Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ummmm Dancing?

I thought this was a funny conversation below. Especially since I feel the same way about dancing. I can't dance at all. With a couple of drinks though and I can get pretty wild. I've met a few people like this as well, is it true with you?

Conversation and screen name have been edited to protect the individual... I know if some guys and girls found out his real screen name, they might actually book him for a real party! ;)

Cm: can I be the stripper at the bachelor party
Cm: or are you having a bachelorette party?
Cm: and if so can I be the stripper in that too :-D
Cm: you better get me nice and drunk
Cm: maybe when I'm drunk I can actually dance!
CuteYoBoy: LOL
Cm: otherwise I'm just gonna stand in the middle of the room take off my clothes
Cm: and thrust my privates at random people in the room and hope they feel sorry for me and put money in my tighty whities