you all well think it's crap... but I'm writing this down to share and maybe someone out there will actually like a song or 2 they may have never even heard of before. And surprise surprise... no Alanis or LeAnne on this list, although they may be on another later ;)

I will do more of these lists very soon for those that might enjoy something new and to get ideas. I will warn you though, as stated you are going to find anything and everything on these lists... pop, country, rock, rap, dance, techno, trance, remixes, classical, opera, 80's... you get the idea.

CLICK ON EACH LINK TO HEAR A SAMPLE OF THE SONG (in WMA9 format to save space ).

1) Cafe Del Mar - Ebben (opera with a beat of modern mixed in, VERY COOL!)
2) Atylantos - Bellezza Divina (another opera mixed with modern beats)
3) Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
4) Alphaville - Forever Young 2002 (FAF Mix)
5) Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman - Time to Say Goodbye - Con Te Partiro
6) Basement Jaxx - Rooty - Do Your Thing
7) Brenda Russel - Piano in the Dark
8) Opera Babes - Ode to Joy
9) Everclear - Wonderful
10) Chantel Kreviazuk - Time
11) Paul Van Dyk - Tell Me Why (Vandit Mix)
12) Sherrie' Austin - Back Streets of Heaven
13) Sunscreem - Love you more (one of my favorite groups and songs of all time)
14) Human League - Human
15) Kimberley Locke - 8th World Wonder
16) Mauro Picotto - Proximus (featuring Adiemus) starts out slow, gets fast
17) Delerium - After All

Hope you enjoy this post.

President Bush to eradicate masturbation

Read all about "Operation Infinite Purity"

I wouldn't put it past them.  ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ninjas, Care Bears, & Male Celebrities.. OH MY!

Tests for you feeble brain.

Learn your Ninja Clan at the
Ninja Burger website.

*Comment - Damn right I'm bigger! ;)

Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*Comment - No!  Say it isn't so!

You are going to Marry Josh Hartnett. He is really
shy, but don't let that fool you. He is really
outgoing and sweet with those he loves and will
be loyal to them for the rest of his life.

Which male celebrity are you going to marry?
brought to you by Quizilla

*Comment - Wow, I'll take that!

Making you

This sounds about right for me. Especially the curiosity and the pride. People that know me will shake their head on this one. Now why not overindulge?

How to make a Billy R.

3 parts pride

5 parts self-sufficiency

5 parts joy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Evil Church Signs!

Create your own here, for what reason I don't know. Posted by Hello

Personality test

DAMN RIGHT!  (except I'm not sure about the Leader part,  the rest sounds about right)  Received from 20 Questions to a Better Personality

You are a WRCL--Wacky Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you a golden god. People gravitate to you, and you make them feel good. You are smart, charismatic, and interesting. You may be too sensitive to others reactions, especially criticism. Your self-opinion and mood depends greatly on those around you.

You think fast and have a smart mouth, is a hoot to your friends and razorwire to your enemies. You hold a grudge like a brass ring. You crackle.

Although you have a leader's personality, you often choose not to lead, as leaders stray too far from their audience. You probably weren't very popular in high school--the joke's on them!

You may be a rock star.

Extra time? Read about Peachez

Yeah,  if you are bored read about Peachez the piss cat.  Might give you a laugh.
(CLICK HERE & scroll down to the second entry on the page)

Our love child

Ok,  I said no more cat pictures right?  I lied.  But this is a good reason for a post,  at least in my eyes.
You all know I'm crazy,  and a kid at heart.  So deal.
My friend Billy has this cat,  really fat cat (fat shit cat A.K.A. Meatball) that's a stuffed animal.  It's really cute.  So cute that I asked him where he got it,  and I would pay highly to get me one if he could.  He said he got it at the Cracker Barrel.  He told me he's been looking since,  but has not found it again.
Well,  Dawn and I both love it so much it has become our love child.  It's been our mission to take back what is ours.  Billy doesn't treat the cat right,  calling him "Fat Shit Cat" is gonna give the thing a complex.  So like Macguiver we've been thinking about plans to get this cat into our hands. 
This morning after talking with her I made it a goal (yes I have high goals) to find another.
cas7: i dont know if we can replace our love child
CuteYoBoy: We can,  and only for $24.99!
This bitch is gonna be mine!  I found the bastard at last!  And mine will be prettier too damnit!

