Sunday, September 26, 2004

"I'm a married spud, I'm a married spud"

From one of my all time favorite movies , Toy Story 2.

While not yet married, I'm one step closer.

This weekend was pure heaven for me. Chuck and I spent the whole weekend together which is rare with the job that he has. He usually works the weekends and so our normal time together consists of usually just a few hours during the evenings he gets off early. Besides one other full weekend we have had, our normal schedule we usually get to see each other is about 4-5 hours together, then sleep, then another 4 hours and then we go our separate ways until our next free moment (which usually is 4-5 days away if not more).

Since he was off I had to make the most of it. Part of that included a visit to the family so that he could meet my parents and sister. Everything seemed to go really well there. My mom really likes him, and I can bet so does my sister. I told my mom in a drive we went on while Chuck was with my sister that I really do love Chuck more then anything. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. My mom responded with "I'm so glad you have found someone that makes you this happy, I'll keep you both in my prayers that it'll last forever."

Part of the reason why I made the trip of course was so that they could meet. Another part was so that I could see them again (I miss my family so much). And yet, there was one more reason for the trip. I had wrote an e-mail out Friday to my mom and sister that I wanted to propose to Chuck. My sister wrote me back saying "I am so happy for you but..... I have to meet him to see how beautiful those eyes are. That is the first thing I notice in a person when I first meet them. So I guess we have something in common. Don't get engaged until we at least meet him." I sent my sister a picture of Chuck in the mean time thinking maybe we'll get down this weekend, but if not at least she'll see what he looks like and she responded "He is so cute!!! I can see why you have fallen for him." while my mom said "He is very good looking. Enjoy life while you can, you have had a lot of ups and downs [through life]. This is a welcome feeling, enjoy it baby."

So after my sister said that and we didn't have anything really planned I thought 'hey, maybe we should go down and visit them'. Not that I was planning on proposing this weekend or anything, but I did already have the ring. I went engagement ring shopping this past Thursday. I wanted to blog about it since it was a funny and interesting experience, but of course I couldn't because I didn't want to ruin a surprise. Plus I thought I would just go shopping, not really buy one... and if I did, it would take awhile to get it resized and all anyways.

Well the jewelry place I went to was AMAZING. I gotta say I went to several that day and asked things and looked at many rings. Most places seemed to be there for the buck only and didn't seem to go out of there way at all. While again, this is a story in itself, especially seeing the look on their face when they realized the ring wasn't for me or a female but for my boyfriend instead. I had one clerk look at me after I said its for my boyfriend and say "are you gay? I never would have guessed it, and I have great gaydar". I laughed on that one.

Anyways, quickly back to the place I got this ring... the guy that helped me was without a doubt the nicest sales person I have ever met. After I explained the situation he immediately came back with "I'm sure you both are going to be a wonderful couple. Tell me all about him." While I'm sure this was part of the sales tactic, he didn't make it feel that way at all. In fact, we talked for hours. He learned why I love and find Chuck so special, what he looks like, and my future dreams and goals I hope to have as a couple. When I said I would be back because I needed a drink he said what do you want and then rushed off to buy me the drink (even without any sign of a sale yet). And what even made it more special is that after I did pick out a ring and thought I would have to wait a week or so (like all the other places were telling me) due to it being resized, he said give me just a minute and picked up the phone and called the person that does their repairs and resizing. On the phone he said "I have a very important customer here and while I know you won't be in till Wednesday I was hoping you could make an exception and come out tomorrow to resize a ring." And of course that happened. I went back Friday after work and there I met the guy would did the resize and he said "I heard your story, may God bless you and your husband to be. I'm glad I could be a part of this and make you both happy". Robert (my salesperson) was also there to wish me luck and to wipe away some of the fears I had (in case I got rejected). This was far and beyond what they needed to do for me.

While it wasn't a Tiffany ring, it will be at some point later when I can afford that. But with the service I got at this place, I felt like I was royalty.

Anyways, Chuck ended up getting sick this weekend. Coughing and runny nose. So I went out to get him some breakfast and then made him some Thermaflu to try to make him feel better. The magical moment actually happened last night after getting back from my parents. We were laying in bed, we had watched a movie and were just cuddling with each other. He left the room for a few and I thought while maybe not the most planned way to give someone a ring (such as a wonderful dinner or some special event) it had been a great day and our time together just felt so perfect. So once he came back into the bed with me to cuddle some more I pulled it out and asked him if he would marry me. I didn't just ask though I did say a few other things which lead up to that question. He said "yes" and had a smile that would light up the world. I have never seen that beautiful face smile so much. All through the night and today we both I think were not part of this world, but a part of our own world.

I am the happiest I have ever been. Without a doubt life is to good to be true. God has answered my prayers and has given me a dream come true. There is no question in my mind that we are each others soul mate (otherwise I wouldn't have popped the question this soon). I don't know about you, but I believe once you meet someone you just know something... and I just knew the moment I laid eyes on Chuck that I wanted to be with him forever. Back then though of course I never did get my hopes high because while I had that feeling, he may not have had the same for me.

I'm sure I'll get a ton of "This is to fast Billy".. and you know what I gotta say to them? "You haven't seen what I have, and you don't have these feelings." I've been in relationships before, a 7 year one which I would think says something to how I'm not a bad judge of character with a guy. But something with Chuck just hit me harder then lightening. It was something much more then just love, and that is to hard to explain to someone who hasn't had this before.

I'm so glad he said yes, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with this godsend. And if he should read this (which I'm sure he will).. Chuck, thank you! You have not only brought me a flood load of tears of joy, but you showed and restored my faith in that you can find someone out there. Not all the gay guys are after sex, money, and thinking about themselves. But not only that, you showed me angels do exist. I'll love you always and forever.

There is a lot more I could say to him then just that, but most of it I want to say in person.

To end this long blog there is one more quote from my favorite movie...

"Life is only worth living with the love of a boy", Buzz Lightyear