Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The list of shame

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs MeSouthern and in the comments in one of the blogs someone talks about having a list of females he would have sex with even though he is gay.

I actually have this list too. A list of 5 famous females that I would consider having sex with.

And the nominations in no particular order are :

1) Nicole Kidman
2) Angelina Jolie (BTW, she just
announced she wouldn't marry again, and would have just good friends and lovers)
3) Elizabeth Hurley
4) Audrey Hepburn (she was one beautiful lady)
5) Jennifer Love Hewitt (this entry kind of changes on me every once in a while)

I wonder if a lot of other people have a similiar type of list (maybe not the same people, but the same idea).

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ummmm Dancing?

I thought this was a funny conversation below. Especially since I feel the same way about dancing. I can't dance at all. With a couple of drinks though and I can get pretty wild. I've met a few people like this as well, is it true with you?

Conversation and screen name have been edited to protect the individual... I know if some guys and girls found out his real screen name, they might actually book him for a real party! ;)

Cm: can I be the stripper at the bachelor party
Cm: or are you having a bachelorette party?
Cm: and if so can I be the stripper in that too :-D
Cm: you better get me nice and drunk
Cm: maybe when I'm drunk I can actually dance!
CuteYoBoy: LOL
Cm: otherwise I'm just gonna stand in the middle of the room take off my clothes
Cm: and thrust my privates at random people in the room and hope they feel sorry for me and put money in my tighty whities

Sunday, September 26, 2004

"I'm a married spud, I'm a married spud"

From one of my all time favorite movies , Toy Story 2.

While not yet married, I'm one step closer.

This weekend was pure heaven for me. Chuck and I spent the whole weekend together which is rare with the job that he has. He usually works the weekends and so our normal time together consists of usually just a few hours during the evenings he gets off early. Besides one other full weekend we have had, our normal schedule we usually get to see each other is about 4-5 hours together, then sleep, then another 4 hours and then we go our separate ways until our next free moment (which usually is 4-5 days away if not more).

Since he was off I had to make the most of it. Part of that included a visit to the family so that he could meet my parents and sister. Everything seemed to go really well there. My mom really likes him, and I can bet so does my sister. I told my mom in a drive we went on while Chuck was with my sister that I really do love Chuck more then anything. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. My mom responded with "I'm so glad you have found someone that makes you this happy, I'll keep you both in my prayers that it'll last forever."

Part of the reason why I made the trip of course was so that they could meet. Another part was so that I could see them again (I miss my family so much). And yet, there was one more reason for the trip. I had wrote an e-mail out Friday to my mom and sister that I wanted to propose to Chuck. My sister wrote me back saying "I am so happy for you but..... I have to meet him to see how beautiful those eyes are. That is the first thing I notice in a person when I first meet them. So I guess we have something in common. Don't get engaged until we at least meet him." I sent my sister a picture of Chuck in the mean time thinking maybe we'll get down this weekend, but if not at least she'll see what he looks like and she responded "He is so cute!!! I can see why you have fallen for him." while my mom said "He is very good looking. Enjoy life while you can, you have had a lot of ups and downs [through life]. This is a welcome feeling, enjoy it baby."

So after my sister said that and we didn't have anything really planned I thought 'hey, maybe we should go down and visit them'. Not that I was planning on proposing this weekend or anything, but I did already have the ring. I went engagement ring shopping this past Thursday. I wanted to blog about it since it was a funny and interesting experience, but of course I couldn't because I didn't want to ruin a surprise. Plus I thought I would just go shopping, not really buy one... and if I did, it would take awhile to get it resized and all anyways.

Well the jewelry place I went to was AMAZING. I gotta say I went to several that day and asked things and looked at many rings. Most places seemed to be there for the buck only and didn't seem to go out of there way at all. While again, this is a story in itself, especially seeing the look on their face when they realized the ring wasn't for me or a female but for my boyfriend instead. I had one clerk look at me after I said its for my boyfriend and say "are you gay? I never would have guessed it, and I have great gaydar". I laughed on that one.