(Incredible Petables Fat Cat Otto)

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Dawn was right

Now how often do I get to say that?  *KIDDING Dawn*
Dawn and I went out on Sat. shopping, out to eat, and Dave & Busters. I'm not here to talk about what all we did as much as what I bought.  And she warned me before buying it too.  I should have listened.
I bought a sponge net (see pic) since I noticed mine wasn't making lather like another I had used at someone elses place. We go into Bath & Body Works.  $6.00 on one.  Hey,  I'm willing to spend it on one that gets all extra soapy and shit.  And they last a long time (I thought).  So no big deal. 
As we walk in and Dawn tells me how she owns everything in the place (except those $40.00 gloves to soap up with)... she tells me why pay $6.00 for a net sponge when I can get it cheaper elsewhere.  I told her

"Nothing Soaps up like a Bath & Body Works one does"

Well, I get home to use to use it,  and in the first shower I noticed some great action on the suds,  so I move it all around my body...  WHAT!!  The piece of shit starts falling apart.   I couldn't believe my $6.00 net sponge had broke.  It looks like I'll be making a trip to get a refund or something.

Cover your eyes

This is a bad post,  not something I recommend for everyone.  But I found it amusing,  like most things I guess. And I did get premission to use it :-P  (identity changed for protection)
Thewinek: why do people have to get naked to have sex?
CuteYoBoy: they don't
Thewinek: i mean like SEX SEX
CuteYoBoy: I've seen porn that has the guy with his willy out of his pants
Thewinek: not like a quicky
CuteYoBoy: oh... because you get all sweaty
Thewinek: so you dont want sweaty nasty garments?
CuteYoBoy: you don't want your clothes all nasty...  plus it feels good,  skin on skin
Thewinek: so maybe straight men like it with clothes on
Thewinek: and gay men since they are all proper get naked
CuteYoBoy: I think it can be interesting with clothes on
CuteYoBoy: a little on the rough and spare of the moment type thing
CuteYoBoy: I had a sexual experience more recently with clothes on.. it was HOT
Thewinek: ROFL!
Thewinek: DRAMA!
Thewinek: did you do laundry right after?
CuteYoBoy: nope
CuteYoBoy: it was stinky in my hamper for a few days
Thewinek: so you would go to the hamper and put it close to your nose every so often and get off
Thewinek: be like a remembrance sorta thang
CuteYoBoy: LOL
CuteYoBoy: how did you know
CuteYoBoy: I actually did that a few times
Thewinek: ROFL
Thewinek: I knewi t
Thewinek: !!
True or False? You decide.

The Tele (say it like you are from Britian damnit!)

Or even better,  try saying it with a bad british accent,  like Madonna  ;)
I'm telling you now,  I hate the telephone.  The less I'm on it the better.  It seems at work I get a fair share of it. In the past it wasn't uncommon to get about 200 phone calls a day.  While things have slowed down some, it still isn't what I would call pleasant.
So to the people out there that love to talk on the phone,  I'll try my best to talk and be polite about it...  but sometimes I may be very much to the point because of lack of wanting to be on it.  And don't take it the wrong way.. it has nothing to do with you,  just the phone itself.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Phrases or Junk?

