Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At last...

Wow, it's been a long time.

It's odd that I still get e-mailed weekly about people looking at this blog. I haven't really had much desire in writing to it lately. I do want to apologize for not keeping this up to date for those people that care.

I'm doing pretty well these days. I now have a few things that take up my time to enjoy life a little better. I recently bought a new 50" plasma HDTV. It's amazing and while I do miss the HD projector I had, and it's 108" screen. I don't miss that I had to close the curtains and the room to be dark to watch it. This new TV looks amazing and it definitely puts a smile on my face. Especially since you know how much of a TV addict I can be.

I also now have a Wii. Very enjoyable. I actually play it a lot more then my xbox 360. The games just seem to be cooler to play because of the neat interaction with the remotes. So yeah, I've been stuck playing a lot more video games.

Also, Netflix has kept me entertained. Tons of gay movies, and movies in HD DVD that I saw years ago but want to now see in High Def instead.

Time has been eaten up by these. And of course Chuck. Yes we are still together and things have settled down on the issues I had in our relationship. Less flirting as well ;)

So life has been pretty good for me. I do still have some issues (an example is I will be losing my job in Feb. due to the company I worked for for 10 years is moving our department to Texas, and I don't want to move). Also I miss a few people that I had in my life at one point. Just wondering how they are doing. And currently I have a hell of a sun burn that I can't wait till it stops being painful. Also Chuck calling Chris (my best friend), my other boyfriend is getting really old. I hope he takes the hint because I have starting doing the same with him and his friend Joey. Chris and I have never been together, we are only best friends. But for some reason Chuck is jealous of him and must call him my "other boyfriend". I should probably not care, but I do because this makes me not want to talk to Chris to hear that from Chuck. Also I have a few new friends in my life that I could see hanging out with, but I'm a little worried that Chuck will get jealous of them too. So I don't even mention them. So yeah, there are issues ;)

Not sure what else to tell you though, but at least I posted a new one right? ;) I'm well, and I hope you all are too.


You're alive! (Just kidding.) Glad to hear things are going well.

By Blogger Jeff, at 12:04 PM  


I'm so glad you're alright! Love the Wii, lol.

Greetings and Gruesse!

By Blogger Kiks, at 5:51 AM  

Hello stranger. Glad to read that you are doing well. < smile >

By Blogger E. A. Howard, at 12:18 PM  

Are you still in your cave?

By Blogger Meow, at 12:12 PM  

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