Friday, October 29, 2004

Happy Halloween

In case I lose track of more time I figured I would wish you all a happy and safe Halloween now. I've been kinda bad at writing lately. I've just been swamped with things.

I'm stuffed. We had 3 seperate Halloween parties here at work, and I was invited to them all. I've had enough food and candy for at least a day or 2 :-P

To bad all the candy was below par. HAHA, makes me sound like a snob. But I was once introduced to Godiva truffles a few years back at Christmas time as a gift from Kevin's dad. And for me, there is very few things that are better. I love them!!

Along with those putting a smile on my face, I've also been known to become happy with donuts and my favorite dessert - The Cheesecake Factory Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. YUM!!

I don't know if I'll be doing anything for Halloween. I'm tossing with the idea to go out Sat. night to a club that is having a huge event for it. Part of me actually wants to stay away from DC and it's drama right now.

What I want is a relaxing stress free weekend. Maybe a good movie at home and some cuddle time included would be nice.

On a side note I went smoking yesterday outside with my coworkers, although luckily I was the last one to be done and walk in (BTW, I don't smoke regularly, but when I'm stressed or just want to get away from my computer screen I'll use that as an excuse to do it.. it's more social smoking). I could quit at any time without any problems, I've gone months without having any. It seems like my coworkers spend more time outside then at their desks, which makes us non-smokers kinda jealous. Ok, so anyways I was the last one done and got light headed and walked right into our glass doors to go inside. I'm so glad the security cameras aren't there, and that no one saw it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Single and my fat analyzer

I gotta wonder who gave me priviledges and why...

I've been talking to a number of guys/boys lately that want what Chuck and I have (looking for a relationship that is monogamous and serious). I almost feel like playing matchmaker with them all, but then again sometimes I feel like true romance and chivalry have become extinct. What happened to all those guys that seemed to back in the day loved being in love, devoting their energy on the person they are with, and making them the focus of what they want most? What happened to the guys that sure may look at others but never really think about "Man, I want to have sex with them" because they are happy and find their partner to be the one they want to be with? Sometimes I wonder, did this ever exist? Because it seems like these days no one seems to think like this.

Is it some fairytale? ... a dreamland to believe that there is someone out there that doesn't act on or think about sex besides with the person they are with? Who knows at this point.

So anyways, because of this I feel skeptical to set these people up, because I know some of these guys really supposedly want that, but wonder do they really mean it.

I find it weird thinking about who gave me the good end of the deal. Some of these people have been single for years. I never (and sorta sad to say) have been single for more then a few months. Why do I get such a short period when these guys are just as good as me and yet wait forever to find someone. Are they being picky? Do I know where to look and they don't? Has luck blessed me in the relationship area? Am I just easier to fall in love with? *laughs*

Ok, before I get to cocky... I just want to say I have been blessed, and thank God for it. Not everyone has experienced true love yet, and while I wonder if me knowing what it is is a good thing sometimes or not, I'm very happy I've had the chance.

On the romance subject, Chuck gave me a dozen roses. I believe this was the first time I've ever gotten them from a BF. Maybe Kevin gave them to me once, but it was so long ago and something that he wouldn't really like to do that I'm almost certain this was a first. Plus I would remember that from Kevin. Kevin was the guy that on Valentine's day gave me a body fat analyzer. The thing you hold in both hands and squeeze and it tells you how much body fat you have. And you all have seen me, I'm skinny and don't think much about fat. So why would I need something like that who knows. He said I placed interest in it. Which in that I probably said "Oh, thats cool." But never wanted it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fuckin Blogger

I had a nice funny post up here about me going shopping, and my friend and I talking about leather speedos... and then I mention that Chuck bought me a leather jacket, which if you know me that's one of the best gifts anyone could give me... etc..


It's been lovely

I was watching ER and saw one of my favorite characters disappear with her last line being "It's been lovely."

With that simple line I started to think "You know what, it has been." And I wasn't thinking about her, but my life. If things were to end tomorrow I can't say I had a bad life. I had some really rough times, some of them recent... but I have been given enough to make this life worth wild. And I've also been given some extremely important and happy times recently too.

Love, I have loved a few people in my life and they have loved me. That's more then some. And I can honestly say I know and felt what true love is. And I also know that there are several people out there that love me a ton. I feel wanted because of this which isn't a bad feeling.

Course there is more to life then just love and happiness, but I do think they are some strong building blocks to everything else around you.

