Friday, February 25, 2005

Romper Room

Hey guys.

Anybody out there remember the show Romper Room? And when they would form a big worm and walk around the room? LOL I don't know why but that popped into my head.

Anyways, got another offer to what sounds like would be porn of some kind by e-mail... the first e-mail was this: got a good look and good package from what ive seen in your pix.. wassup in DC? Hit me back Id like to discuss some work with you


Well, I wrote him back asking what kind of work was he talking about and where he saw my pics. I mean it seemed pretty obvious what it could be but hell, I've had an offer (which I accepted) to take my picture for a liquor ad (for Aftershock). Well this was the e-mail back, he was nice about it... I'm just sure he wasn't talking about club gigs or post cards when he was writing it:

sup billy

your pix were orig. seen on skaterboyz i believe.. a friend sent em to me cuz they had your email on em and you're local.

profile says you're 30..if that's correct you need to be thankin your momma cause you
don't look your age at all.

work wise it all depends on what you down for.. we do everything from posters, postcards, calendars, club gigs, magazine shit, ads... all da way up to solo and interactive flicks.

i dont know your deal..what youre into..what youre about..yada yada... all i know is how
your built, how your face looks, and how your hung.. you might want to feel me in on da rest.

and where in dc u from?


Hey, maybe if they are paying enough I might consider, since it sounds like Chuck has no problems with it ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

People who drive mini vans...

Must have gotten a different driving test then what I did.

They think they own the road! 9 times out of 10 they are driving like 80+ mph which makes no sense because they probably have kids on board. I mean I drive fast too, but there have been times were I felt like I was passing everyone, and then of course here comes the classic mini van with wood grain finish passing me like I'm standing still.

Didn't have much to blog about today, but I figured I would voice my opinion on those wreckless drivers and hopefully maybe somewhere out there one might read my blog and say "You know what, I do have kids on board and maybe I should be more careful". Yeah I know, wishful thinking ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The few.... The proud...

I was driving home from work on friday glad to be going home from a stressful week....

As I was driving I saw this SUV and what looked like could be somebody interesting inside...

So I stepped on the gas and pulled up next to him when I saw this...

It was a nice looking military guy digging for gold up his nose. And his finger was going far up in that baby... twisting it around inside. Course here I was....

Then to top it off I see this...

That's right, the finger on the tongue... suddenly any cuteness about him was gone.

And then came the killer... he starts sucking on that finger and then turns to me and smiles!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Happy Bunny

Thought these were cute:

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


This is some pretty sad shit. And sadder yet is that I have known a few people with AIDS or HIV that have been sleeping around with people without telling them. How messed up is that? And to anyone that uses crystal meth, I think that is sad too.


"It's the stuff that moral panics are made of: a single gay man in Manhattan lurks in online chat rooms, hooks up with dozens of men, and engages in unsafe sex under the influence of crystal meth. He contracts a lethal new strain of HIV that's not only resistant to three out of the four classes of commonly-used drug treatments, but is also so fast-acting that it progresses from initial infection to full-blown AIDS within three months"... (more here)

All good things...

.... come to an end, and some come before you expect it.

That seemed to be my Valentine's day. Work definately sucked, but when I got home I had a candle lite dinner waiting for me that Chuck had cooked. Then I went to my room to take off my coat and saw the bed covered in rose petals and 18 roses. The meal was great, probably the biggest peice of steak I have ever seen. Then after dinner we got ready to go out and do a little shopping. Had a really good time with that as well. I bought him a dress shirt (a bright blue one he's been wanting for awhile), and he got me a shirt as well. Besides that I also got him a dozen roses, a huge ass ballon in the shape of a heart saying Happy Valentines Day, and one of the biggest boxes of Godiva Truffles they make.

Everything was really nice. We then got back and watched the movie The Forgotten, which wasn't to bad. Made Chuck and I jump a few times. Then it was about 1am, time for bed (least for me). And this is where the good thing ended. Instead of topping off the evening and spending my last awake moments with me, he goes off to the computer and chats with friends. Ugh, was I upset! The day that is suppose to be special suddenly doesn't feel special at all. I confronted him about it in the middle of the night (once he got in bed at around 3am). He didn't say much except that he did talk about me to the guy he was talking to online. So, being the nosy bitch that I am I read the logs this morning of the chat conversation. There really wasn't anything about me in it at all *sigh*. There was just what I got him for V day, and then some talk about my dick. Great, not one mention of how he enjoyed himself that day with me.

