Sunday, September 05, 2004

Men are pigs

CuteYoBoy: And sometimes it's just fun to party with some girls
J7: that's how my friend A* felt at the gay club
J7: no pressue of guys being shitty towards her
CuteYoBoy: yeah
CuteYoBoy: sometimes when you are single of course it's nice to get hit on
J7: yeah, and I was
J7: that made me feel good
J7: but awkward
CuteYoBoy: but other times you don't really want that, and just want to have a good time
J7: because the guy hit on me infront of his boyfriend
J7: lol
CuteYoBoy: damn
CuteYoBoy: now thats fucked up
CuteYoBoy: I mean... not for you... but him and his BF
J7: yeah, and I made friends with both of them before
J7: this happened
CuteYoBoy: Men are such pigs
J7: true
CuteYoBoy: Why can't there be a guy out there that doesn't need to do those things if they are already with someone
J7: yeah
J7: it made me feel so awkward
CuteYoBoy: Like a guy who doesn't need to say "Damn he is fucking fine" to everything that walks in front of them.. and appreciate what they have instead. I mean they have a BF, why do guys have to acknowledge outloud everything they wanna fuck?
J7: yeah, and that's what T* did with me
CuteYoBoy: he would point out other guys?
J7: it made me feel so shitty
CuteYoBoy: yeah, no shit
J7: yeah, and say how hot they were and how he'd like to fuck them
CuteYoBoy: makes you feel inadequate
J7: anyway, hopefully my next guy won't be like that
J7: when he comes along
CuteYoBoy: yeah... hopefully you'll find someone like that

I'm obviously living in a fairytale according to one of my ex's for thinking I will be able to find someone like this. It does make me feel better to know I'm not the only guy out there that thinks the way I do.