Monday, October 18, 2004


I went to a seminar for my job last Friday on communication.

It wasn't bad, the instructor was very entertaining. But I think she enjoyed her job just a little to much. She kept on talking and talking and on our schedule we showed 11:45 - 1pm Lunch. Well, 12:15 showed up and we were still stuck in that seminar and my tummy was growling. Finally close to 12:30 she tells us she is sorry for going over and that we can stay out for lunch till 1:3pm.

I ate with 6 of my other coworkers, all seem to enjoy out instructor's stories, but not to the point where we could have missed a lunch over it.

So we get back and she continues... schedule says 4pm is the end of it. Well at 3:15 she tells us to take a 10 minute break, and when we come back we'll group up in pairs and market a product that our group comes up with and then make a 60 second commercial (radio or TV) on it and present it to the group.

While outside with my coworkers who are taking a smoke break I see a few people leaving the seminar.

"Hey, that ain't a bad idea!" "You know she is going to go over 4pm the way this continues."

And all my coworkers responded "I won't tell if you don't tell" I felt like I was in middle/high school all over again.

So we get back inside and we start to come up with our imaginary product which turned out to be the "SMART CAR"... Are you a person who hates traffic? If so then this is the car for you... (was how our ad might have started). In a nut shell this smart car would drive itself where ever you wanted to go. It would automatically adjust it's temperature to your comfort level by taking infared readings of your body.. and it would have different zones for all passengers. While the car drove you could watch a movie or TV (catch up on all those missed shows with the built in TIVO). You could eat with a fold down table inside for all. You could surf the web, or even order groceries and have them packed and ready by the time you got to the grocery store. These were just some of the things our product could do. Well 3:45 rolls around and everyone is still in there groups talking about there products, when ours was finished.

So I say "We are not getting out of here any time soon" and gave a sad look to my coworkers. The class clown so to speak spoke up... "Yeah, I think we should just go" and you could see all my coworkers faces just light up! Next thing you know one of them bolts for the door.

After this the class clown says "I think we should all bolt for it when the instructor isn't looking". We see her busy helping a group out... so now is our chance. And we all get up and start to leave. Class clown tells me to hurry up before we get caught... so her and I take off way in front of the group. As we are rounding the corner to leave the hotel I hear way behind us the instructor saying "Where are you all going?". Class clown and I hit the door and we are outside.. SAFE!! "I think the others got caught!" I say to CC. She agrees and we are thankful we didn't. But we wait outside hoping to see the others.. wait 2 minutes and no one is coming out.

finally I see them with a look on their face "Can you believe she wanted us to stay?". At this point it was close to 4pm. I'm glad we left, to be honest I wonder if the others are still in there ;) Like some scary Twilight Zone episode.