Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spank the monkey!

Got a good laugh out of this...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto, Chris, and Dre

Pluto not a planet anymore? What is this world coming to? Discrimination against a ball of mass like that! I heard this morning it was removed from the category of a planet since it has no life forms and no atmosphere. Doesn't make that much sense since I don't think we know if any other planets truly have life forms.

Anyways, weird or not I was upset with this. I grew up my whole life telling me it was a planet. That would be like saying, "By the way, you know milk is good for the bones and body… well it isn't!".

Not much new news to tell you all about. I think one of our security guards at work likes me. We have a rotation of them. I think there is a little army of them since we only see the same one about once every 2 weeks. The one today greeted me with a huge "Hey, how are you?!" (with his thump up in the air and a big smile). I smiled back thinking nothing of it and said "I'm fine, how are you?". In response he said "I'm great!" and then winked at me. At first I thought he didn't wink and maybe I took it as one by mistake. Well I went out with my coworker on a break a few moments ago and as we were leaving he said "Hope you have a great day!" to us both and then winked again. My coworker turned to me and said "He either has something in his eye, or he just winked at us". I had to tell her that I think he winked and gave me a thumbs up when I walked into the door. Well we paid more attention after the break as we walked by him coming back in. "I'm glad you are back!" came out of his mouth. She turned to me and said, he must have the hots for you.

Oh and to Dre and Chris… I left my phone on Pluto… actually no I didn't. You just either catch me at a bad time (especially Chris), or once I'm around Chuck I have a hard time talking with you guys since I think he gets jealous of it. While I definitely get jealous from time to time with him, I haven't fussed about him talking to his friends like Chris and Mike. I'm sorry you guys. Chris, we gotta hang out again soon. And Dre, I swear I'll call you at some point. I feel really bad about this. :(

It's gotten to the point where is says "Your other BF is calling you", or "Aren't you gonna hang out with your other BF Chris this weekend?"…. Sure he may be kidding, but someone once told me behind every joke is a little truth. So in his mind maybe he actually thinks Chris could be a boy on the side. He isn't. We go WAY WAY back and honestly, Chris is one of my best friends. I trust him and his opinion and that's rare to find in friends. He's been there for me through good and bad.

Now I could see him getting somewhat jealous of Dre since he was an ex of mine. But we didn't last that long and Dre is happy with the guy he is with. We didn't work out as a couple, probably never would. We are maybe to similar, but make great friends. So yes, at one point I did enjoy Dre. He did make a fantasy of mine come true and showed me that it love does exist, just not with me. But I hope Chuck does realize that I'm with him and there is no harm in talking with these friends.

Hell, if I were to turn the tables and act like him he shouldn't be talking to Mike… Josh….

Anyways, nuff of that. I just felt like you guys were owed an apology. And maybe I can give you Chuck's phone number so that you can start calling him… leave messages on his voice mail and tell him that he has nothing to worry about? *kidding*

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Step Up Baltimore

Ok, now I'll admit that I'm glad I didn't know this once they were filming this movie, but Channing Tatum who is on my top 5 hot guys list was in Baltimore to film part of this movie which takes place in Baltimore. I'm glad because Chuck would have gotten jealous over this. And I would have wanted to go down and see it being filmed, lol.

Baltimore BTW I heard is becoming the new hot spot according to MTV for clubbing. It's gotten huge especially for hip hop clubs. A lot of top notch DJ's are heading to Baltimore to be part of the FAD.

I will say that they are over hyping this movie. On a radio trailer I heard "Be a part of the party of the year", "The most anticipated soundtrack" "Energy and dance moves you won't see anywhere else"....

Give me a break. I'm sorry, I'm a huge music fan, but I'm never sittin' round anticipating any movie soundtrack. And no movie to me is a "party". No matter how cute the guys are in it. At that point if it is one, it's a circle jerk party... lol.

Short update yet long list

Just wanted to update and tell you guys I'm doing well. Money is still in the back of my mind, but then I'm sure that is in the back of most people's minds.

Things have been going pretty well lately and Kiks (bless him) asked me a few days ago if I was ok by e-mail. I should have responded right away with an "I'm ok", but I didn't. I know, shame on me!

You ever have those days where you feel like you could break out in song and smile? Ok, maybe you don't. ;) I was listening to Cherish by Madonna on the ZEN and immediately made me think of Chuck and some of the great times we have together and I cherish. I would have sent him the song, but I know I've already sent it to him… along with over 200 others which I never updated on here like I promised. So here is a list of those songs that I have sent him so far (some being far apart from each other in time). In case you don't know, I send Chuck songs to kind of remind him that I love him. I think it's a sweet gesture.

