Thursday, September 23, 2004

Insane in the membrain

One of my room mates comes to me the other night and says "Billy, I don't understand why you have the A/C on when it feels cool outside." "Open your window and you'll cool down." Well I would if it was actually cold outside.

As from the picture (print screen) above it's 77 degrees outside from my weatherbug at 6:37PM right after he tells me this. I point out to him that it's 77 degrees outside, it's insane to open the windows yet. You gotta add humidity into the factor. While sure, their may be days where it is colder outside, but the humidity will still send you sticking to everything in sight. I want comfort damnit.

I will/don't mind open windows once it's cool/cold... but at a humid 77 degrees the A/C is going on. I usually like it on the warmer side myself, but I go and lift my finger to work I start to break a sweat in this.

What temperature are you comfortable at?