Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I was reading this post and this one  and was reminded of my love for a nick name (a pet name for the one you love if you will),  BOO.   Why is it I like this name so much?  I wish I knew why myself.  I mean the honeys, sweetie pies, stud muffins, and such are all cute and I would be happy hearing any of those.  But there is something about BOO that just kinda tickles my heart a little more. 

Maybe it's just because of the movie Monsters Inc. .  Great movie like every Pixar movie thus far.  One of my favorite movies of all time is Toy Story 2 (and I do see a fair amount of movies,  I own close to 1,600 of them).  At the end of Monsters Inc. where BOO and James P. Sullivan see each other, after thinking they would never see the other again the words "BOO!"&"KITTY!" are said.  Sad to say a tear does come to my eye.

My recent ex came up with a nick name for me that I loved just as much as BOO,  but I'm not sure whether I should share that one or not.  Because then my future guy (if it's meant to happen)   might be like "Well I know why you like that pet name, because HE used it".  Which isn't true.  No one has called me BOO though so at least I wouldn't have those worries about that.  But that name he gave me (it can also be said it was Disney related) meant a lot to me.  Both because it came from him,  and also because I could relate to it.

It's kinda funny and weird how I could never come up with a good pet name for him in return.  Maybe a part of that is because I knew pretty early on that things could get rocky between us.  Without going into details, he told me he was still in love with his ex while he was dating me.  And I knew that meant that he wanted to give his ex another chance.  We tried to continue to date,  but it wasn't meant to be.  I could tell where his heart really was.

I have this bad thing for falling for someone pretty fast.  But that's another story for another day ;)

Oh,  and about the tear at the end of Monsters Inc. , it happens.  Even though I like sports, cars, electronics, and other manly things *GRUNTS* , there is a side of me that can show some emotion.

Jef,  BTW,  I love that you leave comments on all these different blogs I look at.  It's really nice that you do that and makes everyone, including myself feel better knowing someone out there is reading. You get big hugs from me on that BOO!  ;)