Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Generations Divide

For the most part as you get older I think there is less of a generation gap between someone of a 5 year difference then when you are younger.

I have this weird rule, I won't date anybody who hasn't at least heard of the Smurfs. If I ask a guy who they are and they say "What?", it's usually over before it begun.

I know strange. Really, I have tried to make things work out with a guy who doesn't know who the Smurfs are, but then other things come into play where I either really show my age or they show theirs.

Ten years from now I could be reading this again and think how stupid was I to think that.

I see this generation gap in some of my coworkers as well. There is this lady - we shall name her "Old Fashioned Cock Sucker" that I work with. I will let you know she has been brought up to the HR people because of this incident, and please use caution when you read this... this isn't my way of thinking...

Well, Old Fashioned Cock Sucker comes up to my desk the other day (this isn't the first time she's made my mouth drop to the floor) and says "Have you seen the pile of work on her desk?"

me - "Who's desk?"

Her - "You know Billy, I think our country would be so much better off if they were slaves again."

Immediately I turn to Old Fashioned Cock Sucker and say "You know, that is the reason why our country is still so closed minded today and how our administration is so fucked up! Old Fashioned Cock Sucker, you need to go back to your cube before you say anything else to incriminate you even more."

I hate this bitch! Sorry.. but I have no tolerance for shit like that, and I hope HR won't either!