So, if I were to walk out of this life tomorrow I think "It's been lovely" would be a good way to say it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

All About Dick

I thought this was a little interesting... from the pages of Playgirl Magazine 06/04 (click the picture to make it big and be able to read it)

Monday, October 18, 2004


I went to a seminar for my job last Friday on communication.

It wasn't bad, the instructor was very entertaining. But I think she enjoyed her job just a little to much. She kept on talking and talking and on our schedule we showed 11:45 - 1pm Lunch. Well, 12:15 showed up and we were still stuck in that seminar and my tummy was growling. Finally close to 12:30 she tells us she is sorry for going over and that we can stay out for lunch till 1:3pm.

I ate with 6 of my other coworkers, all seem to enjoy out instructor's stories, but not to the point where we could have missed a lunch over it.

So we get back and she continues... schedule says 4pm is the end of it. Well at 3:15 she tells us to take a 10 minute break, and when we come back we'll group up in pairs and market a product that our group comes up with and then make a 60 second commercial (radio or TV) on it and present it to the group.

While outside with my coworkers who are taking a smoke break I see a few people leaving the seminar.

"Hey, that ain't a bad idea!" "You know she is going to go over 4pm the way this continues."

And all my coworkers responded "I won't tell if you don't tell" I felt like I was in middle/high school all over again.

So we get back inside and we start to come up with our imaginary product which turned out to be the "SMART CAR"... Are you a person who hates traffic? If so then this is the car for you... (was how our ad might have started). In a nut shell this smart car would drive itself where ever you wanted to go. It would automatically adjust it's temperature to your comfort level by taking infared readings of your body.. and it would have different zones for all passengers. While the car drove you could watch a movie or TV (catch up on all those missed shows with the built in TIVO). You could eat with a fold down table inside for all. You could surf the web, or even order groceries and have them packed and ready by the time you got to the grocery store. These were just some of the things our product could do. Well 3:45 rolls around and everyone is still in there groups talking about there products, when ours was finished.

So I say "We are not getting out of here any time soon" and gave a sad look to my coworkers. The class clown so to speak spoke up... "Yeah, I think we should just go" and you could see all my coworkers faces just light up! Next thing you know one of them bolts for the door.

After this the class clown says "I think we should all bolt for it when the instructor isn't looking". We see her busy helping a group out... so now is our chance. And we all get up and start to leave. Class clown tells me to hurry up before we get caught... so her and I take off way in front of the group. As we are rounding the corner to leave the hotel I hear way behind us the instructor saying "Where are you all going?". Class clown and I hit the door and we are outside.. SAFE!! "I think the others got caught!" I say to CC. She agrees and we are thankful we didn't. But we wait outside hoping to see the others.. wait 2 minutes and no one is coming out.

finally I see them with a look on their face "Can you believe she wanted us to stay?". At this point it was close to 4pm. I'm glad we left, to be honest I wonder if the others are still in there ;) Like some scary Twilight Zone episode.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bring me to life

...through music.

I haven't posted one of these in a little while, but it has been on my mind. Here is a list of some songs to broaden your horizons on what is out there.

If you like this one you can follow the trail of posts to hear a lot more music here (just follow the chain).

These links are samples in WMA9 format to save space on the server

1) Kimberley Locke - The 8th World Wonder (Mixman Mike's Club Mix)
2) Bowling for Soup - 1985
3) JoJo Feat. Bow Wow - Baby It's You (remix)
4) Adam Sandler - I'll Grow Old With You
5) Britney Spears - Every time [Hi-Bias Radio Mix]
6) Dana Glover - Thinking Over
7) Le Click - Call Me
8) Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All
9) Aqua - Cartoon Heroes [Playground Mix]
10) Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Mixman Mike's Club Mix)


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A few small things...

This is so bad, yet so cute!! I love it. Winnie the Pooh in bad positions. Now my partner found this on a blog. I asked which one and he said Flips, but I can't find it anywhere on there. I guess I missed it somehow, or it was on another site.

So someone else had it first ;) ... but I just couldn't help but show it off as well. Especially since I'm such a Disney fan.

On a side note, one of my ex's said this about a huge dick. I thought it was funny.

w8: I'm surprised a terrorist didn't fly a plane into that thing

Gave me a good laugh which I needed the past few days have been rough. Hopefully tonight I'm getting to bed early and sleeping well. I need a good nights rest for once.

