Thursday, May 26, 2005


I thought your comments about the cheating were interesting.

I do wonder about the one made "Once a cheater, always a cheater". I admit, I cheated on an ex of mine. I found out he cheated on me, so I went and cheated on him. Basically not long after that we broke up. But since then I haven't cheated again and have no desire to. I think I did it out of being so mad at him. This was about maybe 9 years ago or so when it happened.

I found out through a friend who was chatting online with him... he wasn't very bright I guess because he had told my buddy that he was talking to this other guy online that really interested him. He was a "new gay" so to speak. You know the type... pretty much straight acting and looking and they are experimenting with the idea of maybe crossing over for some fun. So my ex took the challenge.

Boy was I pissed, and so I went out to the club that night knowing he was going to be there with this guy that he had already sacked. I got all pimped out, lookin hot I gotta say... and while he was floating around the club I went and picked myself up a guy. A firefighter in College Park MD. This guy had all the guys drooling over him, and I was lucky enough to get him as a catch that night. I know my ex was also really into this type of guy... so I made sure we went around him... kissed.. made out... and then bad me at the time went to his car and the rest is history.

I felt horrible afterwards... and I found out later my ex did as well. He apologized like crazy and asked for me back. But I'm the type of guy that doesn't deal with that shit and said things had to end between us. There was a hidden feeling I had that he would just cheat again, and that feeling was eating at me and I couldn't deal with that.

Needless to say I learned a lot from that night and it has made me a better person I think. That saying, you learn from your mistakes is so true.

Monday, May 23, 2005


I was reading an article on MSN this morning about cheaters. It was kinda interesting, although I wonder if the facts presented were just a little over board. For instance...

"90% of the women in chat rooms are in relationships and looking for someone to cheat with"

Doesn't that number sound really high? I mean, maybe it is true. I know a ton of gay guys who are in relationships and still looking for sex with others. And most of them are hiding it from their S.O.

"If you already suspect that your partner is cheating, and he or she asks for more space, this is not a good sign—'space' is likely a euphemism for 'space away from you so I can see who else is out there.' "

Now this I believe in. A few of my past relationships have ended with the "I need some space" and I found out later that they were also looking for someone else. Also with me. I have used this excuse when I was thinking something wasn't right here, so maybe I should keep my options open for something better to come along. Something that feels right.

"They tend to leave you out of things"

Now this I wonder about sometimes. You know, the times the BF or GF just want to go out with others. Well the article states that to much of this isn't a good sign at all. Of course people should have space. But when every week someone is looking for something to do with others without you they suggest become suspicious.

Anyways, hopefully none of my readers are being cheated on. If they are, I'll come kick some ass ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

If your cold....

Sorry I haven't been posting a ton here lately. Work has been kicking my ass, I haven't been able to send songs to Chuck because of all the work I have. I brought some home and I'll be working on it in a few minutes. I hope this spell ends soon and things start to slow down again.

Since I really don't have much to say (Yes, I'm doing very well besides work) I thought I would post some samples of songs here, like old times. Ones that some of you might really enjoy (Ireally enjoyed them, and you better listen to them or else!!) , and gives you ideas on songs you my want to invest in ;) These are in WMA format to conserve space and also to allow those that are at places that block mp3's to listen to these. Enjoy!

1) Dido - Dont leave home Gabriel and Dresden Remix (Excellent Remix listen to it all)
2) Erasure - A Little Respect remix
3) Benny Benassi - California Dreaming 2004 Remix
4) Paul Van Dyk feat Vega 4 - Time Of Our Lives Remix
5) My Chemical Romance - Helena

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Well, I went to the furniture store to get a quote on the bed. I can tell you now that is was my mom that wants to give Chuck and I this bed as a gift. Oddly enough the furniture store doesn't allow cameras of any type. When I saw this I was like "Fuck, what do I do now!?" (I wanted to get a picture for my mom to see what she is giving money towards). So I pulled out my camera phone and when no one was around took pictures. So here are some bad quality pictures of the bed, and a bad quality one of me dressed up for Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Just wanted to thank you guys for the comments you leave on my posts. I get a kick out of some of them, and others just put a smile on my face. :)

So I think we are going with the bed. It seems like the majority of you leaned that way with your comments... and the people at my job leaned that way too. While I'm not listening to any one of you, it seems we came up with the same conclusion as you guys did. The bed will last us a long time... and it's something we'll get a lot of enjoyment out of. I'm just thinking of a way to handcuff Chuck to it ;)

Speaking of work, some of you guys usually talk to me online on AIM during the day. I just wanted to let you know that my job has blocked us off from using it. So if you are wondering where I have been, that should answer that.

And yet another weird hot or not request this week... Check her out, she looks like she could be Mariel from Mariel's Wedding, but older and bigger..

And if any of you want to try to bring my score up a little on hot or not, here is the link to me there ;) I had a 9.2 with about 1,200 people that rated me.. but now I only have like a 8.6 and 62 people that rated me. At one point my photo reset itself and started over again. Honestly tho, the lower score doesn't bother me all that much. I'm happy with myself for the most part, and I don't need to be a 10 to be happy :)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Ring, the bed, and Disney OH MY!

The week of gifts it should have been called... Chuck gave me an engagement ring this past week. Boy is it bling bling too.. diamonds and white gold.. it looks great on my finger ;) It brought back memories of when I gave him a ring. He went to the same store that I got his ring at. So now I got something to show peeps that I'm a taken guy now.

When I found out I was getting a ring (I found out before he gave it to me) I really was left speechless. It wasn't a bad speechless.. it was one of pure enjoyment and happiness. He has never given a ring to anyone before, so I know it meant a lot to give that to me. I love him so much.... and I hurt at the thought of losing him ever. I hope we are together forever.

Speaking of speechless.... we were offered a choice and believe it or not, it's a tough one to make... I talked about a bed in the last post. Well we were given a choice of begin given the bed as a gift (the whole bedroom suite)... or a Disney Cruise for 4 nights. This is actually really hard to make. The bed was abosufuckinglutly amazing... I wish I had pics of it to show you guys. I imagine going to bed each night would feel like going to sleep in the White House. It's that beautiful. What makes this decision hard for my mind to select is because the bed will last us a long time and it's something that we'll use for many years to come and love and make love in. The Disney Cruise only lasts 5 days... but will give us some memories that should last a lifetime. The negative about the Disney Cruise (and you know how much I love Disney), is that I feel like we may feel a little ackward on a family cruise. You know.. kids running around... and 2 gay guys that some parents might not feel comfortable with? Who knows.. I really don't know how gay friendly a Disney Cruise is.

Tonight I almost think that maybe the cruise isn't such a great idea. I thought about telling the person that is giving us this gift and choice to maybe accept another alternative. Maybe a trip around Europe... or maybe a all paid expenses vacation in Mass. so that Chuck and I could get married there. And then there is the beautiful bed again... how I would love to sleep on that bed at night.

I need some guidance or sign to tell me which choice is the right one! Who would have thought that a gift could be so hard to think about.. the possiblities are all great, it just which one should we choose!?