Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pimp Daddy Blue

It's the man that cares about me ;) During his fat stage ofcourse. See how he takes up the whole screen! ;) You know I'm kidding with you Blue, I love you.
You should see this guy now though, he's lost a lot of weight. I should have a before and after shot.
Yeah I know,  what's with all the cat pictures?  I'll try to be more creative soon.  Speaking of which I can't get those edible undie's out of my head.  If you wonder what I'm talking about,  I guess you didn't click the link a few posts back now did you?

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That is a darling picture of Blue, even though his eye looks a little weird. As Blue's mother he totally has my genes,the fat if no exercise gene. Blue has lost 5 pounds since Jan 2004 and he is in the kitty hollywood diet plus the same training regime Angelina Jolie went thru for Tomb raider. He does 50 kitty push ups daily while cleaning himself. Unfortunately like Elizabeth Taylor he retained a lot of the fat tissue, so he need kitty lypo. He is happy thouhg and says he wont go under the knife, because he likes the fat to remind him of his fatty stage. With love Blue salutes you and he says he will come visit in his little mini with Dante.

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