Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto, Chris, and Dre

Pluto not a planet anymore? What is this world coming to? Discrimination against a ball of mass like that! I heard this morning it was removed from the category of a planet since it has no life forms and no atmosphere. Doesn't make that much sense since I don't think we know if any other planets truly have life forms.

Anyways, weird or not I was upset with this. I grew up my whole life telling me it was a planet. That would be like saying, "By the way, you know milk is good for the bones and body… well it isn't!".

Not much new news to tell you all about. I think one of our security guards at work likes me. We have a rotation of them. I think there is a little army of them since we only see the same one about once every 2 weeks. The one today greeted me with a huge "Hey, how are you?!" (with his thump up in the air and a big smile). I smiled back thinking nothing of it and said "I'm fine, how are you?". In response he said "I'm great!" and then winked at me. At first I thought he didn't wink and maybe I took it as one by mistake. Well I went out with my coworker on a break a few moments ago and as we were leaving he said "Hope you have a great day!" to us both and then winked again. My coworker turned to me and said "He either has something in his eye, or he just winked at us". I had to tell her that I think he winked and gave me a thumbs up when I walked into the door. Well we paid more attention after the break as we walked by him coming back in. "I'm glad you are back!" came out of his mouth. She turned to me and said, he must have the hots for you.

Oh and to Dre and Chris… I left my phone on Pluto… actually no I didn't. You just either catch me at a bad time (especially Chris), or once I'm around Chuck I have a hard time talking with you guys since I think he gets jealous of it. While I definitely get jealous from time to time with him, I haven't fussed about him talking to his friends like Chris and Mike. I'm sorry you guys. Chris, we gotta hang out again soon. And Dre, I swear I'll call you at some point. I feel really bad about this. :(

It's gotten to the point where is says "Your other BF is calling you", or "Aren't you gonna hang out with your other BF Chris this weekend?"…. Sure he may be kidding, but someone once told me behind every joke is a little truth. So in his mind maybe he actually thinks Chris could be a boy on the side. He isn't. We go WAY WAY back and honestly, Chris is one of my best friends. I trust him and his opinion and that's rare to find in friends. He's been there for me through good and bad.

Now I could see him getting somewhat jealous of Dre since he was an ex of mine. But we didn't last that long and Dre is happy with the guy he is with. We didn't work out as a couple, probably never would. We are maybe to similar, but make great friends. So yes, at one point I did enjoy Dre. He did make a fantasy of mine come true and showed me that it love does exist, just not with me. But I hope Chuck does realize that I'm with him and there is no harm in talking with these friends.

Hell, if I were to turn the tables and act like him he shouldn't be talking to Mike… Josh….

Anyways, nuff of that. I just felt like you guys were owed an apology. And maybe I can give you Chuck's phone number so that you can start calling him… leave messages on his voice mail and tell him that he has nothing to worry about? *kidding*


Matter of fact... milk isn't such a good source for calcium as people tend to think. As far as I know, the fat in milk covers up the calcium, basically making parts of it unuseable for the body. I don't know if the same applies to skimmed milk, though. I'd be sorry to shatter something you believed in all your life (in case I'm right).

Btw, security guard sounds nice! Mmmhhh.... *dirtymind*

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OMG how is DRe?

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