Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A few small things...

This is so bad, yet so cute!! I love it. Winnie the Pooh in bad positions. Now my partner found this on a blog. I asked which one and he said Flips, but I can't find it anywhere on there. I guess I missed it somehow, or it was on another site.

So someone else had it first ;) ... but I just couldn't help but show it off as well. Especially since I'm such a Disney fan.

On a side note, one of my ex's said this about a huge dick. I thought it was funny.

w8: I'm surprised a terrorist didn't fly a plane into that thing

Gave me a good laugh which I needed the past few days have been rough. Hopefully tonight I'm getting to bed early and sleeping well. I need a good nights rest for once.

Lets hope things start going back uphill for me soon. I need a good fortune cookie bout now ;)