Monday, July 26, 2004

Lastest Random chat

(nicks protected ofcourse)
yoboys: can guys get a yeast infection?
cuteyoboy: yeah,  I knew a guy who got it from his girl
cuteyoboy: it can happen
yoboys: lol let me guess
yoboys: they were baking bread
cuteyoboy: lots of it apparently
cuteyoboy: and not much cleaning the kitchen afterwards

Cm3000: mmm cookies
CuteYoBoy: what kind?
CuteYoBoy: SHARE bitch
Cm3000: orange
CuteYoBoy: ewe,  nevermind
Cm3000: that sounds like a sesame street episode
Cm3000: SHARE bitch
Cm3000: I like my orange cookies
Cm3000: I can see the cookie monster saying that
Cm3000: no more of that gimmie cookie crap
Cm3000: SHARE bitch