Friday, October 01, 2004

Ouch! My back...

If it wasn't for the love of my life, I think I would be going insane just about now... I still need a stiff drink though (and I rarely drink)

I'm hurting bad, my back is killing me and my legs are sore. Why? Because I helped Chuck move yesterday. I took the day off and helped him move back home for a few months. No he and I currently don't live together, and didn't either. We have discussed this, and in time we'll figure something out.

While I took the day off I also missed my timesheet submittal for my job... so because I didn't submit my timesheet by the end of the day yesterday I won't get paid. I'll miss a paycheck and then it'll cut on my next. Which basically means I'm broke until then. Boy do I wish I could tap into my 401K right about now. So these next couple of weeks in blogs you may see a more depressed me (I still have to find some way to pay my bills).

While this all did happen while I was helping Chuck move, I really am not blaming him, and I don't want to. It's my fault I didn't remember to get online on Thursday to submit it.

So anyways, I had a good day yesterday. Got off to a bumpy start but everything turned out ok. I just can't wait for this day to end though, and I can crawl up in my soft bed, maybe watch a good movie, and forget about life.

BTW, your comments to the proposal blog, and the list blog have cheered me up some. Thanks for the support, and also thanks for the laughs I got out of those lists and comments you have on the other one. :)