Friday, June 02, 2006


Hey gang,

I just realized I clicked on moderate comments in blogger and didn't know where to moderate them until now. So I finually read a bunch of comments that have just been sitting there for like a month! Sorry about that! I turned it on because someone was spamming them with advertisments for things like penis enlargements, etc... not something I want to see on my blog, lol.

Things are goin ok for us right now. We did talk about the previous issue and I'm hoping we are both clear where each other comes from.

We were without heat for about 2 days since the AC broke at the apartment. I got extremely moody from it since it felt about 100 in the apartment. Basically the unit broke, I called them to come fix it. Chuck was home when they came by and they told him it had to much freon (sp) in it. So they claimed they fixed it and left the unit on. When I got home the unit was pumping out heat... I mean extreme heat. I just opened the door and it rushed into the hallway. I was sweating most of the evening and during the night actually slept with ice packs. Eventually they fixed it and it was the compressor engine that needed to be replaced. Now we got AC again, and I'm much happier.

I'm a little nervous about taking a day off in the very near future to go to the stupid MVA to change over my driver's license and car. It sounds like the process isn't as easy as just walking in and getting shit done. I apparently have to fill out a bunch of forms and mail off a form to the people I pay my car payments to so that they can send the title information back to the MVA before I can get my car registered in MD. What a pain in the you know what! Hopefully it isn't a stressful process. Once this is done I'll feel a lot better and will be happier that pretty much everything is done with moving to MD.

I'm sure I bored you all... I want to have a little free time this weekend to update this page. I lost my old server that stored pictures of the background and title. I wish I knew of a free service that I could store pictures on. If you guys know of one let me know please. A service that doesn't mind you linking outside to pics and doesn't stamp the pictures with their logo. This gives me an oppertunity to freshen up this page some :)