The meaning of life will come later.
As for the moment (really I should be in bed), I like to think about 2 phrases that seem to pop in my head often,  and you'll catch me saying them from time to time.  Are they really wise and simple to learn?  Or are they just junk? 
As some of you know,  Alanis is one of my favorite music artists.  She's weird,  she's wild, she could even resemble a man sometimes ;)   I hear the wicked things she says in her music and I relate.  But right now I'm actually gonna talk briefly about her song "You Learn".  You all know it,  if you don't, where the hell have you been?   Anyways..  she sings "You live, you learn.." which I tend to say a lot to people and also think in my head in times of pain and trouble.  It helps.  So if it's junk,  it's the kind I'll be keeping around for awhile...  let it fester.
But think about it.  That's pretty much life..  you are living.. and learning..  you laugh...  you cry... etc..   Now about the choking part,  anyways...  Great song though,  and it'll probably always be one of my favorites.  If you don't like it...  you know where to stick it  ;)
Second phrase you'll catch me say a fair amount is "Life goes on" ...  another female singing artist, LeAnne Rimes.  Not as many people know this song though.  They tend to play the first few lines of it every once in a while on reality TV shows like the Real World and Camp Jim on MTV.  Anyways...  basically the song says no matter what,  life goes on.  And isn't that the truth?  I'm glad it does too,  cuze I don't want to be stuck with the acid reflux I have right now ;)
You should acquire those songs *coughs* and take a listen..  You'll either be put at ease a little knowing life does go on,  and you live you learn...  or you'll think it's crap and move on with your life.
Speaking of junk..  1 ply toilet paper is JUNK.  I miss my 2 ply!  *makes a note to go buy some quality toilet paper sometime soon*

Pimp Daddy Blue

It's the man that cares about me ;) During his fat stage ofcourse. See how he takes up the whole screen! ;) You know I'm kidding with you Blue, I love you.
You should see this guy now though, he's lost a lot of weight. I should have a before and after shot.
Yeah I know,  what's with all the cat pictures?  I'll try to be more creative soon.  Speaking of which I can't get those edible undie's out of my head.  If you wonder what I'm talking about,  I guess you didn't click the link a few posts back now did you?

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Haha, sorry to you know whom

I just thought this was funny...  yeah I know..  no life..   and it shows by all the posts I've done today.  And I know people are gonna stop IM'ing me cuze I'm posting crap that we talk about.  But again.. I found it funny.
SDC: I'm trying to explain bling to someone *sigh*
Cuteyoboy: you mean like... bling bling?
SDC: yes, bling bling
CuteYoBoy: LMAO
CuteYoBoy: It's like...  the mac daddy...  the real shit..  Da bomb...   the ultimate in high class ghetto...
SDC: well, or more accuraltey shit people buy to show off how much money they have because they're insecure of their place in life
SDC: Generally shit which has no use other than to be showy
CuteYoBoy: look whos talking mister G35
SDC: Jealousy is a terrible thing
CuteYoBoy: indeed,  I sweat you daily
SDC: huh?
CuteYoBoy: thats ghetto language for I'm jealous of you constantly

Christmas time is approaching

Imagine grandma knitting these for your Christmas gift!

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Time for a story - Spanish class & Gym

A high school story for you. Yes,  I know that was so long ago.  *HUSH!*
It was a stressful day at can't remember the name high school  ;)  Ok,  I can remember the name,  but sometimes you just block those things out.  Anyways I found out I had a spanish test and gym test in the same day.  Ok,  I know you might be thinking, gym test?!  They give tests in gym?  Yes they do...  now let me tell this story.
I couldn't take the spanish test cuze I didn't study for it.  Well, because of this and I didn't need to fail this one (it was a biggie), so I came up with a plan.   I was in class,  people were starting to sit down and get ready for our doom when low and behold,  "Oh my God!" I said... "What?" said Senora Lopez,  "My contact just fell out" as my hand stretches out like a blind person trying to feel the way around so I don't hit anything while I drop to the floor looking for it.  Ofcourse you know I didn't wear contacts at all.  So Senora Lopez ordered the people around my desk to help me find my contact on the floor.  Nothing could be found of course  *evil grin*
"Senora Lopez, I can't take the test because I won't be able to read it". This plan sounds stupid I know,  but it worked!  She said I could sit in the class and take a make up for it the next day.  Giving me the time I needed to study and try to pull off a decent grade.  Now what do I do about gym class?  Well,  I wasn't about to do 100 push ups with the way I was feeling so again,  another plan.  Luckily no one from my spanish class was in my gym class.
Plan number 2 - you may ask why though because the contact thing worked for the other class.  Well, you can be blind and still do the tests they required in this gym class.  It was all physical.  So I had to become hurt quickly.  Seeing someone scratch himself from a bug bite and turning red gave me the plan.  I started to scratch my arm,  hard.  Rubbed it as well.  Basically my arm turned BRIGHT red.  So bright in fact it looked great... and it even looked swollen from it all.  So I get to gym class and say my arm got hit really hard by a locker door.  The gym instructor immediately ordered me to the school nurse.. YAY!!  It worked.   Well,  our school nurse at this time was also the school librarian (which changed I think the next year).  He didn't know anything about wounds.  He told me I should go to the doctors and get it x-rayed.  During this though he said,  "you don't have any reason to sue the school, do you?",  which made me think that he was pushing to get it x-rayed to make sure everything was cool,  and that I wouldn't sue the school over it.  I basically told him not to worry and that I wouldn't sue the school over it.  Looking back...  what was I thinking?  ;)  I could have made millions!  Yeah right.  

