Thursday, July 29, 2004

On a different note

I got pulled over today by a cop.  And it was actually my best experience yet.  My second best involves me getting asked if everything is ok by a hot cop with some nice buns while I'm drunk as shit and puking out the window of a car in front of an exit ramp to the Pentagon.  And if any of you have been close to the Pentagon since 9/11 you'll understand why they want to know why you are there. They guard the area pretty tight.

All I remember from that situation was that he was really cute,  so drunk ass me reaches out my hands from the window of the car saying "I want some of that!".  BTW,  I don't get drunk very often,  and it's because I do stupid things like this.  I tend to get wild and extra happy... carefree so to speak.  While the feeling can be good,  it's not something that I need to feel to be happy.

Anyways,  back to this morning..  I was stuck in traffic and we were crawling down the highway.  I see this cop on the side of the road with about 6 cars or so pulled over with his vehicle.  I of course smile thinking "Chumps, they shouldn't have been speeding a few miles back". 

Ok,  back to  "Hold on tight! You know she's a little bit dangerous.." (pointing to myself)..

As I approach where the cop is standing (giving one of the many cars pulled over a ticket) he stands up straight and looks at me.  Taps my hood and points to the shoulder where the current car is. 

"WHAT!!!  NO!!!!" My singing Dangerous by Roxette couldn't have been that bad!  And I know I wasn't speeding.  I have my seat belt on.  What could it be?!  He wants me, he wants my naked body (wishful thinking). 

Well,  so I let the lady pull out that he had just got done with and pulled into where she was.  You know, this officer was nice but dumb (I'll get to that later).

I see him look as I pull in,  and he heads back to the next vehicle behind me.  I get out my license and registration while thinking "Shit, with all these cars, it looks like I'll be here for awhile".

"OHHHH just a little bit dangerous...."

Eventually he gets done with the vehicle behind me.  Oh wait,  he's coming to me! What luck! This is mind you 10 minutes later.  I roll down my window. "Hello Officer (Hottie)".  Ok,  I didn't say that,  but thought it.  "Ummm.  What did I do?". 

"I don't know,  you tell me." 

"huh?" - me

"I didn't tell you to pull over"

"Will you tapped my hood and pointed to the curb" - me

"Yes, to let the lady out"

"Oh, so sorry..  me love you long time" - me  Ok, maybe I didn't say that,  but I could have.

"Have a good day!"- me ..  and off I go.   But I think the officer wasn't really with it.  I mean he waited until I pulled in then went to the vehicle behind me.  He should have asked right away what was up.

Anyways, another brush with the law and I win!