Song number 206 (Five for Fighting's - All I know) from "Chicken Little" the movie is a song I suggest you download if you like Five's other songs. The movie Chicken Little wasn't great, just ok, but this song has a pretty romantic feeling to it. I really love their 100 years song on their album.

Kimberly Locke - 8th World Wonder
Michelle Branch - It's you
Leanne Rimes - This Love
Foreigner - I don't want to live without you
Shania Twain - From this moment (6)
Etta James - At Last (7)
Vanessa Carlton - Pretty Baby (8)
Martina McBride - Valentine (9)
Clay Aiken - The Way (10)
Madonna - Cherish (11)
Sarah Brightman - All I ask of you (phantom 12)
Martina McBride - I love you (13)
Monica - Angel of Mine (14)
Shanice - Saving Forever for you (15)
Norah Jones - The Nearness of You (16)
Etta James - At Last (17)
The Bangles - Eternal Flame (18)
Bette Midler - The Rose (19)
Madonna - Crazy for you (20)
Kci and Jojo - Tell me it's Real (21)
98 Degrees - I do (Cherish you) (22)
Jessica Simpson - I wanna love you forever (23)
The Coors - Breathless (24)
UB40 - Can't help falling in love (25)
Donna Lewis - I love you always forever (26)
Belinda Carlisle - I get Weak (27)
All 4 one - I swear (28)
JOJO Feat. BOW WOW - Baby It's U (29)
Billie Myers - Kiss the Rain (30)
Janis Joplin - My Baby (31)
Celine Dion - If that's what it takes (32)
Janet Jackson - When I think of you (33)
Leann Rimes - I need you (34)
Mariah Carey - When I saw you (35)
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Passionate Kisses (36)
Savage Garden - I knew I loved you (37)
Sonny and Cher - I Got you Babe (38)
Atomic Kitten - The Tide is High (39)
Chingy - Right Thurr (40)
Gigi D'Agostino - Your Love (Elisir) (41)
Alison Krauss - When you say nothing at all (42)
Leann Rimes - How Do I Live (43)
Shania Twain - Forever and For Always (44)
Alanis Morissette - Everything (45)
Moulin Rouge - Your Song (46)
Dana Glover - It is you (I have Loved) (47)
Seal - Waiting for You (48)
When in Rome - The Promise (Tony Moran mix) (49)
The Cranberries - Dreams (50)
Moulin Rouge - Come what may (51)
Bonnie Raitt - You Got It (52)
The Divinyls - I Touch Myself (53)
Shania Twain - I'm Gonna Getcha Good (54)
Toy box - Superduper Man (55)
Toy box - Teddy Bear (56)
Crazytown - Butterfly (57)
Bette Midler - To Deserve You (58)
Bette Midler - Thats how love moves (59)
Christina Aguilera - I turn to you (60)
Jody Whatley - All the way to heaven (61)
KC and Jojo - All my Life (62)
Michael Bolton - Once in a Lifetime (63)
Josh Groban - When you say you love me (64)
Shanice - I love your Smile (65)
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give you up (66)
Edwin McCain - I'll be (67)
Taylor Dayne - I'll Always Love you (68)
No Doubt - Underneath it All (69)
Belinda Carlisle - I get weak (REPEAT 70)
Roger - I want to be your man (71)
Peter Cetera - One Good Woman (72)
Bette Midler - In my life (73)
Brandy - Sittin' up in my room (74)
Jessica Simpson - Underneath (75)
Pretenders - I'll Stand by You (76)
Jim Brickman & Christina Aguilera - Destiny (77)
Jeff Healey Band - Angel Eyes (78)
Donna Summer - This Time I Know it's for Real (79)
Joe Cocker - You are so beauitful (80)
Peter Cetera - Glory of Love (81)
Belinda Carlisle - Mad About You (82)
Jim Brickman - Beautiful (83)
Jessica Simpson - For your Love (84)
Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels like home (85)
Chicago - You're the Inspiration (86)
Richard Marx - Now and Forever (87)
Bryan Adams - (everything I do) I do it for you (88)
Grease - You're the one that i want (89)
Paula Abdul - Rush Rush (90)
Escape Club - I'll be There (91)
UB40 - The Way you do the things you do (92)
Janet Jackson - Alright (93)
Amy Grant - Baby Baby (94)
Celine Dion - I'm your Angel (95)
Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) (96)
SWV - Right Here Human Nature (97)
Gloria Esteban - I see your Snile (98)
Bette Midler - The Glory of Love (99)
Jim Brickman Collin Raye & Susan Ashton - The Gift (100)
Whitney Houston - I Believe in you and me (101)
Aerosmith - I Don't want to miss a thing (102)
Robyn - Show Me Love (103)
Leann Rimes - Looking Through Your Eyes (104)
