Friday, December 08, 2006

NEW POST - about time right?

Well, Thought I would write since I haven't written in a while. First, to one of the comments on my last post. HB Jock, not to be mean, but no. Confidence comes from within, you can't let others give you confidence. If so, it's not the type you should have because one day you won't be getting those remarks and then what? Plus, going to the extreme of telling someone that you wished they weren't married is I think over board.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I'm entitled to mine. But since this is my blog I feel free to express how I feel. I read your comment and have to think you are one of those guys that would sleep with anybody. And may have a lack of self esteem yourself and are looking for others to tell you "Hey, thanks for the compliment. You are also hot…" . There is no need to be expressing to someone who is happy and married the need to tell them they are hot and wish they weren't married, unless you are after something else yourself. Whether it be just for your own self esteem boast, someone else's, sex, or a relationship. That type of self esteem won't get you very far down the line. You need to find it from within. So if you want to be polite then just talk about normal things… like sports, weather, games, music, movies, clubs… The list is endless. So that should be enough to actually become friends with someone if they are married, without being stupid and jumping bounds and talking about how hot they are. Unless you are not intelligent enough to hold a regular conversation.

I actually agree more with anonymous, because hot or not is for people who want to look at pictures and find other "hot" people. So it may be more natural to get those kind of remarks on a site like that. But his profile is clear about only wanting friends… just that some people don't read… and others are to dumb to think twice before speaking.

Ok, now that I expressed my opinion on that….

Things have been ok, could be better. Chuck lost his job so money has been tight and Christmas kind of gloomy because I can't currently go out and shop for presents for everyone. He did get a new job, so I'm hoping that works out ok. My next paycheck should have a bonus in it, and he'll get his first check from his new job the same day… so things should start looking up at that point. I'm just not looking forward to battling the crowds since I've waited so long. My job has been a pain because it's the year end, so the amount of work we have to get in by the end of the year is insane, and it's pushing me to my limits.

I've had a few more issues mainly with an ex of Chuck's that wants him back. This ass hole lied to Chuck, then lied to me… then we both saw he was lying. So Chuck made up a rule that we shouldn't talk to any of our ex's. The only 2 that I sort of talked with was Dre and Kevin. But I don't speak to them much, so they don't really care I'm sure.

Things as you can see have been stressful. I feel like bitching at the world so don't get me mad ;)

I've become bitter at certain people and things because I almost feel like I've gotten nothing but shit lately. But I can say I still have enough self esteem without someone telling me I'm hot ;)

Well, lets hope I blog again soon, and have something much better and happier to talk about and say.


Woah woah woah! Ok wait, hold up... I'm not disagreeing with your opinion about flirting with a married man at all! And never would I attempt to pursue a married man. Ok, I guess my comment that I made on your last post got taken WAY out of context. What I meant was that everyone appreciates compliments, whether or not they are married or not.

I wasn't talking about shameless flirting the way that you took it to mean. And frankly, I'm offended that you would jump to such a conclusion and think that I am one of those guys who would sleep with anyone.

All I was saying that compliments are good for anyone, they make anyone feel good or smile at least. Now, openly flirting and trying to pursue a married man, that's a TOTALLY different story and downright disgusting. I apologize that you mis-interpreted my comments last time...

By Blogger hbjock, at 10:55 PM  

I would agree with hbjock. Getting complimnets is a good thing - makes everyone feel better. However, if the person who make overly suggestive comments then that is disrepective to both people.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:08 PM  

happy new year!

By Anonymous daniel, at 2:48 PM  

Happy New Year :)

By Blogger purpletwinkie, at 2:53 PM  

hope that the new year brings better things. good luck!

By Blogger no milk, at 10:20 PM  

Billy billy, I know you really can help me to see how I feel. You have given me your opinion in the past and your knowledge is admirable... I mean your opinions and advice. You are in a relationship yourself so please read my blog and let me know what you think. I have a story with a guy since the end of October and now is driving me crazy!! Please help me with a little advice. Thanks Billy!!

Ps. I agree with you about your post, people are just unconfident with themselves and need what other people have achieved: a nice marriage... hopefully I can have that someday...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:58 AM  

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