Friday, July 15, 2005


I thought today's word from was funny...

A person who uses unnecessarily large amounts of gasoline to move from point A to point B, typically found driving SUV's (Sport Utility Vehicles)

I had a free moment and decided while our system is being upgraded I would surf a little on the web. I stumbled upon the urbandictionary... and for shits and giggles decided to become an editor for the website (anyone can sign up). Look at some of these words that people are trying to put through with these definitions and sentences with the word in them... insane in the membrain...

curl: lifting weights with your shaft
i can curl small children!

Ralph Steamer: The act of taking a shit and thrusting it up ones vagina durring sex.
Yeah hi, i just gave goldielocks a ralph steamer.

pants party: party where people have sex in each others pants
"let's have a pants party"

Fongpei: A type of thong. ''FONGTHONG''. a thong in lace slits down the side and bak lacey at da front.inspired by fongpei created by rach and pat.
diu rach! u need 2 get 1 of them fongpeis.

bleed the lizzard: piss, pee, urinate. only used for guys
"Hold on, dude. i gotta bleed the lizzard"

grunt-futtocked: It is what the population of the USA have done to the English language.
My god, the americans have grunt-futtocked the english language.

AND last but certainly not least... and obviously a homophobe...

Basketball: The best sport in the world
Hockey sucks(its gone and i love it)
Soccer is for puccys
Baseball another puccy sport were bitches have to take steriods to get strong.
Football another good sport.No puccys and no faggots who have to take steriods.

a faggot would say "lets go play (baseball,hockey,soccer).A normal person would say
"lets go play basketball"