Thursday, July 21, 2005

The bed

Ok as promised and long over due... some pictures of the bed that I was hyping that we finually got... Chuck and I both choose deep red drapings for it (although these pics aren't true to color), but these can be changed to any color to match what we need to. I find red a very passionate/romantic color. Speaking of which, some of the sex we have had on this baby.... lets just say 4 times in a day on several occasions.. It almost makes me want to tell a quick story about almost going to Walmart and not noticing the stains on my shorts that I slipped back on from one of these sex filled nights.... luckily I saw them when I got in the car...

I will say it was very hard to take these pics. The bed is so huge, and my room not big enough to get far away enough to get a good picture of it all.