Thursday, October 07, 2004

Do you know...

what it feels like for a girl? *sings*

Ok, I'm not a girl. I don't really refer to myself like one either. My friend/ex Dre though, he's all about being a Princess. ;) You know I'm just messing with you Dre. He's not like that at all.

I actually have nothing against that at all though. Something I probably would have something against IF this was true is this... the homo handshake.

Well last night was much better BTW, the temperature was nice and I got a lot more sleep since I was comfortable. Chuck was a sweet heart as he cooked me a dinner beyond belief. It was fucking awesome! Then we went for a random ride around town, and also to find out where he was supposed to be at today for a meeting. I'll tell you one thing, I was out of it. Normally a simple thing like driving around town and stopping into the Walmart would be a piece of cake... but last night it was an adventure. And poor Chuck, he was driving... and normally I know my way around town here really well. That was not the case last night, I was disoriented and told Chuck the wrong way. Thankfully I realized it before we ended up in West Virginia and told him to make a U-turn. I could see fire in his eyes, but I think he also knows by now there are moments where I'm just as lost as he is. And the fire lasted for just a second because of course I throw in the "I LOVE YOU!" after I realized I was wrong... and he gets this big smile and says "I love you too" back.

I'm so glad he didn't lose it. Some guys I've been with would have.

Sometimes the littlest things set certain people off.

I had this one ex that would cut off my hands if I touched his radio in his car. And the sad thing about it is he would be fooling with it constantly. I mean literally we might hear a minute of any song, and before its over or even halfway done he would be bored with it and look for another song. It would drive me crazy. People with the TV remote like this also get on my nerves. You start watching one show, which turns out to be 20 shows... and you never end up getting the full story of what happens in any of them.