Lets hope things start going back uphill for me soon. I need a good fortune cookie bout now ;)

Monday, October 11, 2004

False Advertising

Cm: you have to see this
Cm: if that isn't false advertisment I don't know what is!
Cm:'s on backorder!
CuteYoBoy: ok, one sec
CuteYoBoy: food is burning
Cm: okay
CuteYoBoy: lol oh geez!
CuteYoBoy: I've seen something like that at Spencers once
Cm: lol
Cm: it's false advertising though
CuteYoBoy: yeah, what are you gonna do, sue the guy you are with?
Cm: lol
CuteYoBoy: Hey, I saw your package, it was much bigger in those jeans
CuteYoBoy: I'm disappointed, and now I'm gonna sue
Cm: leave him to masturbate with his "package"
Cm: lol
Cm: :-P
CuteYoBoy: thats if it's big enough to fit in his hand. To be honest.. I think size is over rated. I much rather have a guy that is good at sex and not big then one thats big and just looks pretty but doesn't do shit. Course micro sized can be a problem.
Cm: lol yeah yeah
CuteYoBoy: hmmm, somehow I don't believe that yeah yeah you just gave ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm strong yet weak

Lets just hope this week brings me some light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Why do our lives have to be a roller coaster of emotions? I guess life would be boring if we didn't have that right? Well, sometimes I just wish things were what they seemed.

I'm not going into details on what happened this weekend, but it was big. And not big as in lets go out and celebrate either.

This is pretty much the way I feel about it like one of these cars.... drowning

On a side note before I started having a rough weekend I got to see Raising Helen. That was a pretty cute movie. Very predictable, but cute. I love romantic movies. Of course Pixer/Disney movies are at the top of my list... then comes the whacko ones like Serial Mom... then the romantic ones like
While you were sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail *HINT HINT*

Most basic chick flicks I like. Sad but true. Oh,
Just Married and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days are at the top of my list too.

Yeah, I have a rougher exterior, but my insides are all heart. Least thats the way I like to think of myself ;)
Hey, what can I say? I'm a momma's boy. I remember watching a late night soap opera called Falcon Crest with her. But nothing did top the Smurfs when I was growing up.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Do you know...

what it feels like for a girl? *sings*

Ok, I'm not a girl. I don't really refer to myself like one either. My friend/ex Dre though, he's all about being a Princess. ;) You know I'm just messing with you Dre. He's not like that at all.

I actually have nothing against that at all though. Something I probably would have something against IF this was true is this... the homo handshake.

Well last night was much better BTW, the temperature was nice and I got a lot more sleep since I was comfortable. Chuck was a sweet heart as he cooked me a dinner beyond belief. It was fucking awesome! Then we went for a random ride around town, and also to find out where he was supposed to be at today for a meeting. I'll tell you one thing, I was out of it. Normally a simple thing like driving around town and stopping into the Walmart would be a piece of cake... but last night it was an adventure. And poor Chuck, he was driving... and normally I know my way around town here really well. That was not the case last night, I was disoriented and told Chuck the wrong way. Thankfully I realized it before we ended up in West Virginia and told him to make a U-turn. I could see fire in his eyes, but I think he also knows by now there are moments where I'm just as lost as he is. And the fire lasted for just a second because of course I throw in the "I LOVE YOU!" after I realized I was wrong... and he gets this big smile and says "I love you too" back.

I'm so glad he didn't lose it. Some guys I've been with would have.

Sometimes the littlest things set certain people off.

I had this one ex that would cut off my hands if I touched his radio in his car. And the sad thing about it is he would be fooling with it constantly. I mean literally we might hear a minute of any song, and before its over or even halfway done he would be bored with it and look for another song. It would drive me crazy. People with the TV remote like this also get on my nerves. You start watching one show, which turns out to be 20 shows... and you never end up getting the full story of what happens in any of them.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Shit is nicer...

.. then the way I feel. I didn't sleep well at all last night. It was fucking freezing. Chuck complains that our apartment is to warm, which I think it is as well. So he likes to open up the window at night because of that, and because I tend to put out a lot of heat myself.

Well last night didn't work out so well. I kept on getting cold, and when I would start to get up to close the window he would say "Babe, I'll keep you warm" and cuddle up right up next to me. Which felt great, but it didn't last that long and I would get cold again. So I'm functioning on a little bit of sleep right now.

Last night was weird as well, Kevin (my ex of 7 years) said he wanted to do dinner with Chuck and I. So that happened. It went ok, there were a few tense moments. No real big 'drama' from it though, which was nice. Kevin cares a great deal about me and because of that wants to remain my friend. Hell, we've been together for so long that it's hard not to have him in my life in some shape or form.

