Wednesday, September 15, 2004

What I really need...

is a teleporter.

Today is just one of those rainy days outside where I really don't feel like going to the 10 some odd places I need to go to. First, I have like 4 pennies in my wallet. Not enough for a soda or anything here at work. I think I may have some money out in my car (but again, don't feel like stepping out in the rain). And I have money in the bank.... see where this circle is going?

To bad the vending machines don't take credit cards. I know at Disney World they do, so why can't they here damnit!? ;)

The ghetto McDonald's down the road that has a person to take your orders outside rather then yelling into that mic because that's broken even takes credit cards.

I'm stuck drinking water. It wouldn't be so bad if the water was filtered and cold. Someone broke our water cooler months ago and there seems to be no replacement in site.

Did you know that Tiffany rings can be very pricey? I think I might have to go on a Ramon noodle diet to afford one.

One another note (this being a very random post to begin with) - I feel like singing "Oh HE will be loved, oh HE will be loveeeddd..." (since I like this Maroon 5 - She will be loved song a lot). I've lost my voice a few times trying to sing it cuze it's so high.

I few coworkers have caught on the fact that I'm in love. Well, either that or I'm on some medication.