Friday, September 17, 2004

To IM or not to IM?

How do you all feel about having IM's forwarded to your phones? I personally do it, but the access to that screen name is very limited to best friends and family only and they know it's for special circumstances only. If they don't follow that, I call up their ass and rip them a new one.

I have issues with several people around me (not just 1) where they seem to have IM's forwarded to their phones when they are not online. This probably wouldn't bother me as much if it didn't keep their phone from ringing all the time. You know the type, out at dinner... watching a movie... having sex.. trying to sleep... *RING RING* Another frickin' IM to the phone.

Even better, it's those people that have no common courtesy and see that little phone next to the IM name and send messages about the weather... what they are doing at the moment (which consists of sitting on a couch watching a movie, well then watch the fucking movie and stop sending IM messages!) .. they are telling you what they are eating at the moment... and the classic of all time... "Want to have sex?" IM's. What a way to win a guy over. Let's just IM his phone with asking for some nookie. And a one up on this... lets make it a supposedly straight boy that you have tricked with that knows you are with someone now, yet still bothers you! Doesn't this person have a brain? Move on, get a life... just stay out of mine.

I'm sure I would get these random IM's too if I logged into my phone with my regular screen name because I know some of the people I talk to have no common sense (If you are able to read this blog and/or enjoy reading it then I doubt you are in this group of people).

My solution to everyone.. if you must have it forwarded then warn your friends that the little phone means you are away from a computer, which means don't contact them for random things like what you are eating, how are you's, boy the weather suck's... and sex (unless of course you think sex can be that important that you need to be notified at any minutes notice of an opening in another person's schedule).

Or, just turn off your ringer when you want to try to have a normal life. Otherwise you'll end up being a slave to the internet.. even while enjoying that dinner with friends which would probably think you are rude sitting on the phone at the table anyways. I figure they can leave me a message and when I look or turn on my phone again I'll get it. As my friend Chris has said "look bitch, you ain't that important, put the fucking phone down"

Just my 2 cents.