Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Phrases or Junk?

The meaning of life will come later.
As for the moment (really I should be in bed), I like to think about 2 phrases that seem to pop in my head often,  and you'll catch me saying them from time to time.  Are they really wise and simple to learn?  Or are they just junk? 
As some of you know,  Alanis is one of my favorite music artists.  She's weird,  she's wild, she could even resemble a man sometimes ;)   I hear the wicked things she says in her music and I relate.  But right now I'm actually gonna talk briefly about her song "You Learn".  You all know it,  if you don't, where the hell have you been?   Anyways..  she sings "You live, you learn.." which I tend to say a lot to people and also think in my head in times of pain and trouble.  It helps.  So if it's junk,  it's the kind I'll be keeping around for awhile...  let it fester.
But think about it.  That's pretty much life..  you are living.. and learning..  you laugh...  you cry... etc..   Now about the choking part,  anyways...  Great song though,  and it'll probably always be one of my favorites.  If you don't like it...  you know where to stick it  ;)
Second phrase you'll catch me say a fair amount is "Life goes on" ...  another female singing artist, LeAnne Rimes.  Not as many people know this song though.  They tend to play the first few lines of it every once in a while on reality TV shows like the Real World and Camp Jim on MTV.  Anyways...  basically the song says no matter what,  life goes on.  And isn't that the truth?  I'm glad it does too,  cuze I don't want to be stuck with the acid reflux I have right now ;)
You should acquire those songs *coughs* and take a listen..  You'll either be put at ease a little knowing life does go on,  and you live you learn...  or you'll think it's crap and move on with your life.
Speaking of junk..  1 ply toilet paper is JUNK.  I miss my 2 ply!  *makes a note to go buy some quality toilet paper sometime soon*


dood! i fucking LUV you for telling me about gunner! you ROCK!

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