Thursday, July 22, 2004

Cover your eyes

This is a bad post,  not something I recommend for everyone.  But I found it amusing,  like most things I guess. And I did get premission to use it :-P  (identity changed for protection)
Thewinek: why do people have to get naked to have sex?
CuteYoBoy: they don't
Thewinek: i mean like SEX SEX
CuteYoBoy: I've seen porn that has the guy with his willy out of his pants
Thewinek: not like a quicky
CuteYoBoy: oh... because you get all sweaty
Thewinek: so you dont want sweaty nasty garments?
CuteYoBoy: you don't want your clothes all nasty...  plus it feels good,  skin on skin
Thewinek: so maybe straight men like it with clothes on
Thewinek: and gay men since they are all proper get naked
CuteYoBoy: I think it can be interesting with clothes on
CuteYoBoy: a little on the rough and spare of the moment type thing
CuteYoBoy: I had a sexual experience more recently with clothes on.. it was HOT
Thewinek: ROFL!
Thewinek: DRAMA!
Thewinek: did you do laundry right after?
CuteYoBoy: nope
CuteYoBoy: it was stinky in my hamper for a few days
Thewinek: so you would go to the hamper and put it close to your nose every so often and get off
Thewinek: be like a remembrance sorta thang
CuteYoBoy: LOL
CuteYoBoy: how did you know
CuteYoBoy: I actually did that a few times
Thewinek: ROFL
Thewinek: I knewi t
Thewinek: !!
True or False? You decide.