Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Search word crazy!

I was looking at my site stats today and noticed that 2 people found my site using the search terms "preteen porn". And another found my site "Young boys in porn". Kinda scary... but then I laughed it off and thought to myself, well might as well have some fun with it, so here goes....

There was this guy that loved preteens in porn and thought he could easily find a young cock to suck searching the web. After about 2 minutes he came to a site called and found not only guys with big dicks... but guys ready for sex in your area.

He finds pics of guys with 12 inch cocks online and even one right down the street from where he lives. He jumps in his car (and even cleans it out thinking he might get some fucking in his car). He drives past the titty bars and gay strip joints in a seedy neighborhood and finds this 12 inchers' house. He cums inside and sees the house full of sex toys and even a leather sling in what looks like a dungeon.

The guy immediately pulls out his rock hard dick from his pants and makes the visitor his slave boy. "Get down on your knees and beg for it" said the master. Slave boy gets down on his knees and begs for the massive cock, then the master pushes his face into his cock and makes the slave boy take every inch of his meat down his throat.

Not very long passes and we find out that the master is a quick shot. He pulls out and shots his load 5 feet in the air. Cum explodes from his cock like he hasn't shot in a month.

The slave licks up the cum that he can get to. Then before the moment of him having an orgasm comes, midgets walk into the room. The midgets fuck his ass. They do him bareback. Farmyard animals walk into the room as well. The master says "have you ever seen a guy suck a horses dick before?"

Slave boy said "No, but I have seen preteen boys suck donkey dick and blow huge loads in dogs' asses."

Ok... I could continue, but even I'm starting to get grossed out by this all. And it takes a lot to gross me out! LOL, I'm sure a lot of you guys could do much better then this. And I'm sure you could think of better/weirder search terms then the ones I've used here.

Anyways, time for me to hit the bed and have wet dreams.. hehe :)