Anyways, quickly back to the place I got this ring... the guy that helped me was without a doubt the nicest sales person I have ever met. After I explained the situation he immediately came back with "I'm sure you both are going to be a wonderful couple. Tell me all about him." While I'm sure this was part of the sales tactic, he didn't make it feel that way at all. In fact, we talked for hours. He learned why I love and find Chuck so special, what he looks like, and my future dreams and goals I hope to have as a couple. When I said I would be back because I needed a drink he said what do you want and then rushed off to buy me the drink (even without any sign of a sale yet). And what even made it more special is that after I did pick out a ring and thought I would have to wait a week or so (like all the other places were telling me) due to it being resized, he said give me just a minute and picked up the phone and called the person that does their repairs and resizing. On the phone he said "I have a very important customer here and while I know you won't be in till Wednesday I was hoping you could make an exception and come out tomorrow to resize a ring." And of course that happened. I went back Friday after work and there I met the guy would did the resize and he said "I heard your story, may God bless you and your husband to be. I'm glad I could be a part of this and make you both happy". Robert (my salesperson) was also there to wish me luck and to wipe away some of the fears I had (in case I got rejected). This was far and beyond what they needed to do for me.

While it wasn't a Tiffany ring, it will be at some point later when I can afford that. But with the service I got at this place, I felt like I was royalty.

Anyways, Chuck ended up getting sick this weekend. Coughing and runny nose. So I went out to get him some breakfast and then made him some Thermaflu to try to make him feel better. The magical moment actually happened last night after getting back from my parents. We were laying in bed, we had watched a movie and were just cuddling with each other. He left the room for a few and I thought while maybe not the most planned way to give someone a ring (such as a wonderful dinner or some special event) it had been a great day and our time together just felt so perfect. So once he came back into the bed with me to cuddle some more I pulled it out and asked him if he would marry me. I didn't just ask though I did say a few other things which lead up to that question. He said "yes" and had a smile that would light up the world. I have never seen that beautiful face smile so much. All through the night and today we both I think were not part of this world, but a part of our own world.

I am the happiest I have ever been. Without a doubt life is to good to be true. God has answered my prayers and has given me a dream come true. There is no question in my mind that we are each others soul mate (otherwise I wouldn't have popped the question this soon). I don't know about you, but I believe once you meet someone you just know something... and I just knew the moment I laid eyes on Chuck that I wanted to be with him forever. Back then though of course I never did get my hopes high because while I had that feeling, he may not have had the same for me.

I'm sure I'll get a ton of "This is to fast Billy".. and you know what I gotta say to them? "You haven't seen what I have, and you don't have these feelings." I've been in relationships before, a 7 year one which I would think says something to how I'm not a bad judge of character with a guy. But something with Chuck just hit me harder then lightening. It was something much more then just love, and that is to hard to explain to someone who hasn't had this before.

I'm so glad he said yes, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with this godsend. And if he should read this (which I'm sure he will).. Chuck, thank you! You have not only brought me a flood load of tears of joy, but you showed and restored my faith in that you can find someone out there. Not all the gay guys are after sex, money, and thinking about themselves. But not only that, you showed me angels do exist. I'll love you always and forever.

There is a lot more I could say to him then just that, but most of it I want to say in person.

To end this long blog there is one more quote from my favorite movie...

"Life is only worth living with the love of a boy", Buzz Lightyear

Friday, September 24, 2004

Yo G

Glad it's friday. I have some extra G-mail accounts if anybody wants one. Just send me your e-mail address and first and last name (send it to . I need those 3 things to give out the invites.

For those of you that don't know, G-mail is googles e-mail which gives you 1 gig of space. It's in the beta stage and is by invite only.

I get to spend the weekend with Chuck (this rarely happens so I'm gonna treasure every moment I can). I have no official plans at the moment on what we are going to do. I have some ideas, but nothing official yet.

There is a lot of things happening around me right now and at some point I'll blog about them. Right now I should head to lunch and focus on the weekend. Take care all.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Insane in the membrain

One of my room mates comes to me the other night and says "Billy, I don't understand why you have the A/C on when it feels cool outside." "Open your window and you'll cool down." Well I would if it was actually cold outside.

As from the picture (print screen) above it's 77 degrees outside from my weatherbug at 6:37PM right after he tells me this. I point out to him that it's 77 degrees outside, it's insane to open the windows yet. You gotta add humidity into the factor. While sure, their may be days where it is colder outside, but the humidity will still send you sticking to everything in sight. I want comfort damnit.

