Wednesday, July 21, 2004

To go deep, or not deep?

That is the question.  And for all you perverts out there,  I wasn't talking about that.
I'm not sure what is the right thing to do on these things.  Sometimes I think getting a little deep and personal might help others understand me while other times I think maybe its none of your business. Guess it'll be a decision I'll make sometime soon.
The Amazing Race last night was pretty good. Did you feel like there was something missing from it though? I don't know, just felt like the episode kinda lacked much in the way of road blocks or something.  Maybe it seemed like they didn't travel very far.  I don't know,  can't put my finger on it.  But team TINSIE (as Maria calls it, with the "vertically challenged" lady) is doing pretty good.  While I think they are a cool team,  it might get a little old later on.  I think the short one might be abusing her powers.  But hey,  that is part of the game.  I just feel like if they continue that,  I might start rooting for another team.  But is there any other team out there that seems ok?  I'm kinda questioning them right now. Maybe the moms.  They seem kinda cool.  I hate the brothers,  fat and ugly and rude.  I hope their plane crashes somewhere.  LOL,  I know I shouldn't say those things.  But you all know I'm teasing,  right?