I want to thank you guys for the compliments on Chuck. That was really sweet of you. Most of you anyways... I had one person (who shall remain nameless) IM me with the following:

someone: can i fuck chuck?
CuteYoBoy: I know you are joking, otherwise I would hurt you ;)
CuteYoBoy: And the answer is never
someone: who's joking
someone: chuck's a hottie

Ok, and the conversation just went down the hill from there. I'm sorry, but who out there sees that as being cool? That was one of the worst things you could have said to me. It's one thing if you are joking around. Another if you are being serious. For anyone who reads my blog regularly would know I have issues with jealousy, I've stated that many times. So, why on earth would you IM me with that?! This is the type of thinking that just makes me want to vomit. Not only was it tasteless, but also just shows no respect for us as a couple. Doesn't the word "relationship" mean anything to some of these gay guys? I think it's just a white flag for a challenge for one. And some people don't care that you are in a relationship, when they want someone, they want someone. I'm sorry, but this type of thinking really does bother me and pisses me off.

Monday, October 04, 2004

The mystery man is revealed

So a lot of you have been wondering who is this guy Chuck, and what does he look like. I thought it was about time that I would show him off. Isn't he the stud of all studs? :) I swear he is the hottest/sexiest guy I've ever laid eyes on.

Oh, I asked permission before I posted these pics. He said I could do it "only if you mark them so they show ownership", I asked "how do you want me to mark them?", and he responded with "Property of cuteyoboy". Isn't that cute?

He is "MINE MINE MINE!!!" as we like to tell each other.

Anyways, I haven't been writing a lot the past few days because the weekends for one usually keep me busy. This past weekend I was with my friend Maria Friday night through Sat. helping her install a home entertainment center. I love doing that kind of stuff (if I'm in the right mood). Chuck IM'd me on my phone many times that night, all saying the sweetest things... but in a way I felt like I was eating my own words in my previous post about IM'ing people on there phones. On one side of it, I was with Maria trying to help her out and catch up on things.... on another I was seeing sweet things coming in on my phone.. I couldn't just let him go like that, so I responded to most of them.

Sat. night I went to Chuck's job and met up with him there, and then we went to where he lives now. It's about 80 miles away from where I live (one way). I'm not complaining about it though, I really don't seem to mind the ride at all (unless I hit some terrible traffic, then that would put me in a bad mood). We had a very cool/relaxing night. It was like we were married and just enjoying each others company out on the swing. That was a really nice moment for me. My back was still hurting from the move and Maria's job, so he gave me a muscle relaxer, and let me tell you that shit was nice. Course I'm the kind of person that doesn't like it when people rely on drugs and things to make them feel better or happy (not feel better in a sick sense, but feel better to get pleasure or happiness to escape from something). But I gotta say, that muscle relaxer, I can see how people would get addicted to something like that. I couldn't, but it was nice while it lasted.

Sunday was a nice slow day. We shopped some at the Target, watched a movie, had dinner and then I left to come back here. He bought me this Cinnabon pretzel they make there, that thing was YUMMY!! I think I'll add it to the list of things that could put a smile on my face. Donuts, vanilla bean cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory, and now the Cinnabon Pretzel.

Anyways, I hope all of you are doing well, and I'll write another blog soon. I have some funny stories to tell.

Chuck in the car.. yet another place we could do the nasty ;)

On the beach, didn't I say the beach is one of my fantasies?

Look at that yumminess :)

Chuck in a visor, yum!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Ouch! My back...

If it wasn't for the love of my life, I think I would be going insane just about now... I still need a stiff drink though (and I rarely drink)

I'm hurting bad, my back is killing me and my legs are sore. Why? Because I helped Chuck move yesterday. I took the day off and helped him move back home for a few months. No he and I currently don't live together, and didn't either. We have discussed this, and in time we'll figure something out.

While I took the day off I also missed my timesheet submittal for my job... so because I didn't submit my timesheet by the end of the day yesterday I won't get paid. I'll miss a paycheck and then it'll cut on my next. Which basically means I'm broke until then. Boy do I wish I could tap into my 401K right about now. So these next couple of weeks in blogs you may see a more depressed me (I still have to find some way to pay my bills).

While this all did happen while I was helping Chuck move, I really am not blaming him, and I don't want to. It's my fault I didn't remember to get online on Thursday to submit it.

So anyways, I had a good day yesterday. Got off to a bumpy start but everything turned out ok. I just can't wait for this day to end though, and I can crawl up in my soft bed, maybe watch a good movie, and forget about life.

BTW, your comments to the proposal blog, and the list blog have cheered me up some. Thanks for the support, and also thanks for the laughs I got out of those lists and comments you have on the other one. :)