Maybe one day I'll get the whole Valentine's day experience full of romance. Hell, you all know my ex Kevin and his V-day gifts were things like a body fat analyzer. How romantic is that?! Least Chuck got off to a great start, but then like I said, it lost that special feeling.

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive about things, but I really wish there would have been something in that conversation about how he enjoyed it. But maybe he didn't and I'm asking for to much. Maybe that is why he took off to the computer instead of being with me.

Honestly, sometimes I wish computers never exsisted.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just wanted to say thank you and wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. Hopefully you'll have a great one with lots of love, hugs, and kisses.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Should you be calling me "Boo"?

Well, I think everyone has their own interpretation on words. For instance, a "couple of items" to some people could mean more then just two.

I was looking at the Hip Hop Dictionary and saw this "boo, my boo - girlfriend/boyfriend, sweetheart, honey". Now Chuck calls me boo, and I get that priviledge (least I think I'm the only one). And this all stems back from a nickname post I did a long time ago about how I would love to be called "boo" by someone.

Well now I have this guy at work calling me "boo", and I don't like it. Do you think I should say something to him? I mean shouldn't this term be for boyfriends or girlfriends? I do know he is saying it to me not because he would say it to everyone, but because he does hold that word as flirting, sorta in the sense of "sweet heart" as the Hip Hop Dictionary states. He's come out and flirted with me in the past. He has stopped since I made it clear that I don't like/want him, but now he's started up with this "boo" crap. Don't get me wrong, from that old post I would love it if someone would call me "boo", just not him :-P

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The butt of all jokes...

seems to be me. At least when I'm out with my ex and my fiance.

I don't know, but I think I might avoid that group for a while. The whole dynamic feels kinda weird to begin with. Kevin (my ex) cutting both Chuck (my stud pup fiance) and I down, he said something about Chuck that to be quite honest, I wanted to cuse him out and leave. At the same time I didn't know how to react, since he is my ex. To play along with the gang and not start trouble I just let things go and kinda laughed it off (but I really didn't think it was funny). Later on though I'm sure the group could tell I wasn't that happy anymore (least I couldn't fake it).

I think the whole group feeds off each other, and not in a good way. It's exhausting being around them all together and I just seem to be the target for most of the jokes. Things people probably shouldn't be joking about, or talking about (some even very personal things).

I do want to stress that I have talked to Chuck about this and he has apologized for it and I think he sees to some degree that maybe things went to far.

Well just to play it safe I think I'll just stay away and let them have their fun. I'm sure there are plenty of other things that they could talk about... and maybe I should be flattered I'm involved in the topics of discussions... but in all honesty, it's really starting to grate on my nerves and it's upsetting at the same time. Who wants to be made fun of? I mean there is a point where it's funny, and I admit I can be a target for them. But after a few it gets old, and it starts to cut below the belt. You know that saying (I sometimes wonder if it's true) "Behind all jokes there is some truth."

But these moments make me realize just why Kevin and I couldn't have worked things out. He just loves to push people's buttons without taking their feelings into consideration.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

2 Jokes

A guy, who has never heard of Religion or even God, dies and goes to the pearlie gates of heaven where St. Peter greets him. St. Peter says "I see here that you don't have a religion. Well we're going to have to get you one". So they start walking through heaven to all the different religions. They arrive to the first one and it's the Jews. He hears loud talking and laughing going on. The guy says " Can I see all my options before I chose??" St. Peter says "Of course.". So they go to the next one and he hears even more laughing and loud music. The guy says "Who is this??" "These are the Catholics." So they move on to the next where the Buddist are and he hears even louder music, laughter and hears alot of women too. The guy says well let's see who's next. After a few minutes they arrive to a big white wall. The guy says "Who's this??" St. Peter says "Sssshhhhhhh!!". This is the mormons, they think they're the only ones up here.

One day a blonde was driving down the road when she was pulled over by a police officer. The officer says, "Ma'm, you were doing a little swerving back there." She says, "Officer, it was the weirdest thing. There was this tree that popped up out of no where, so I swerved to the right. The there was another tree so I swerved to the left. The trees kept popping up, so I kept swerving." The officer sighs and tells her, "Ma'm, there arent any trees around here. That was your air freshener."

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Strange gay emails/Want a husband?

JUST ADDED : My friend Chris just IM'd me with this...

