Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This was in my AIM profile

I have a weird thing for random sayings done by me and my friends online. So every once in awhile you may see these postings here. I had it in my profile on AIM, but it was getting to big.

Random things people say:  (nicks changed for protection [sounds kinky])

ThewineK: it was COLD AS shit
ThewineK: wait shit is warm
ThewineK : cold as shit sitting in a refrigerator

CuteYoBoy: legos ain't dildos honey
Cm3000: that's what you think :-D and all that time you thought it was a rocket ship I was building

SilDC: yeah, gotta give a speech apparantly
CuteYoBoy: on?
SilDC: Psychology of security operations
CuteYoBoy: sounds like a good Playboy

Cm3000: if they had dramaland in Disney world I would be the drama queen, have my own float and everything
CuteYoBoy: You would be Cindedrama. Well, if you have your own float that would be cool.. they really go all out on their floats... yours would have flames

CuteYoBoy: I wanna move to Mayberry
cas7: i don't know what kind of a gay community they may have
CuteYoBoy: I'm sure they all are gay
CuteYoBoy: If not... I'll just frequent the barber shop
CuteYoBoy: eventually I'll meet a gay guy there
cas7: that's a barber shop
cas7: not a beauty saloon
CuteYoBoy: lol, yeah well.. any guy that does his hair high and tight... I know how tight he really is

Thewinek: >:o
CuteYoBoy: the question is,  does the ass need a cleaning?