I will/don't mind open windows once it's cool/cold... but at a humid 77 degrees the A/C is going on. I usually like it on the warmer side myself, but I go and lift my finger to work I start to break a sweat in this.

What temperature are you comfortable at?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

100th Post

I've been so random in my posts lately and this one is no exception. I actually want to talk briefly about a few things...

1) What do you think is the best way to meet a S.O. is? Bar/Club? Online? Bookstore? Cafe? I tend to agree with my room mate on this one when he says the following :

Rob: yeah, I mean I think meeting a potential bf at a bar/club is just awful, you're usually drunk or on your way to being drunk, start getting horny and then you get beer goggles
Rob: you think the neighbors dog is handsome

I think the bar isn't the best place to meet a guy either. Although I tend to get a lot of heck when I say I met someone online, I still think it can be a great way to meet someone. You tend to talk more and get to know a person (if they are being honest). Although I never do really trust pictures guys have sent me in the past, but I've had good experiences where the person is much better looking in person then in their pics. The ultimate funny was when I was talking to a guy and he sent me his pic and the picture was of ME! Of course I pointed out that was me, and he said it was him.... guess I'll let him have his little dream world there. I mean I'm not even close to being beautiful, but if he wants to be me that bad I guess there is no hope for the child anyways.

2) Not much to say on this other thought then :

SiDC: anal sex is all the rage with straight people
CuteYoBoy: apparently
CuteYoBoy: maybe I should make money off of this rage
CuteYoBoy: like start classes.. and videos

There is an idea for some fool to make money, start teaching couples the rights and wrongs of butt fucking.

3) What is jealousy, and how in the fuck do I control mine?

4) New Yorker has been getting away with murder these days. I think maybe she is going through a stage in her life if you know what I mean. I heard her tell an employee this the other day :

"Honey I ain't your mommy, so I'm not gonna look after your ass on these reports. You are grown up enough to know what is right and wrong on these"

Unfortunately I can't get away with talk like that. Me calling anyone "Honey" alone would make people think, "What the fuck is up with Billy".

Well, that's enough randomness for this post. I thought maybe I would make my 100th post special somehow, but nothing comes to mind. The only thing I can say is that might be special is:

I love you Chuck. Let's grow old together? Please?

Monday, September 20, 2004

Tastes like chicken

I had McDonald's Chicken Selects today, they were actually really good. Much better then what I was expecting.

On this note, just would like to say I'm a picky eater. I'm very much a "meat and potatoes" kinda guy. I actually don't like to eat most fruits and vegetables at all. If I do eat them they are usually chopped up finely and mixed with other things (like in a sauce). The only exception to this is salad. Boy do I love my salads. Especially if they have something like cheese or meat in them. But don't give it to me fancy.. no fruits, nuts, prunes, BLAH!!!

Also on a more random note, I'm sick of crickets! Somehow in our building they are finding a way to get into our apartment. Our apartment is on the main floor where people walk into. My room mate and I think that maybe they are sneaking in under the little opening in the front door. Since the weather has been cooling off I have been opening my window at night. I think they must hear the cries of the other crickets outside, because once I do that I feel like a flock of them appear in my room. Almost like it calls them to come and bother the living shit out of me.

The past few nights haven't been as bad (I think I killed enough to give to a 3rd world country), so I was just starting to get this off my mind. As I type this though, one seems to be jumping around behind my stereo equipment which is impossible to move. Somehow this mofo is gonna DIE! I'm hoping my cat might pull it limbs off and make it die a slow and painful death.

I really shouldn't wish this kind of death on anything, but after the endless nights I've been getting up with clouds in my eyes, then turning on the light trying to look for the little asses... just interrupts my beauty sleep! If I've been grumpy to any of you lately, it's all because of the crickets! And sooner or later I shall become victorious!

Friday, September 17, 2004

To IM or not to IM?

How do you all feel about having IM's forwarded to your phones? I personally do it, but the access to that screen name is very limited to best friends and family only and they know it's for special circumstances only. If they don't follow that, I call up their ass and rip them a new one.