SilverWing: Get the email I sent youy?
CuteYoBoy: where did you send it to?
SilverWing: I don't know, wherever the fuck I was told long ago :-) It was one of those Russian boys... I got it this morning

Because I was talking to him about this and wanted to know if he got it to. Apparently now he did as well! LOL

This is the second time I've received an e-mail about a Russian boy wanting to be my friend. The first time I actually wrote back and forth to him a few times. He said after a few conversations he was looking for a husband so that he could come to the USA. Ok, that in itself is really weird. Secondly, I find out last night that Chuck had gotten an e-mail in his account from a Russian boy, ofcourse this didn't spark much interests. But the way he discribed the e-mail, it made me start to wonder. Then I check my e-mail this morning on there and found the same e-mail. I'm like wow, these Russian boys are really desperate. Forwarding there e-mail to several different people at once. I wonder if it's some kind of e-mail scam. Like you know when you respond, you suddenly get a ton of spam since they know your account is active. Anyways, for entertainment, here is the e-mail in case you want a husband or spam ;)

Subject: Hi, my new friend, I hope :)
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 20:40:24 -0800 (PST)

I do not know as to write the similar messages, because to it never
was engaged, but I liked your profile on
And I have decided, that we shall approach to each other. Me call
but you can we to call simply Kostya.
I live in Russia and consequently to me very hardly to find the partner
Me have helped to find this site in agency of acquaintances and now I is
to write to you.
It will be interesting to you likely to learn about me.
I the student and me 22 years.
I study at university as the dentist on last rate.
I have chosen this trade that I like to help the people.
I live in city Zelenodolsk is a small city, but I here was born
and it very much is pleasant to me.
I live with the parents and very much I love them.
I can write about very many more, but I am afraid,
that can you is not pleasant because of the appearance or young age.
I also would like to learn slightly about you
and to be defined in correctness of the choice.
I hope to receive from you the answer to mine e-mail:
Write only on this address, because I shall not have any more access on,
Because me have given access in agency only for 2 days.
I shall finish the letter today with hope to receive the answer from you

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Chuck did something last night that made me feel really good. He got really close to me at the grocery store, like he was trying to cuddle with me.

I normally have a problem with PDA (public display of affection), but it just felt so good all I wanted at that moment was to hold and touch him. The world around me just disappeared and for that moment, he was the only thing on my mind, and how good that felt.

I really wish I wasn't so uptight about PDA. I'm just worried about what others think around me. I know I shouldn't be this way... but it's so hard growing up in an area where it seemed like everyone thought homosexuality was bad. And part of me just thinks that if someone sees me this way they'll get pissed or upset. And then I also think maybe most PDA should remain behind closed doors. Because you know how sickining it is to see a couple holding hands and kissing in the mall or at a restaurant sometimes? (Ok, maybe I'm the only one that finds it that way).

And on this note sorta.. I love to cuddle, I wish I could cuddle 24/7, that would be like my ultimate Heaven. But I know that is impossible, plus it may get sorta bad being joined at the hip so to speak. But all this talk about PDA just makes me think about cuddling and how it's one of my favorite things. I could rub a back or head for hours. And hold a person in my arms.... *starts dreaming*

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

2 interesting/different conversations

G: maybe im too picky?
CuteYoBoy: well.... here is what I say about that....
CuteYoBoy: I seriously don't think many people out there are picky enough. That may sound bad, but I also think that is why relationships don't last long.
CuteYoBoy: They jump in with their heart, without taking the bigger picture in
G: naw sounds right to me
G: i used to belike that when i was younger
G: alot younger

CuteYoBoy: And at first everything is like heaven, but then they learn the little things that you are probably trying to find out before hand
CuteYoBoy: and that's when things go down the hill
G: yeah
G: they should take the time to get to know someone first
CuteYoBoy: yeah, and that doesn't happen that often it seems
G: yeah i know
G: unless they re for real
G: ya know

CuteYoBoy: and it's hard to find someone like that
CuteYoBoy: most guys online paint a picture that you want to hear
G: exactly
G: yesssssss
G: fuckers
G: lol
CuteYoBoy: lol
CuteYoBoy: they hear you say "Well I like it when a guy does this...." and suddenly guess what, they do it! Least in their mind they do.
G: yeah

c: I've never taken a shit
c: turned around and gazed longinly into the toilet bowl
c: and thopught "Wow, that's hot"

CuteYoBoy: LOL!!!!!
CuteYoBoy: Hey, I sometimes turn around and say "Wow, that's big"
c: yeah, me too
CuteYoBoy: I wonder how such a big turd can come out of me
c: and then wonder why anal sex hurts sometimes
c: when turds are usually bigger than the dicks we take