Thursday, August 12, 2004

So let me tell you just a little..*WARNING GRAPHIC POST*


I know some of you have probably been reading my blog for a little while now. Others are newer and probably don't have enough time to go back and read all my previous posts.

While I think I can be pretty entertaining and strange sometimes in these posts, there are huge things that you guys don't know about me. Some make me who I am today, others are probably not all that important to you.

I've been thinking since I'm single now, "where did I go wrong in it all?" Maybe I shouldn't have tried the whole gay thing after all (ok, I'm kidding you guys). But that brings up *a story of a lovely fellow, who was married and a Navy Seal by day* (sings to the Brady Bunch Theme).

My first gay experience -

This was in college back when I worked as a Librarian (A Periodical Clerk) and we had just received a bunch of new computers to access AOL to their online periodicals (and used AOL back then to get to the Washington Post Online, etc). Now before this transition to AOL, all our online information was done on BBS's running on modems that did 300 baud. When the college kicked it up a notch and went to 14,400 kbps baud modems and AOL's new graphically interface, we were all impressed (didn't take much back then).

This was also the same time when the web was really starting to take off. It was before IE existed, and Opera I believe was our first graphical web browser we used (at least at the college). AOL didn't even have the web intergrated at this point. Ok, enough boring you with that... basically this was all new shit. And I was online all the time because of the work that I did. One night I was bored and found the chat rooms. Looking for people local to chat with I really didn't find that much available. The one room I did stumble upon was "DC's M4M". Being new to chatting I had no clue what M4M meant. All I saw was DC and I knew there would be other people close to me to chat with.

I got in the room and .. WOW!, what nice guys these all were (not really paying much attention that there weren't any girls in the room).

To make a long story shorter, I ended up talking a fair amount to a few guys that night. One of them had asked if I wanted to go out "clubbing" with him. He would "show me around the city giving me the tour of all the hot spots". And boy did he do that, but that is later in this story.

So I agree still not knowing about the whole M4M thing. We meet up at a mutual location, and he decides to drive (which is fine by me since I HATE driving in the city). The first place we go to is a club. A gay strip club to be exact. And while you might think I was really appalled at this being the straight guy, I actually had been very curious about guys for awhile.

I had dating and slept with a few girls and didn't mind it at all. BUT, something was missing. And I found myself getting just as aroused at seeing and thinking about guys sometimes.

So we get in the club, and I'm just speechless basically. Not happy or mad, just don't know what to say. He hands me bout 30 dollars (in ones) and tells me to start handing them to the strippers. I do, and the strippers just start waving their dicks in my face. This was at a time in Wash DC where things weren't so strict at these clubs. They would dick slap you in the face.. allow you to touch and stroke them... and even put it in your mouth if you felt you were dangerous enough to handle the risks that takes. Strippers were even fucking each other on the bar.

So with feeling the strippers huge cocks in my hands and them looking so hot, I'm instantly turned on. I was harder then a rock. And "Navy Seal" guy was too by this. I think it was the combo of me being new to it all, being a virgin to guys, and also me being young fresh meat ready to shoot a load.
"Navy Seal" was hot to, built like a fuckin brick house and had eyes that you could get lost in.

We end up leaving the club and he shows me a few other bars around town. I'm all horned up from the night and he can tell. He asks me if he can fuck me. Me being the curious person I am, say "Sure why not!" I'm curious enough to see what that is like.

So we make a pit stop to the sex store to by lube, condoms, and he insists me being the first time that I should try a "popper". I had no clue what that meant, but I said "ok".

We end up fucking 3 times that night. And the places we did it at would make your head spin. I'm not proud really of where we did it at, but I also didn't know the city well enough to know any better either.

To give you an example.. he was driving and said we gotta make a trip to this park. We eventually pull up to a parking lot and he asks me to follow him. We hop a fence and I see lots of grass and trees where we are at. He pushes me down to the ground and strips me. Right away he is lubing up with the items he had in his hand and telling me to sniff the popper. The next thing you know I'm screaming in pain and pleasure.

After cumming in his condom in me twice that time he gets up and asks if I know where we are. I tell him I don't know and then he grabs me by the hand and walks me around the trees where we are at. I see tons of crosses, and immediately know then I just had sex in the National Cemetery.

There is a lot more stories (and this one still has a ton more to it) but this is getting long so I'll end it for another day that maybe you guys want to hear more. But I will say this, once I had this sexual experience, I knew for certain who I really was!