I have issues with several people around me (not just 1) where they seem to have IM's forwarded to their phones when they are not online. This probably wouldn't bother me as much if it didn't keep their phone from ringing all the time. You know the type, out at dinner... watching a movie... having sex.. trying to sleep... *RING RING* Another frickin' IM to the phone.

Even better, it's those people that have no common courtesy and see that little phone next to the IM name and send messages about the weather... what they are doing at the moment (which consists of sitting on a couch watching a movie, well then watch the fucking movie and stop sending IM messages!) .. they are telling you what they are eating at the moment... and the classic of all time... "Want to have sex?" IM's. What a way to win a guy over. Let's just IM his phone with asking for some nookie. And a one up on this... lets make it a supposedly straight boy that you have tricked with that knows you are with someone now, yet still bothers you! Doesn't this person have a brain? Move on, get a life... just stay out of mine.

I'm sure I would get these random IM's too if I logged into my phone with my regular screen name because I know some of the people I talk to have no common sense (If you are able to read this blog and/or enjoy reading it then I doubt you are in this group of people).

My solution to everyone.. if you must have it forwarded then warn your friends that the little phone means you are away from a computer, which means don't contact them for random things like what you are eating, how are you's, boy the weather suck's... and sex (unless of course you think sex can be that important that you need to be notified at any minutes notice of an opening in another person's schedule).

Or, just turn off your ringer when you want to try to have a normal life. Otherwise you'll end up being a slave to the internet.. even while enjoying that dinner with friends which would probably think you are rude sitting on the phone at the table anyways. I figure they can leave me a message and when I look or turn on my phone again I'll get it. As my friend Chris has said "look bitch, you ain't that important, put the fucking phone down"

Just my 2 cents.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Search word crazy!

I was looking at my site stats today and noticed that 2 people found my site using the search terms "preteen porn". And another found my site "Young boys in porn". Kinda scary... but then I laughed it off and thought to myself, well might as well have some fun with it, so here goes....

There was this guy that loved preteens in porn and thought he could easily find a young cock to suck searching the web. After about 2 minutes he came to a site called and found not only guys with big dicks... but guys ready for sex in your area.

He finds pics of guys with 12 inch cocks online and even one right down the street from where he lives. He jumps in his car (and even cleans it out thinking he might get some fucking in his car). He drives past the titty bars and gay strip joints in a seedy neighborhood and finds this 12 inchers' house. He cums inside and sees the house full of sex toys and even a leather sling in what looks like a dungeon.

The guy immediately pulls out his rock hard dick from his pants and makes the visitor his slave boy. "Get down on your knees and beg for it" said the master. Slave boy gets down on his knees and begs for the massive cock, then the master pushes his face into his cock and makes the slave boy take every inch of his meat down his throat.

Not very long passes and we find out that the master is a quick shot. He pulls out and shots his load 5 feet in the air. Cum explodes from his cock like he hasn't shot in a month.

The slave licks up the cum that he can get to. Then before the moment of him having an orgasm comes, midgets walk into the room. The midgets fuck his ass. They do him bareback. Farmyard animals walk into the room as well. The master says "have you ever seen a guy suck a horses dick before?"

Slave boy said "No, but I have seen preteen boys suck donkey dick and blow huge loads in dogs' asses."

Ok... I could continue, but even I'm starting to get grossed out by this all. And it takes a lot to gross me out! LOL, I'm sure a lot of you guys could do much better then this. And I'm sure you could think of better/weirder search terms then the ones I've used here.

Anyways, time for me to hit the bed and have wet dreams.. hehe :)

What I really need...

is a teleporter.

Today is just one of those rainy days outside where I really don't feel like going to the 10 some odd places I need to go to. First, I have like 4 pennies in my wallet. Not enough for a soda or anything here at work. I think I may have some money out in my car (but again, don't feel like stepping out in the rain). And I have money in the bank.... see where this circle is going?

To bad the vending machines don't take credit cards. I know at Disney World they do, so why can't they here damnit!? ;)

The ghetto McDonald's down the road that has a person to take your orders outside rather then yelling into that mic because that's broken even takes credit cards.

I'm stuck drinking water. It wouldn't be so bad if the water was filtered and cold. Someone broke our water cooler months ago and there seems to be no replacement in site.

