Friday, July 29, 2005

1 year, something even better

In the past days I posted how I went on 1 year at blogging... well Wednesday Chuck and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

There are a few things I want to get out in this post that I'm not sure you knew about. One being I don't have good luck with anniversaries at all. My ex Kevin and I shared few good ones in the 7 years we were together. Most of the time for some strange reason we ended up fighting on it. 2 times he broke up with me on them... and it's not like we fought all the time so this was normal... we didn't, but somehow on anniversaries it seemed like the day just had an evil curse to it.

Another thing is the other night I remembered how Chuck and I first met. I think I may have told part of the story before, but what I didn't tell you was that first reaction I got when I saw him. I went to his job because he asked me to stop by and visit, just so we could talk some in person since we were talking online before that point. I stopped by and remember going inside his restaurant asking for him. He came to me and told me his parents were there but they were leaving in a second and if I could just wait for a moment until they leave. Honestly I don't remember getting a good look at him at this point because I was just so nervous about things. I went outside the front door and waited there. I saw him walk his parents out and at that moment I really did see him. And what I saw was amazing. I looked at him thinking "Wow, he's beautiful" and he had the look I would dream about at nights.

The past 2 days we spent together and I'll say that they were wonderful. Unfortunately even with the good, came what seemed like that curse again.

Chuck requested me to drive up to a hotel. Before I drive there I hear from him that the website he used booked the hotel for the wrong day. So he is being charged for that wrong day and now since he still wanted to make plans he was being charged twice as much since it was a last minute booking. Suddenly a hotel that should cost $133 a night in Baltimore now costed Chuck over $500 because of the mistake. That left him with no money to do what he really wanted to do for me. Also while on my way to the hotel I was pulling out the directions and accidentally wasn't paying much attention to the light ahead and ran a red light which took my picture. So I'm expecting a fine and points from that. I left at 7pm and didn't get to the place until 9:30 pm... and the place is only about 50 miles away... so being stuck in what seemed like traffic that never moved didn't place my mind with thoughts of joy beforehand. Honestly when I first got there I felt like crying, nothing had been going well at this point.

I had worked that Wednesday, so I didn't have much energy for anything that night if you know what I mean.. and boy I wish I did. Although last night we made up for that, lol. FYI, if you see me today and wonder why I look so out of it all I got to say is I got 3 hours of sleep.

After the initial drama you would think that I might say I didn't have the best of times, but I did. Chuck is one amazing guy and for some reason when I spend time with him it feels like the rest of the world has stopped. He may not hear this from me often, but I love our times together and he does make me happy. I can grip about imperfections but I do know none of us are perfect. Sometimes I have a dream of being with Prince Charming... having that fairy tale of a guy that really does treat me like royality just like I try to treat him that way. I'm learning that I shouldn't hold anyone to those levels. I will say that I think of Chuck not as a prince, but as my soul mate. There are so many things he does right and I just don't often tell him. He is my one true love and I only hope he doesn't forget that. Prince fuck that.... I want my Chuck.

I only hope years from now we still have a good thing going for us. I have thoughts of fear because in the past I have been hurt. I was even hurt by Chuck in the beginning. At times he can also be really flirty and looks at guys like sexual objects and allows guys to look at him that way as well. So seeing that hurts... especially since that is how I got hurt so many times before. I gotta try to move away from my past and live for the present and focus on a future. I know some of you may not believe in a God, but I do. And I pray that to my dieing day (and of old age *hey I can dream*) that I'll be with my pup named Chuck. His first words to me were "Woof!", as I hope my last word to him may be "Woof!"... and "I love you and will continue to love you for eternity".

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Batteries for toys

It's sick when a cell phone battery costs as much as a new cell phone. What's up with that?!

$40+ bucks for a new battery for my cell phone since my other one is acting up. I might get 20 minutes of talk time out of it if I'm lucky and if someone else decides to call me after that point, they might as well forget about me answering because when I do it hangs up and blinks battery is low and turns off. Chuck got sick of this because he wanted to know where I was and what I was doing... so he gave me $40 bucks and told me to buy a new battery. I was holding off in buying a new one myself because I figured I may be getting a new phone in a few months since my 2 year contract is just about over.

Did I mention how much I hate to use the phone? I'm sure I have in a past blog, maybe even several times. So the battery issue wasn't really an issue for me. Several of my friends however said it is, lol. I don't like using the phone because it's a big part of my job. Employees will call me wondering where their money is, and if I don't have the answer of "you'll get it tomorrow" they'll come at me screaming. So try doing this at least 20 times a day and you start to hate being on the phone, no matter who it's with.

I had an old boss once tell me to never answer the phone, let it go to voice mail and have them leave us a message. It's more productive that they supply us with the info, we research it, and then call them back with an answer within 24 hours. And honestly it is. I notice I have more time in my day to get everything else I need to get done. The phone can really tie you up. A few of my coworkers answer every call they get and I've seen them talk for what seems like hours about nothing. Going in circles and waiting for the computer to pull up this or that which can frustrate the person on the other end. Not to mention if you get a chatty person on the other side or one that asks a lot of questions, there goes that half an hour of my life and time to some idiot talking about hurricane season and the shitty weather they are having. I care if you are a friend, but sometimes I just can't seem to care if all you really called me for was money.

