Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Time for a story - Spanish class & Gym

A high school story for you. Yes,  I know that was so long ago.  *HUSH!*
It was a stressful day at can't remember the name high school  ;)  Ok,  I can remember the name,  but sometimes you just block those things out.  Anyways I found out I had a spanish test and gym test in the same day.  Ok,  I know you might be thinking, gym test?!  They give tests in gym?  Yes they do...  now let me tell this story.
I couldn't take the spanish test cuze I didn't study for it.  Well, because of this and I didn't need to fail this one (it was a biggie), so I came up with a plan.   I was in class,  people were starting to sit down and get ready for our doom when low and behold,  "Oh my God!" I said... "What?" said Senora Lopez,  "My contact just fell out" as my hand stretches out like a blind person trying to feel the way around so I don't hit anything while I drop to the floor looking for it.  Ofcourse you know I didn't wear contacts at all.  So Senora Lopez ordered the people around my desk to help me find my contact on the floor.  Nothing could be found of course  *evil grin*
"Senora Lopez, I can't take the test because I won't be able to read it". This plan sounds stupid I know,  but it worked!  She said I could sit in the class and take a make up for it the next day.  Giving me the time I needed to study and try to pull off a decent grade.  Now what do I do about gym class?  Well,  I wasn't about to do 100 push ups with the way I was feeling so again,  another plan.  Luckily no one from my spanish class was in my gym class.
Plan number 2 - you may ask why though because the contact thing worked for the other class.  Well, you can be blind and still do the tests they required in this gym class.  It was all physical.  So I had to become hurt quickly.  Seeing someone scratch himself from a bug bite and turning red gave me the plan.  I started to scratch my arm,  hard.  Rubbed it as well.  Basically my arm turned BRIGHT red.  So bright in fact it looked great... and it even looked swollen from it all.  So I get to gym class and say my arm got hit really hard by a locker door.  The gym instructor immediately ordered me to the school nurse.. YAY!!  It worked.   Well,  our school nurse at this time was also the school librarian (which changed I think the next year).  He didn't know anything about wounds.  He told me I should go to the doctors and get it x-rayed.  During this though he said,  "you don't have any reason to sue the school, do you?",  which made me think that he was pushing to get it x-rayed to make sure everything was cool,  and that I wouldn't sue the school over it.  I basically told him not to worry and that I wouldn't sue the school over it.  Looking back...  what was I thinking?  ;)  I could have made millions!  Yeah right.