Did you know that Tiffany rings can be very pricey? I think I might have to go on a Ramon noodle diet to afford one.

One another note (this being a very random post to begin with) - I feel like singing "Oh HE will be loved, oh HE will be loveeeddd..." (since I like this Maroon 5 - She will be loved song a lot). I've lost my voice a few times trying to sing it cuze it's so high.

I few coworkers have caught on the fact that I'm in love. Well, either that or I'm on some medication.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Random hearts will go on

LOL! You gotta listen to this. Shirley Q Liquor sings the theme to Titanic.

And if you have some spare time you gotta check out this blog where you'll find this type of stuff and so much more.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Sorry I haven't blogged much the past few days. I actually went to the beach with my BF. Let me just tell you I could write 1001 stories from the weekend. Some of them I'm sure you would laugh your ass off.... but because I do love him with all my heart I'm also not going to share these memories at this time. I know that may sound weird, but I'd rather not get that personal about our moments we share. At least not without his permission.

I will say it was one of the best weekends I have ever had. He is an amazing person which I can honestly say is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. Whenever I'm around him I feel like that is what Heaven should be like. I'm so happy when I'm around him, that I almost feel like crying.

Deep down I just hope we'll both be able handle each other (stop thinking that way you pervert!)... and that it'll last until my dieing day. And I just hope that isn't for a very long time (with either of us), so we have lots of time together.

You know, it feels almost to good to be true. Like because it's just to good to be possible, that this just can't last. Like I'm somehow gonna be punished for having something so perfect in my life (since nothing ever seems to stay wonderful in my life).

*Message to Chuck* - I love you with all my heart. We are so connected you and I... it's strange. I feel like even though we haven't had a lot of time to spend together, there is something much more powerful going on between us. I wish I could put this in words, because while yes it's definitely love.. it's so much more. Like we were meant to be soul mates and somehow life has been leading me up to meeting just you. Now that I have you the puzzle just seems to come together. Don't ever leave me sexy and I'll try my hardest to make you as happy as I possibly can.

*Message to everyone else* - Sorry if all of that made you gag! ;) And I do also want to say that I have connected very strong with my ex's (especially Kevin and Dre). While both of them have given me happiness and pleasure beyond belief and I love them both dearly, I do have to say that what we had is unforgettable. I definitely have those 2 guys as being a very big part of my life. The connection is strong with them, but I can tell with Chuck, there is something there that just seems to work better then the others. He just feels like a story book kinda love... what I've dreamed about. Now I'm just hoping that Kevin and Dre both find what I have found. When they do, I wanna be there to witness it and see their smile. I know I made them happy, but when they get this it'll make me happier knowing they finally found what they were looking and hoping for.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Seasons change

Yeah, as I was PMSing today walking out of work I did take a moment to stop and notice how nice it was outside. The wind was the first thing I noticed, then the leaves blowing on the ground. What?! Yeah, guess it's getting to be that time of the year. I even have 1 tree in our parking lot with it's leaves almost all gone. Another is already in the yellow stage.

It's starting to become fall around here, and I'm loving it. Fall is my favorite season. It also means Christmas is around the corner (my favorite holiday). I love giving gifts! I tend to over spend though. I think I spent about $2,000 on my immediate family and friends last year. To some that may be nothing, but to me I think it's a fair amount.

A chill is in the air... and my PMS/bitchiness starts to disappear.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Running sexually with razor blades

Yeah yeah, so I went to a new low on that last post. Forgive me?!

Anyways, it seems I've lacked sexual quality in posts the past few days and damnit, I can't let you all down. To make it up I've done a naughty list of some places I've had sex. There definitely was a time in my life when I was sort of an exhibitionist when it came to it. I think the BF's I kinda just fallen for all tended to have that characteristic with them.

