Saturday, September 04, 2004

Dating 101

I spend a fair amount of time at work in online chats. Some days I can talk up a storm. Others I can barely say "Hi" before noticing the pile increase by inches.

I think some people have given up hope in talking to me because of this. I just want them to know that it's not them at all, but that I do have to focus on my work. I have to add however that a VERY select few (family, best friends, lovers, and ex's) still get some attention from me even on these busy days.

Ok, now on to the what ales me. I have talked to a LOT of guys online and several have said something like this to me:

CONFUSED: he's messin with me, but he likes someone else
CONFUSED: but he isn't sure if the other guy is into him

You can tell where this is heading, can't you? If you can't and I need to give you the abridged version here it is : Confused A is into Hunk B. Hunk B is into Random Retard C. Random Retard C probably loves to play jedi mind games with Hunk B. Poor Confused A is just holding out for the chance to be with Hunk B. But Hunk B probably doesn't really think about a relationship with Confused A. ... and now that I confused you.... ;)

Basically this story doesn't have a happy ending on any of these people. They all just need to stop hoping for that other person to love them. Don't get me wrong if the relationship is new then you might be able to make that happen. But if it isn't.. MOVE ON! These situations (among a 100 or so others I hear like... I just wish my BF would change... I just think the drugs will get better... I wonder why he hasn't called me in 3 days...) are all formulas for disasters. There are just some gay guys out there that just love to play games. DON'T be the pawn!

This is all my opinion though. SUGARMAMA also has some interesting things to say about relationships. You should read them.