98 Degrees - Because of You (105)
Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul (106)
Celine Dion - Faith (107)
Roberta Flack - The First Time ever I Saw Your Face (108)
Ashlee Simpson - Peices of Me (109)
Martina McBride - There you Are (110)
BBMAK - Back Here (111)
Savage Garden - Crash and Burn (112)
Tim Mcgraw - Best Friends (113)
Kelly Clarkson - Anytime (114)
Clay Aiken - I will carry you (115)
Celine Dion - Then you look at me (116)
Journey - Faithfully (117)
Billy Joel - Just the Way you are (118)
DJ Sammy - Heaven {Yanou's Candlelight Mix} (119)
Elton John - This is Your Song (120)
Billy Joel - You're my Home (121)
Faith Hill - Breathe (122)
Sonique - It Feels so Good (123)
Celine Dion - That's the Way it is (124)
Jo Dee Messina - That's the Way it is (125)
Lee Anee Womack - I hope you dance (126)
Faith Hill - The Way you Love me (127)
Dixie Chicks - Cowboy Take me Away (128)
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You (piano vocal version) (129)
Whitney Houston - My Love is your Love (dance remix) (130)
Karla Bonoff - Standing Right Next to me (131)
Pandora - Don't Worry (132)
Carly Simon - Something Wonderful (133)
Jefferson Starship - Nothing's gonna stop us now (134)
Kylie Minogue - Love at First Sight (135)
Ashlee Simpson - Lala (136)
Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine (137)
Hoobastank - The Reason (138)
Natalie Cole - This will be an Everlasting Love (139)
Uncle Sam Band - When I see you Smile (140)
Wynonna Judd - You were Loved (141)
Minnie Riperton - Lovin You (142)
Carly Simon - Nobody Does it better (143)
Myra - Miracles Happen (when you believe) (144)
Natural - Put your arms around me (145)
Oasis - Wonderwall (146)
Debbie Boone - You light up my life (147)
The Calling - Wherever you will go (148)
Soluna - For all time (149)
Sophie B. Hawkins - As I lay me down (150)
Kylie Minogue - Outta My Head (151)
Jade - Every day of the week (152)
Michael Jackson - Will you be there (153)
Brandy - Baby (154)
Firehouse - I live my life for you (155)
Willie Nelson - Always on My Mind (156)
Lindsay Pagano - Everything U R (157)
Air Supply - Even the nights are better (158)
38 Special - Caught up in you (159)
Police - Every little thing she does is magic (160)
Kenny Rogers - Lady (161)
When in Rome - The Promise (Tony Moran Mix) (162)
Finch - Letters to You (163)
Crystal Gayle & Eddie Rabbitt - You and I (164)
Deniece Williams - Let's Hear it for the boy (165)
Sunscreem - Love U More (Billys Remix) (166)
Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna let you go (167)
Styx - Babe (168)
Dionne Warwick - I'll never love this way again (169)
Sarah Brightman - Heaven Is Here (170)
Natalie Cole - Unforgettable (171)
Dido - Don't Leave Home (172)
Jim Brickman - Your Love (173)
Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road (174)
Jim Brickman - Love of my life (175)
Cars - Magic (176)
Sheriff - When I'm with you (177)
Vonda Shepard - Hooked on a feeling (178)
Shedaisy - Before Me and You (179)
Deniece Williams - Let's Hear it for the boy (180)
Du (Onyuru Remix) (181)
Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (182)
Archies - Sugar Sugar (183)
The Corrs - Runaway (Tin Tin Out Remix) (184)
Rex Smith - You Take My Breath Away (185)
Babys - Every Time I Think Of You (186)
Robert Palmer - Bad Case Of Lovin' You (187)
Exile - Kiss You All Over (188)
Barry Manilow - Can't Smile Without You (189)
Heatwave - Always and Forever (190)
Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks - Whenever I Call You Friend (191)
Paul Mccartney & Wings - My Love (192)
Stevie Wonder - You Are the Sunshine Of My Life (193)
Kiss - I Was Made for Lovin' You (194)
TLC - Baby - Baby - Baby (195)
Emotions - Best of my love (196)
The Platters - Only You (197)
Joe Cocker - You are so beautiful (198)
Bobby Darin - You're the reason I'm living (199)
Doris Troy - Just One Look (200)
Josh Groban - You Raise me up (201)
Amy Grant - Every Heartbeat (202)
Sarah Mclachlan - Answer (203)
Whitney Houston - If you say my eyes are beautiful (204)
Bill Withers - Just the Two of Us (205)
Five For Fighting - All I know (206)
Barbara Lewis - Baby, I'm Your's. (207)