1) You all know this one - Arlington National Cementary (one of the most famous cementaries in the country). And if you didn't know this
then read this post.
2) In a car in a parking lot of a university church on Sunday(and the cops caught us having sex) I'll write a blog about this one at some point
3) In a dressing room of an outlet store (you know those outlets stores like Guess and Nike that you see on the side of the road in touristy type places)
4) In the VIP lounge of a big gay dance club
5) In a gay strip club
6) In a car while driving on a MAJOR highway (and the boy I was with shot all over my windshield, it nearly caused an accident)
7) In a bathroom of a coffee shop
8) In the woods during fall on top of a big pile of leaves
9) In the woods during winter in the snow
10) On top of a hotel (we snuck up to the ceiling of it and found a spot and the next thing you know...)
11) In a hot tub in full view of the neighbors
12) On top of the hood of a car parked in the driveway
13) On board a very popular dark ride at Disney (although this only lasted for like 2 minutes and we didn't get to climax)
14) During Christmas break we snuck into a fraternity house that was empty because of the holiday and had sex on some random dudes bed. Even left the mess there for him for when he got back.

I'm sure there are more, but I've kinda hit a mental block all of a sudden. Anyways, you get the idea. There is a part of me that thinks, "damn.. I was one wild mofo". Another part that thinks "damn, this makes me sound like a HO". And another part that is glad it's in the past. No need to look back once I got a whole big future to fill up. :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

No butt pirates here

But you can see me naked by clicking on the button below:

Vote for this site at Freedom Forum
The more stars you vote, the more naked pics you get!


I gotta tell you, I don't dream very often at all. Well I guess technically I do dream but I just don't remember them.

When I do dream, it's usually crazier then any twilight zone episode. The 3 most common dreams of mine are..

  1. I seem to be standing up (usually in the middle of a field) and I start to flap my arms up and down and within a few seconds I'm in the air flying all over the place. Sometimes after a while in the dream I don't even need to flap to take off. I just sorta think about floating and the next thing you know I'm in the air (and I can fly damn fast too, I'm guessing like over 100 miles an hour). I'm usually off saving people in danger. One situation that seems to reoccur is I see people taken hostage at a local mall (while in the air I guess somehow I can sense or see through the roof) and so I fly down, take the bad man's guns away and then take a few items for my self as reward, and then fly away.
  2. I have this dream where I'm sitting in the middle of a field playing piano. Very much like a Vanessa Carlton music video. I'm playing away while feeling the breeze and seeing the tall grass flow over the hills... then someone comes up from behind me and ruins my Chopin with their 2 fingered version of Chop Sticks! UGH!
  3. I know French, well at least in my dreams I do. It's strange. Somehow I'm guessing I'm in Paris or somewhere in France and break out with French while I talk to people. I mean it sounds like I know it fluently! When I wake up of course I don't know more then 2-3 phrases in french. But I'm always impressed by how well and real it sounds in my dream. I think this one is really weird because it just shocks me how cool it sounds. Like subconsciously I know the language some how.

During the day lately, all I seem to be dreaming about is Chuck. He is always on my mind, but that's another story.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Men are pigs

CuteYoBoy: And sometimes it's just fun to party with some girls
J7: that's how my friend A* felt at the gay club
J7: no pressue of guys being shitty towards her
CuteYoBoy: yeah
CuteYoBoy: sometimes when you are single of course it's nice to get hit on
J7: yeah, and I was
J7: that made me feel good
J7: but awkward
CuteYoBoy: but other times you don't really want that, and just want to have a good time
J7: because the guy hit on me infront of his boyfriend
J7: lol
CuteYoBoy: damn
CuteYoBoy: now thats fucked up
CuteYoBoy: I mean... not for you... but him and his BF
J7: yeah, and I made friends with both of them before
J7: this happened
CuteYoBoy: Men are such pigs
J7: true
CuteYoBoy: Why can't there be a guy out there that doesn't need to do those things if they are already with someone
J7: yeah
J7: it made me feel so awkward
CuteYoBoy: Like a guy who doesn't need to say "Damn he is fucking fine" to everything that walks in front of them.. and appreciate what they have instead. I mean they have a BF, why do guys have to acknowledge outloud everything they wanna fuck?
J7: yeah, and that's what T* did with me
CuteYoBoy: he would point out other guys?
J7: it made me feel so shitty
CuteYoBoy: yeah, no shit
J7: yeah, and say how hot they were and how he'd like to fuck them
CuteYoBoy: makes you feel inadequate
J7: anyway, hopefully my next guy won't be like that
J7: when he comes along
CuteYoBoy: yeah... hopefully you'll find someone like that

I'm obviously living in a fairytale according to one of my ex's for thinking I will be able to find someone like this. It does make me feel better to know I'm not the only guy out there that thinks the way I do.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Lets get retarded

Since it's gonna be a slow weekend around here I thought I would post some more songs.