So if you ever wonder why you may not always get me, you need to walk in these shoes for a day and you'll understand.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I was getting an oil change yesterday morning and since there was nothing to do but sit there and wait I picked up People magazine. It was either that or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition from 2004.

I really don't know what to think about People Magazine. Sure, I've seen it many times before but for some reason this morning it clicked in my head "It's sad to see that people think it's big news when Britney is showing some skin with a belly or Angelina Jolie goes to the grocery store with Maddox....". I mean come on. I think Angelina Jolie is hot, but is it all that important that I know she went grocery shopping with her boy? And see the picture of it happening?

Maybe I'm out of it, but I think we should be making a bigger deal about things that should make an impact. I'm at peace now knowing that Angelina goes grocery shopping *kidding*. I think it's cool that she goes just like everyone else, but why take up a half a page of a publication that millions read? Life is funny... now lets talk about when a star gets in trouble with the law ;) ... Are they really "people" at all? :-P

Friday, July 22, 2005

1 year

It's been 1 year since I started blogging (since yesterday) and almost 40,000 views later. Just want to say Thank you all for sharing my life with me.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The bed

Ok as promised and long over due... some pictures of the bed that I was hyping that we finually got... Chuck and I both choose deep red drapings for it (although these pics aren't true to color), but these can be changed to any color to match what we need to. I find red a very passionate/romantic color. Speaking of which, some of the sex we have had on this baby.... lets just say 4 times in a day on several occasions.. It almost makes me want to tell a quick story about almost going to Walmart and not noticing the stains on my shorts that I slipped back on from one of these sex filled nights.... luckily I saw them when I got in the car...

I will say it was very hard to take these pics. The bed is so huge, and my room not big enough to get far away enough to get a good picture of it all.


Just a note to those people that download things... the last episodes of QAF have been leaked out on the internet. Chuck and I watched them all including the series finale about a week ago. I'm not a huge fan of the show as you all know and I thought maybe the show might end at least on a positive note... but not to give anything away.. the ending was disappointing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Git 'R Done!

Had an interesting weekend. Chuck and I went up to Dover Downs (race track with slots to gamble). On our way there we saw this big pickup truck pulling a trailer on the back of it with something like "Billie's ______ Hats". And on the back of the trailer in big print was "Git R' Done!". When the pickup pulled into the toll plaza I noticed a young guy with his head out the window, hat cocked to the side.. didn't think much of it until they pulled out of the toll plaza and the window was still down and he still had his head out the window, just like a dog actually. I was expecting him to stick out his tongue any second.

Chuck and I got a laugh out of it and for some reason the rest of the weekend I had this urge to say "Git R' Done!".

After losing all my money I allocated for the slots (within just a few minutes) we decided to leave and go out to eat. It was the Chili's from the Twilight Zone. We couldn't find our way into the restaurant. We went all over the place trying to find an entrance to the place. Finally after a few minutes we found this back road that seemed to be just for Chili's and this other place that had a huge sign that just said "EAT". I don't know why I find this so amusing, but I found it odd that a restaurant would have no name on a sign and instead 20 feet up on a pole was this huge light up sign that simple says "EAT". Maybe that was the name of the place and they just weren't very creative.

Inside the Chili's was no better. It must be something in the water in Delaware because everyone but Chuck and I was either pregnant or had a small child. It was odd I'll say that much.

So after losing that money I won it back playing a game of poker with Chuck's family and friends. Who knew I was that good at something I just picked up recently. I won almost every hand I played. Chuck's dad and I were the last people in the game. At first he did end up getting a few chips back from me, but then I called his bluff when he put all his money in. And that's how you "Git R' Done"! ;) Had a great time and got my mind off of things.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I thought today's word from was funny...

A person who uses unnecessarily large amounts of gasoline to move from point A to point B, typically found driving SUV's (Sport Utility Vehicles)

I had a free moment and decided while our system is being upgraded I would surf a little on the web. I stumbled upon the urbandictionary... and for shits and giggles decided to become an editor for the website (anyone can sign up). Look at some of these words that people are trying to put through with these definitions and sentences with the word in them... insane in the membrain...

curl: lifting weights with your shaft
i can curl small children!

Ralph Steamer: The act of taking a shit and thrusting it up ones vagina durring sex.
Yeah hi, i just gave goldielocks a ralph steamer.

pants party: party where people have sex in each others pants
"let's have a pants party"

Fongpei: A type of thong. ''FONGTHONG''. a thong in lace slits down the side and bak lacey at da front.inspired by fongpei created by rach and pat.
diu rach! u need 2 get 1 of them fongpeis.

bleed the lizzard: piss, pee, urinate. only used for guys
"Hold on, dude. i gotta bleed the lizzard"

grunt-futtocked: It is what the population of the USA have done to the English language.
My god, the americans have grunt-futtocked the english language.

