Thursday, July 29, 2004

My face in this world

Well I started writing a post a few minutes ago,  and it ended up going no where fast.  Here is how it started : 

Why were you put on this earth?

We all must have a meaning right?

Well,  I think about how people look at this and wonder where we are all going.  What well be his face in this world,  or even the
lady that has back  face.  She must have a purpose besides rubbing her wet buns up on Wayne.

 - We have the people that believe they might be on this planet for something big. Maybe they believe they are here because their soul purpose is to do something that'll make them famous.  Could be an invention, maybe an actor, or even the president of a company or nation.  Guiding others so to speak or making our lives easier.
And then I started to really think (rare I know).  Who cares why others are here on this world,  I should be thinking about myself for once!  Ok,  maybe that sounds bad,  but I think part of the answer in each of us pertains to all.

Why do I think I'm here? I can't give you a definite answer.  What I can tell you is that I believe I'm here to learn, to give, to enjoy life, and to make someone happy.  Maybe I'll stumble upon a cure for AIDS while I'm at it.  If so,  that's great!  But ultimately I think you gotta be happy.  That might be the most important thing in this life. Yeah yeah, maybe it isn't.  Maybe someone out there can give me a better answer.

But why live this life without happiness? And NO! I'm not telling people who are currently not happy to just end it.  What you should do is go out and find something that makes you happy, and enjoy it.  Maybe it's that waffle cone at Ben & Jerry's full of Chocolate Chip Cookie Doe that makes you smile,  if so then do it every so often!  Don't ignore what brings you happiness (unless of course it's illegal, then I'm not talking to you right now). 

I'm sure something like this has been said... "Happiness is the key to a great life".  If not,  I call dibs on it first!  ;)   But anyways, I do believe you have to be happy in order to really be a success.  And while you are happy,  why not make others happy - you know it doesn't take much to put a smile on someone's face.  Give someone a helping hand, maybe do a favor for them without them knowing about it, or give them something they want.  And most of the time to make another person happy you don't have to give them anything that costs a dime.  You just have to know the person enough to know that they smile when you say "they are hot!" ;) 

This post is getting long and probably boring to some,  but always remember that you can make a difference.
And boy do I sound like Misses Doubtfire right now!