Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I gotta tell you, I don't dream very often at all. Well I guess technically I do dream but I just don't remember them.

When I do dream, it's usually crazier then any twilight zone episode. The 3 most common dreams of mine are..

  1. I seem to be standing up (usually in the middle of a field) and I start to flap my arms up and down and within a few seconds I'm in the air flying all over the place. Sometimes after a while in the dream I don't even need to flap to take off. I just sorta think about floating and the next thing you know I'm in the air (and I can fly damn fast too, I'm guessing like over 100 miles an hour). I'm usually off saving people in danger. One situation that seems to reoccur is I see people taken hostage at a local mall (while in the air I guess somehow I can sense or see through the roof) and so I fly down, take the bad man's guns away and then take a few items for my self as reward, and then fly away.
  2. I have this dream where I'm sitting in the middle of a field playing piano. Very much like a Vanessa Carlton music video. I'm playing away while feeling the breeze and seeing the tall grass flow over the hills... then someone comes up from behind me and ruins my Chopin with their 2 fingered version of Chop Sticks! UGH!
  3. I know French, well at least in my dreams I do. It's strange. Somehow I'm guessing I'm in Paris or somewhere in France and break out with French while I talk to people. I mean it sounds like I know it fluently! When I wake up of course I don't know more then 2-3 phrases in french. But I'm always impressed by how well and real it sounds in my dream. I think this one is really weird because it just shocks me how cool it sounds. Like subconsciously I know the language some how.

During the day lately, all I seem to be dreaming about is Chuck. He is always on my mind, but that's another story.