Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Batteries for toys

It's sick when a cell phone battery costs as much as a new cell phone. What's up with that?!

$40+ bucks for a new battery for my cell phone since my other one is acting up. I might get 20 minutes of talk time out of it if I'm lucky and if someone else decides to call me after that point, they might as well forget about me answering because when I do it hangs up and blinks battery is low and turns off. Chuck got sick of this because he wanted to know where I was and what I was doing... so he gave me $40 bucks and told me to buy a new battery. I was holding off in buying a new one myself because I figured I may be getting a new phone in a few months since my 2 year contract is just about over.

Did I mention how much I hate to use the phone? I'm sure I have in a past blog, maybe even several times. So the battery issue wasn't really an issue for me. Several of my friends however said it is, lol. I don't like using the phone because it's a big part of my job. Employees will call me wondering where their money is, and if I don't have the answer of "you'll get it tomorrow" they'll come at me screaming. So try doing this at least 20 times a day and you start to hate being on the phone, no matter who it's with.

I had an old boss once tell me to never answer the phone, let it go to voice mail and have them leave us a message. It's more productive that they supply us with the info, we research it, and then call them back with an answer within 24 hours. And honestly it is. I notice I have more time in my day to get everything else I need to get done. The phone can really tie you up. A few of my coworkers answer every call they get and I've seen them talk for what seems like hours about nothing. Going in circles and waiting for the computer to pull up this or that which can frustrate the person on the other end. Not to mention if you get a chatty person on the other side or one that asks a lot of questions, there goes that half an hour of my life and time to some idiot talking about hurricane season and the shitty weather they are having. I care if you are a friend, but sometimes I just can't seem to care if all you really called me for was money.

So if you ever wonder why you may not always get me, you need to walk in these shoes for a day and you'll understand.