Monday, September 20, 2004

Tastes like chicken

I had McDonald's Chicken Selects today, they were actually really good. Much better then what I was expecting.

On this note, just would like to say I'm a picky eater. I'm very much a "meat and potatoes" kinda guy. I actually don't like to eat most fruits and vegetables at all. If I do eat them they are usually chopped up finely and mixed with other things (like in a sauce). The only exception to this is salad. Boy do I love my salads. Especially if they have something like cheese or meat in them. But don't give it to me fancy.. no fruits, nuts, prunes, BLAH!!!

Also on a more random note, I'm sick of crickets! Somehow in our building they are finding a way to get into our apartment. Our apartment is on the main floor where people walk into. My room mate and I think that maybe they are sneaking in under the little opening in the front door. Since the weather has been cooling off I have been opening my window at night. I think they must hear the cries of the other crickets outside, because once I do that I feel like a flock of them appear in my room. Almost like it calls them to come and bother the living shit out of me.

The past few nights haven't been as bad (I think I killed enough to give to a 3rd world country), so I was just starting to get this off my mind. As I type this though, one seems to be jumping around behind my stereo equipment which is impossible to move. Somehow this mofo is gonna DIE! I'm hoping my cat might pull it limbs off and make it die a slow and painful death.

I really shouldn't wish this kind of death on anything, but after the endless nights I've been getting up with clouds in my eyes, then turning on the light trying to look for the little asses... just interrupts my beauty sleep! If I've been grumpy to any of you lately, it's all because of the crickets! And sooner or later I shall become victorious!