Friday, October 29, 2004

Happy Halloween

In case I lose track of more time I figured I would wish you all a happy and safe Halloween now. I've been kinda bad at writing lately. I've just been swamped with things.

I'm stuffed. We had 3 seperate Halloween parties here at work, and I was invited to them all. I've had enough food and candy for at least a day or 2 :-P

To bad all the candy was below par. HAHA, makes me sound like a snob. But I was once introduced to Godiva truffles a few years back at Christmas time as a gift from Kevin's dad. And for me, there is very few things that are better. I love them!!

Along with those putting a smile on my face, I've also been known to become happy with donuts and my favorite dessert - The Cheesecake Factory Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. YUM!!

I don't know if I'll be doing anything for Halloween. I'm tossing with the idea to go out Sat. night to a club that is having a huge event for it. Part of me actually wants to stay away from DC and it's drama right now.

What I want is a relaxing stress free weekend. Maybe a good movie at home and some cuddle time included would be nice.

On a side note I went smoking yesterday outside with my coworkers, although luckily I was the last one to be done and walk in (BTW, I don't smoke regularly, but when I'm stressed or just want to get away from my computer screen I'll use that as an excuse to do it.. it's more social smoking). I could quit at any time without any problems, I've gone months without having any. It seems like my coworkers spend more time outside then at their desks, which makes us non-smokers kinda jealous. Ok, so anyways I was the last one done and got light headed and walked right into our glass doors to go inside. I'm so glad the security cameras aren't there, and that no one saw it.