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Chuck and I had an argument last night about something stupid, but I think I got so mad about it because it was an underlying issue that was brought to surface yet again.

I was watching the special on TV about the author of Harry Potter. She was saying she was happy and Chuck said something like "I'm sure she is with all that money she has", and I responded "I'm sure she is especially with this new movie that just came out and how well it's doing".

Well, after a moment had passed he brought up that one of his facebook friends had started a group about how shitty the new movie was and that it's not the best of the series and sucks compared to the book. I said I probably wouldn't agree with his friend and Chuck should look up and see what the critics have to say on it. Because I read that it's the best of the series and a greatt film to book transfer (with a few critics liking the movie more then the book). Yes I know, logic tells you that the book is always better, but I'm just saying what I had read.

Well Chuck would not leave me alone about the whole deal about how his group has many followers and nothing compares to the book. Pushing my every button about the matter.

What I wanted to do is bring up and show him what I was talking about. He just wouldn't take me at my word. It seemed his friend knew what he was talking about and I didn't. Which brings up the annoying issue... Chuck can't seem to just listen sometimes and apprecaite what I have to say. We can agree to disagree, but don't keep going on about it and try to push every button you can in the process for a debate. It seems he usually doesn't take my word for things anyways. Sometimes it ends up that he should have and I get to say "I told you so!". Although I normally don't rub it in that much.

Now I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't say this from personal experience, but I think that if enough critics say it, I would think it is so. Chuck hates a lot of things I enjoy like Harry Potter and Disney, so I think he does it to try to show me how "evil Disney is" or how lame Harry Potter is. I almost think he is trying to change my mind about how I should view these things, but that ain't gonna happen! Disney is a love of mine for MANY reasons. Mostly a lot of great memories in my life that I'm taking to my grave. Both with the movies and the theme parks I have a chance to feel like a kid and be happy and joyful about it all.

So without further ado here are some qoutes about Harry Potter from critics in case Chuck ever decides that listening to me might be ok from time to time...

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the franchise's best so far - Associated Press

Unlike most film series, the Potter movies haven't weakened along the way - Star Tirbune

Harry is better than ever, a triumph of visual wonder and emotional storytelling - Rolling Stone

Half Blood Prince is one of his most successful adaptations to date - Sky Movies

Too deep into the saga to win over any Potter virgins, this is payback for those who've followed the series from the start, with some of what was best about the books finally making a comfortable transition to screen - Channel 4 Film

The strangest thing about the new Harry Potter movie is not that it’s unusually good, which it is, but that it unequivocally illustrates just how poorly we’ve been served by the previous five instalments in the franchise - UK Times

The Half-Blood Prince is so great that it nudges out The Goblet Of Fire as the best Potter movie - Sun Online

it comes close to capturing on film some of the texture and richness of Rowling's books - Scotsman

This was a fantastic adaptation of an excellent book, and well worth your time and money - Cinerina

Who would have thought, after five movies and so much hype, that the sixth Harry Potter movie would be better than most of its predecessors? - Morning Herald

the Empire Strikes Back of the Harry Potter series, and it's possibly the best film in the whole lot - 7M Pictures

The peak film in the franchise... from the acting, to the writing, to the production design to the cinematography, which is so unbearably lovely that I can't even quite stand it - Antagony & Ecstasy

definitely the best of the series and is easily the one summer blockbuster that delivers everything Potter fans could expect and more - MD Gazette

Like the Prince himself, David Yates crosses out portions of J.K. Rowling's text in favor of his own ideas. This produces the best magic to date - Seacoast Newspapers

It's taken them six movies to find it, but at last here is Harry Potter's Empire Strikes Back - CinemaBlend

That Half-Blood Prince stays true to Rowling's downbeat, morose vision is a testament to the integrity of this franchise and the fortitude of its fans - AMCtv

Six films in, it almost feels like it's booting up a new-and-improved, darker, earthier, more grown-up and visually sophisticated trilogy - Oregonian

Half-Blood Prince shows the Potter film franchise and Rowling's story are in very good hands indeed - Mercery News

It all starts with the books of course, but perhaps it is time to recognize the Potter films for the impressive franchise that it, too, has become - The Movie Minute

Mean moody and magnificent, this is perhaps the best yet of the Harry Potter series - Daily Mirror

An impressive film that stands out as the jewel in the Potter crown - Heart 106.2

This is absolutely the best of the Harry Potter films so far - HitFix

For fans both of the films and the books, this is an elegant addition to the canon - Daily Telegraph

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is the most balanced Harry Potter film to come along... - Daily Radar

I have to say, this was the most satisfying book-to-film transfer of them all. It never felt rushed. They took time to tell the story. The effects were wonderful, but not overdone. With a few exceptions, they included the major plot points from the book - JoBlo's Movie Emporium

Yes I like to make my point! :P While I don't have the time to read every review and find the crtics that liked the movie more (I know I've read that), I think the above shows what I was trying to accomplish with what I was telling him.


It's not good if he can't let you enjoy the things you like. He doesn't have to become a fan, but the need to beat you down for what you like is not a good thing. You may want to have a serious talk with him about that. Or, since you've probably had lots of those serious talks, perhaps you should find a third party to help with the issue, before it becomes destructive.

Just my two cents.

By Blogger Jess, at 10:38 PM  

lol, you really like to drive your point home ;)

By Blogger Kiks, at 11:41 AM  

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