To go deep, or not deep?

That is the question.  And for all you perverts out there,  I wasn't talking about that.
I'm not sure what is the right thing to do on these things.  Sometimes I think getting a little deep and personal might help others understand me while other times I think maybe its none of your business. Guess it'll be a decision I'll make sometime soon.
The Amazing Race last night was pretty good. Did you feel like there was something missing from it though? I don't know, just felt like the episode kinda lacked much in the way of road blocks or something.  Maybe it seemed like they didn't travel very far.  I don't know,  can't put my finger on it.  But team TINSIE (as Maria calls it, with the "vertically challenged" lady) is doing pretty good.  While I think they are a cool team,  it might get a little old later on.  I think the short one might be abusing her powers.  But hey,  that is part of the game.  I just feel like if they continue that,  I might start rooting for another team.  But is there any other team out there that seems ok?  I'm kinda questioning them right now. Maybe the moms.  They seem kinda cool.  I hate the brothers,  fat and ugly and rude.  I hope their plane crashes somewhere.  LOL,  I know I shouldn't say those things.  But you all know I'm teasing,  right?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Wet Pussy! Hey, I had to include her in this site. Don't worry, you'll all get your turn as well *EVIL LAUGH* Some of you know who this girl is ;) Posted by Hello

This was in my AIM profile

I have a weird thing for random sayings done by me and my friends online. So every once in awhile you may see these postings here. I had it in my profile on AIM, but it was getting to big.

Random things people say:  (nicks changed for protection [sounds kinky])

ThewineK: it was COLD AS shit
ThewineK: wait shit is warm
ThewineK : cold as shit sitting in a refrigerator

CuteYoBoy: legos ain't dildos honey
Cm3000: that's what you think :-D and all that time you thought it was a rocket ship I was building

SilDC: yeah, gotta give a speech apparantly
CuteYoBoy: on?
SilDC: Psychology of security operations
CuteYoBoy: sounds like a good Playboy

Cm3000: if they had dramaland in Disney world I would be the drama queen, have my own float and everything
CuteYoBoy: You would be Cindedrama. Well, if you have your own float that would be cool.. they really go all out on their floats... yours would have flames

CuteYoBoy: I wanna move to Mayberry
cas7: i don't know what kind of a gay community they may have
CuteYoBoy: I'm sure they all are gay
CuteYoBoy: If not... I'll just frequent the barber shop
CuteYoBoy: eventually I'll meet a gay guy there
cas7: that's a barber shop
cas7: not a beauty saloon
CuteYoBoy: lol, yeah well.. any guy that does his hair high and tight... I know how tight he really is

Thewinek: >:o
CuteYoBoy: the question is,  does the ass need a cleaning?

My first entry, how exciting!! NOT!

Yes, my first entry to the world of cyberspace.. WATCH OUT!

And you know what, I really don't have a lot to say right now. I've been reading blogs (what a strange name) of other people for awhile, and thought this might be a good way to get things out. And for people close to me to find out what I'm doing, where I'm at, etc. But as the title says, this may never have a plot to it - sorta like a porn flick. I've seen lots of those *COUGHS*

Well, you know me.. first entry and already talking about sex. How fitting it that?! ;)

And I'm sure hardly anyone out there will find what I have to say very interesting, unless I start telling embarrasing stories about myself which in that case could make a novel.

So get comfortable in that seat or bed (even better) and be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. I'm sometimes bored at work, so chances are, you may see this thing fill up fast OR I may lose interest in it all together. I guess you and I shall see.

Until next time- GOOOOOGLE!!!