Wednesday, July 06, 2005

BOOM & Sennheiser

A post a little about me....

When I was younger I had surgery on my ears because they kept on getting infected and I had issues with my eardrums. After that point I could hear things no one else could. It was actually an issue growing up because people could not whisper around me without me hearing what they were saying. Now time has passed and my ears have settled to a more average level. Part of that is because when I got my first car I went into audio competitions. You know, the kind where you see guys playing their stereo systems so loud you can feel them miles away... well I had the same thing going on. I was proud of my car hooked up with the best shit. And then I was nicknamed "BOOM" by my friends. Later in life it stuck and there was a time I was on IRC chat and I would enter the room of my peers and they would play sound files like "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, I want you in my room..." or "BOOM shake shake shake the room..." and other songs with more explicit lyrics all containing the word BOOM.

During this time I became extremely picky with sound quality. I still am. While I may not compete anymore, my car can sound as good as an orchestra, or as loud and thumping as a club. I have some very expensive components and in my opinion (although it is biased) is one of the best sounding systems I have ever heard. It's not all about the 'BOOM' anymore, but about detail. But if I want to show off, it's just a setting away to make the sub shake the cars around me.

Since I have a job that is pretty quiet (except New Yorker next to me), I have headphones and a nice supply of music to keep me awake. My old headphones which were nothing special ended up dieing recently. There was a short in the wire and I could only hear out of one side. I went and bought some Sony headphones that I heard great reviews on. They were really cool in design. Earplugs that costed $50 basically meant for an IPOD user. They sounded ok, but honestly I thought my old headphones sounded better. They were to sharp and sounded like the music was screeching out of them at times. I returned them to the store and said they sucked as the reason for the return. In there place I got $60 Sennheiser headphones. I wasn't to crazy about there design. After all, the earplugs go inside the ears and are hidden pretty well. These new ones would look like I was Princess Lia each time I put them on. But let me just say, it is probably the best $60 dollars I have ever spent. Now I'm young and don't have excess money to throw around on the $300 dollar ones... and I'm sure those sound amazing and probably better then mine. BUT I will say they are probably the best sound I have heard in a long time!

I've been to many places and heard many systems. Tested many speakers, receivers... been around the block in the audio world. When I put these babies on, it's another world. The sound is so clear and detailed. And they still thump like a mother fucker. They go extremely high and low and well shake your ears if you want them to. And you'll hear things in music you've never heard before. The softest notes, those background noises and singers all come alive and sound like the way they should have (except now I notice really easily badly recorded tracks and the limits of mp3's). I'm surprised I lived this long without them. Ok, enough of the commercial... but I will say that if you are ever in the market for new headphones and don't mind $60.00 bucks, give these a try. I seriously doubt you'll be sorry and you'll be thanking me later. The model is HD 212Pro.