Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's been lovely

I was watching ER and saw one of my favorite characters disappear with her last line being "It's been lovely."

With that simple line I started to think "You know what, it has been." And I wasn't thinking about her, but my life. If things were to end tomorrow I can't say I had a bad life. I had some really rough times, some of them recent... but I have been given enough to make this life worth wild. And I've also been given some extremely important and happy times recently too.

Love, I have loved a few people in my life and they have loved me. That's more then some. And I can honestly say I know and felt what true love is. And I also know that there are several people out there that love me a ton. I feel wanted because of this which isn't a bad feeling.

Course there is more to life then just love and happiness, but I do think they are some strong building blocks to everything else around you.

So, if I were to walk out of this life tomorrow I think "It's been lovely" would be a good way to say it.