Friday, July 23, 2004

Our love child

Ok,  I said no more cat pictures right?  I lied.  But this is a good reason for a post,  at least in my eyes.
You all know I'm crazy,  and a kid at heart.  So deal.
My friend Billy has this cat,  really fat cat (fat shit cat A.K.A. Meatball) that's a stuffed animal.  It's really cute.  So cute that I asked him where he got it,  and I would pay highly to get me one if he could.  He said he got it at the Cracker Barrel.  He told me he's been looking since,  but has not found it again.
Well,  Dawn and I both love it so much it has become our love child.  It's been our mission to take back what is ours.  Billy doesn't treat the cat right,  calling him "Fat Shit Cat" is gonna give the thing a complex.  So like Macguiver we've been thinking about plans to get this cat into our hands. 
This morning after talking with her I made it a goal (yes I have high goals) to find another.
cas7: i dont know if we can replace our love child
CuteYoBoy: We can,  and only for $24.99!
This bitch is gonna be mine!  I found the bastard at last!  And mine will be prettier too damnit!

(Incredible Petables Fat Cat Otto)