If you are new here you can listen to a lot more of these if you follow the post trail back from THIS POST.

Click on the link to hear a sample of the song (in WMA9 format)

1) Seal - Waiting for you
2) Black Eyed Peas - Lets get Retarded
3) Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (on a side note, this music video pops into my head every now and then. Do you remember it?)
4) Amber - Above the Clouds (Sound Factory Remix)
5) Lasgo - Something (Peter Lutz Remix)
6) Madonna - Like a Prayer (Rare Music Factory Remix)
7) Pras Michel/Mya - Ghetto Supastar
8) Mike and the Mechanics - All I need is a Miracle
9) Jessica Simpson - I wanna love you forever (club mix)
10) Melissa Etheridge - Breathe


Dating 101

I spend a fair amount of time at work in online chats. Some days I can talk up a storm. Others I can barely say "Hi" before noticing the pile increase by inches.

I think some people have given up hope in talking to me because of this. I just want them to know that it's not them at all, but that I do have to focus on my work. I have to add however that a VERY select few (family, best friends, lovers, and ex's) still get some attention from me even on these busy days.

Ok, now on to the what ales me. I have talked to a LOT of guys online and several have said something like this to me:

CONFUSED: he's messin with me, but he likes someone else
CONFUSED: but he isn't sure if the other guy is into him

You can tell where this is heading, can't you? If you can't and I need to give you the abridged version here it is : Confused A is into Hunk B. Hunk B is into Random Retard C. Random Retard C probably loves to play jedi mind games with Hunk B. Poor Confused A is just holding out for the chance to be with Hunk B. But Hunk B probably doesn't really think about a relationship with Confused A. ... and now that I confused you.... ;)

Basically this story doesn't have a happy ending on any of these people. They all just need to stop hoping for that other person to love them. Don't get me wrong if the relationship is new then you might be able to make that happen. But if it isn't.. MOVE ON! These situations (among a 100 or so others I hear like... I just wish my BF would change... I just think the drugs will get better... I wonder why he hasn't called me in 3 days...) are all formulas for disasters. There are just some gay guys out there that just love to play games. DON'T be the pawn!

This is all my opinion though. SUGARMAMA also has some interesting things to say about relationships. You should read them.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Just a very quick note to apologize for the lack of posts this week. It's been a nightmare at work. Although I think things are finually slowing down!! Plus I've been sick (still am) with some stomach shit. I don't even what to tell you what my shit looks like.... ;)

And for all of you who have that great Smurf theme stuck in their head from the last post should listen to this crazy song. Someone has way to much time on their hands. And in part of it, it sounds like they are humping one another. SMURF SEX!! Hmmmm... is that when someone has blue balls?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Generations Divide

For the most part as you get older I think there is less of a generation gap between someone of a 5 year difference then when you are younger.

I have this weird rule, I won't date anybody who hasn't at least heard of the Smurfs. If I ask a guy who they are and they say "What?", it's usually over before it begun.

I know strange. Really, I have tried to make things work out with a guy who doesn't know who the Smurfs are, but then other things come into play where I either really show my age or they show theirs.

Ten years from now I could be reading this again and think how stupid was I to think that.

I see this generation gap in some of my coworkers as well. There is this lady - we shall name her "Old Fashioned Cock Sucker" that I work with. I will let you know she has been brought up to the HR people because of this incident, and please use caution when you read this... this isn't my way of thinking...

Well, Old Fashioned Cock Sucker comes up to my desk the other day (this isn't the first time she's made my mouth drop to the floor) and says "Have you seen the pile of work on her desk?"

me - "Who's desk?"

Her - "You know Billy, I think our country would be so much better off if they were slaves again."

Immediately I turn to Old Fashioned Cock Sucker and say "You know, that is the reason why our country is still so closed minded today and how our administration is so fucked up! Old Fashioned Cock Sucker, you need to go back to your cube before you say anything else to incriminate you even more."

I hate this bitch! Sorry.. but I have no tolerance for shit like that, and I hope HR won't either!