Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Haha, sorry to you know whom

I just thought this was funny...  yeah I know..  no life..   and it shows by all the posts I've done today.  And I know people are gonna stop IM'ing me cuze I'm posting crap that we talk about.  But again.. I found it funny.
SDC: I'm trying to explain bling to someone *sigh*
Cuteyoboy: you mean like... bling bling?
SDC: yes, bling bling
CuteYoBoy: LMAO
CuteYoBoy: It's like...  the mac daddy...  the real shit..  Da bomb...   the ultimate in high class ghetto...
SDC: well, or more accuraltey shit people buy to show off how much money they have because they're insecure of their place in life
SDC: Generally shit which has no use other than to be showy
CuteYoBoy: look whos talking mister G35
SDC: Jealousy is a terrible thing
CuteYoBoy: indeed,  I sweat you daily
SDC: huh?
CuteYoBoy: thats ghetto language for I'm jealous of you constantly