Monday, October 11, 2004

False Advertising

Cm: you have to see this
Cm: if that isn't false advertisment I don't know what is!
Cm:'s on backorder!
CuteYoBoy: ok, one sec
CuteYoBoy: food is burning
Cm: okay
CuteYoBoy: lol oh geez!
CuteYoBoy: I've seen something like that at Spencers once
Cm: lol
Cm: it's false advertising though
CuteYoBoy: yeah, what are you gonna do, sue the guy you are with?
Cm: lol
CuteYoBoy: Hey, I saw your package, it was much bigger in those jeans
CuteYoBoy: I'm disappointed, and now I'm gonna sue
Cm: leave him to masturbate with his "package"
Cm: lol
Cm: :-P
CuteYoBoy: thats if it's big enough to fit in his hand. To be honest.. I think size is over rated. I much rather have a guy that is good at sex and not big then one thats big and just looks pretty but doesn't do shit. Course micro sized can be a problem.
Cm: lol yeah yeah
CuteYoBoy: hmmm, somehow I don't believe that yeah yeah you just gave ;)