Wednesday, September 22, 2004

100th Post

I've been so random in my posts lately and this one is no exception. I actually want to talk briefly about a few things...

1) What do you think is the best way to meet a S.O. is? Bar/Club? Online? Bookstore? Cafe? I tend to agree with my room mate on this one when he says the following :

Rob: yeah, I mean I think meeting a potential bf at a bar/club is just awful, you're usually drunk or on your way to being drunk, start getting horny and then you get beer goggles
Rob: you think the neighbors dog is handsome

I think the bar isn't the best place to meet a guy either. Although I tend to get a lot of heck when I say I met someone online, I still think it can be a great way to meet someone. You tend to talk more and get to know a person (if they are being honest). Although I never do really trust pictures guys have sent me in the past, but I've had good experiences where the person is much better looking in person then in their pics. The ultimate funny was when I was talking to a guy and he sent me his pic and the picture was of ME! Of course I pointed out that was me, and he said it was him.... guess I'll let him have his little dream world there. I mean I'm not even close to being beautiful, but if he wants to be me that bad I guess there is no hope for the child anyways.

2) Not much to say on this other thought then :

SiDC: anal sex is all the rage with straight people
CuteYoBoy: apparently
CuteYoBoy: maybe I should make money off of this rage
CuteYoBoy: like start classes.. and videos

There is an idea for some fool to make money, start teaching couples the rights and wrongs of butt fucking.

3) What is jealousy, and how in the fuck do I control mine?

4) New Yorker has been getting away with murder these days. I think maybe she is going through a stage in her life if you know what I mean. I heard her tell an employee this the other day :

"Honey I ain't your mommy, so I'm not gonna look after your ass on these reports. You are grown up enough to know what is right and wrong on these"

Unfortunately I can't get away with talk like that. Me calling anyone "Honey" alone would make people think, "What the fuck is up with Billy".

Well, that's enough randomness for this post. I thought maybe I would make my 100th post special somehow, but nothing comes to mind. The only thing I can say is that might be special is:

I love you Chuck. Let's grow old together? Please?