Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Git 'R Done!

Had an interesting weekend. Chuck and I went up to Dover Downs (race track with slots to gamble). On our way there we saw this big pickup truck pulling a trailer on the back of it with something like "Billie's ______ Hats". And on the back of the trailer in big print was "Git R' Done!". When the pickup pulled into the toll plaza I noticed a young guy with his head out the window, hat cocked to the side.. didn't think much of it until they pulled out of the toll plaza and the window was still down and he still had his head out the window, just like a dog actually. I was expecting him to stick out his tongue any second.

Chuck and I got a laugh out of it and for some reason the rest of the weekend I had this urge to say "Git R' Done!".

After losing all my money I allocated for the slots (within just a few minutes) we decided to leave and go out to eat. It was the Chili's from the Twilight Zone. We couldn't find our way into the restaurant. We went all over the place trying to find an entrance to the place. Finally after a few minutes we found this back road that seemed to be just for Chili's and this other place that had a huge sign that just said "EAT". I don't know why I find this so amusing, but I found it odd that a restaurant would have no name on a sign and instead 20 feet up on a pole was this huge light up sign that simple says "EAT". Maybe that was the name of the place and they just weren't very creative.

Inside the Chili's was no better. It must be something in the water in Delaware because everyone but Chuck and I was either pregnant or had a small child. It was odd I'll say that much.

So after losing that money I won it back playing a game of poker with Chuck's family and friends. Who knew I was that good at something I just picked up recently. I won almost every hand I played. Chuck's dad and I were the last people in the game. At first he did end up getting a few chips back from me, but then I called his bluff when he put all his money in. And that's how you "Git R' Done"! ;) Had a great time and got my mind off of things.