AND last but certainly not least... and obviously a homophobe...

Basketball: The best sport in the world
Hockey sucks(its gone and i love it)
Soccer is for puccys
Baseball another puccy sport were bitches have to take steriods to get strong.
Football another good sport.No puccys and no faggots who have to take steriods.

a faggot would say "lets go play (baseball,hockey,soccer).A normal person would say
"lets go play basketball"

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Poker - Pooh and tits

I went to Chuck's parents a few months ago where I was introduced to poker. That's right, I've played many a card game in my life, but for some reason I was never around the game poker. I remember endless nights hanging out with my friends playing spades and rummie (sp?). We'd get around the table, have some drinks, chat all night, and in between games go out to the balcony for a cig. Oh, and then there were the drinking games that dealt with cards... all I can say is those nights got pretty wild. To this day my friend Rachel will almost always bring up a time where after we were drunk from a game night we turned on the TV at like 5am and Winnie the Pooh was on and for some reason I started talking about Pooh and tits... and then ended up laying my head on her big boobies. Who knows why we do the things we do when we are drunk, lol....

Anyways, in a way I wish I could get that group of friends together again. Both Rachel's in my life knew how to play some good games. Dawn and Billy... great at Uno... Andrea and Megan, great at spades... Anyways, I need to find some people that live in my area for some hanging out and playing some poker since I'm trying to get the hang of it. Most of my friends who I could play cards with aren't in the area anymore. Most are in DC (and when in DC they tend to get rid of their cars). And Dawn and Billy... out in west VA (although I just got word Billy is moving closer as his job is much closer now). Dawn, if you are reading this.. you better move closer too.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

BOOM & Sennheiser

A post a little about me....

When I was younger I had surgery on my ears because they kept on getting infected and I had issues with my eardrums. After that point I could hear things no one else could. It was actually an issue growing up because people could not whisper around me without me hearing what they were saying. Now time has passed and my ears have settled to a more average level. Part of that is because when I got my first car I went into audio competitions. You know, the kind where you see guys playing their stereo systems so loud you can feel them miles away... well I had the same thing going on. I was proud of my car hooked up with the best shit. And then I was nicknamed "BOOM" by my friends. Later in life it stuck and there was a time I was on IRC chat and I would enter the room of my peers and they would play sound files like "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, I want you in my room..." or "BOOM shake shake shake the room..." and other songs with more explicit lyrics all containing the word BOOM.

During this time I became extremely picky with sound quality. I still am. While I may not compete anymore, my car can sound as good as an orchestra, or as loud and thumping as a club. I have some very expensive components and in my opinion (although it is biased) is one of the best sounding systems I have ever heard. It's not all about the 'BOOM' anymore, but about detail. But if I want to show off, it's just a setting away to make the sub shake the cars around me.

Since I have a job that is pretty quiet (except New Yorker next to me), I have headphones and a nice supply of music to keep me awake. My old headphones which were nothing special ended up dieing recently. There was a short in the wire and I could only hear out of one side. I went and bought some Sony headphones that I heard great reviews on. They were really cool in design. Earplugs that costed $50 basically meant for an IPOD user. They sounded ok, but honestly I thought my old headphones sounded better. They were to sharp and sounded like the music was screeching out of them at times. I returned them to the store and said they sucked as the reason for the return. In there place I got $60 Sennheiser headphones. I wasn't to crazy about there design. After all, the earplugs go inside the ears and are hidden pretty well. These new ones would look like I was Princess Lia each time I put them on. But let me just say, it is probably the best $60 dollars I have ever spent. Now I'm young and don't have excess money to throw around on the $300 dollar ones... and I'm sure those sound amazing and probably better then mine. BUT I will say they are probably the best sound I have heard in a long time!

I've been to many places and heard many systems. Tested many speakers, receivers... been around the block in the audio world. When I put these babies on, it's another world. The sound is so clear and detailed. And they still thump like a mother fucker. They go extremely high and low and well shake your ears if you want them to. And you'll hear things in music you've never heard before. The softest notes, those background noises and singers all come alive and sound like the way they should have (except now I notice really easily badly recorded tracks and the limits of mp3's). I'm surprised I lived this long without them. Ok, enough of the commercial... but I will say that if you are ever in the market for new headphones and don't mind $60.00 bucks, give these a try. I seriously doubt you'll be sorry and you'll be thanking me later. The model is HD 212Pro.

Friday, July 01, 2005

If you drive a fast car...

.. you are probably not gay... well maybe not. Or maybe you drive that Bettle/Jetta to it's 110 mph limit, but that isn't a true fast car. Do you think there are stereotypical cars for different sets of people? I remember in high school a lot of the girls drove Geo Storms and people would call it a girls car. Is there such thing as a gay car? What do most fags drive or want to drive? I'm curious to see what the responces would be. I think anything VW and you can almost bet the guy or girl behind the wheel is gay/lesbian. Is there a car out there that just sets your gaydar off?