Monday, September 18, 2006

Pirates life for me...

Just got done watching some Wife Swap show dealing with a family of pirates. How crazy is that?!

I'm doing well, tired as hell and should be in bed with my baby. Going any second now after I finish this. Just felt like I had to say something here. Especially after I posted that funny YouTube clip, and guess what.. like a few hours later it was yanked off You Tube!! I was pissed and it wasn't anything that bad. Just one of those old time movies that addressed masturabation. You know those old films they show at driving school or science class? The kind where the lady is giving birth, yet has a jungle between her legs and wearing granny panties and the colors are way off and has the dirt floating from frame to frame.... and say "GEE WEEZ! Look at that strapping baby boy! Billy Joe is ready for his first outing in his new baby blue bonnet..." Ok, can't you tell I'm tired?

Gas prices are going down.. YAY! I got tired of paying $3.15 a gallon. We got a Costco membership, so I'm happy to report gas for me was just $2.35 last weekend. And I don't want to hear how you got gas for $2.05 in your area :-P

I got an e-mail tonight to review a DVD/CD... Yanni Live! They are sending it to me, and I'm supposed to give a little impression of it on this blog. Is this blog that popular? ;) Really though, I was very surprised by that.

Weird things have been happening in this respect. I got accepted to be a major beta tester for the evil (only kidding) Microsoft Vista. I'm loving it! The only problem is, I have a 64bit processor and not many vendors have written drivers for a 64 bit system.

I was written by Disney to beta test an upcoming game. That's all I can say about that due to legal reasons. Except for those who don't know it I beta tested several games for Disney in the past. Tron 2.0 and there whole Ultimate Ride series were the two biggest. My name is in the credits.

And can you believe I'm about to hit 100,000 views on this page? That's insane! I never thought I would get even close to that number! I can't believe it's been viewed that much. I don't know what to say, but thank you for reading. I hope someone out there thinks I was entertaining at least at some point ;)

I haven't said much lately, and most lately I've been complaining so I thought I would make this a lighter post.

Hope all of you are doing well!


So no love for me on the day I turn 33 ;). Miss ya Tigger

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